Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vancouver Gang Wars - The Four Pillar Solution

  1. Prolific Offenders. Addicts who are prolific offenders and continually steal to pay for their drugs need to do jail time. Currently the more crimes an adult commits the less time he spends in jail. That is absurd.
  2. Cocaine dealers need to get jail time. House arrest is nonsense. No extra time served for getting caught dealing drugs in jail is absurd.
  3. Criminal Organization legislation. We need to follow up on the criminal organization legislation and seize Hells Angels assets in Surrey and Langley.
  4. Removal of bad judges. We need a mechanism in place to remove bad judges. Lawlessness from the bench is treason. Yes there is a problem.

And stop handing out free crack pipes at the taxpayers expense. Harm reduction means you stop being enablers. Extremists cry about harm reduction but they erase the other three pillars: PREVENTION, TREATMENT and ENFORCEMENT.

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