Thursday, June 25, 2009

B.C. Gang Wars Forum

The RCMP have launched a Gang Watch Forum at:

Unfortunately there is no forum on it and despite reaching out to credible people for their input I just get the feeling that there is the same old underlining propaganda rationalizing the Judicial complacency in BC. This is where I break ranks with the establishment and stand in support of Jim Chu from the VPD.

I completely agree that politicians need to take more heat and be more accountable for passing law an order legislation. I do take issue with politicians exploiting our misfortune and using it as a platform to promote themselves and their political party instead of laying party politics aside and doing what is in the country’s best interest.

Nevertheless, I take great offense to the extent of the propaganda passion rationalizing the Judicial screw ups we see on an ongoing basis in BC. My beef starts with the lawyers. Lawyers are by nature arrogant. They refer to each other as “My learned Friend”. If you don’t have a law degree you’re not a learned friend, you are in essence a civilian.

Lawyers see themselves in a different class from the rest of the world and if you don’t have a law degree you don’t understand the courts. Period. It’s compounded by the fact that judges were at one point lawyers. I had one person ask me how is it that a crooked lawyer becomes an honest judge? Is there some kind of epiphany that takes place? Not likely.

The perfect example of this credibility gap was Wally Oppal. He was a former judge and the Attorney General who went to a great deal of effort convincing the public that our judges were fine. He was not reelected and I was not the only one that felt his defeat was related to his stand on the judges.

One page I saw on that RCMP Gang Wars site was the goal to make hearings public so the public can understand why some decisions are made. That is offensive. Here we have the propaganda doctor restating the lawyers misconception that they know everything and the public knows nothing. This is the founding premise of most dictatorships.

It’s not about the charter. The charter of rights is a good thing. It’s about bad judges who are either scared, inept or corrupt. If they are scared I can understand that. Let’s spend more money on protecting our judges and less money on protecting the Bacon brothers.

Nevertheless, defending the charter has nothing to do with throwing out evidence that was acquired after a search warrant was acquired. It has nothing to do with throwing out evidence because the police didn’t knock on the back door after they knocked on the front door to execute a search warrant. The list is long and shameful but we do have a problem with bad judges in BC and if that puts me on a black list for exercising my charter right to say that then so be it.

When the line in the sand is drawn and the masses lobby to rationalize judicial incompetence I will stand on the other side of that line and support people like the mother of Michael Levy who said “I’d like to slap that judge’s face.”


  1. The biggest judicial conspiracy case in Canada.

    visit htp://

    Two Canadian citizens and their families were put under surveillance, targeted, threatened with death and financially ruined by the Governments of Canada and British Columbia because they were helping the American company, Sun Belt Water Inc. and its investors, who were the victims of fraud by Canadian Governments, in a lawsuit that threatened to expose a criminal conspiracy that took place at the highest levels of government in Canada by insiders who had expected to profit from a monopoly over bulk water exports from Canada to the United States.

    Their story, "Caught in the Crossfire", is a chilling reminder that politicians and insiders with Canadian governments will use the judiciary, the courts, private law firms, and the bureaucracy to target and attempt to destroy private citizens when they deem it in their personal interests to do so.

    A newspaper editor in Vancouver stated, "This is the most explosive scandal in the political history of Canada".

    Eight Canadian judges linked to this case suddenly dropped dead or suddenly developed a terminal illness and died shortly afterwards.

    In the case of each judge, there was motive for murder.

    Two Canadian Prime Ministers were forced out of office by this case.
    Prime Minister Paul Martin ran out of the back door of a cabinet meeting room at the Grand Hotel in Kelowna in 2004 because of this case.

    One BC Premier, Glen Clark, was forced out of Office by this case.

    One Chief Justice of Canada, Antonio Lamer, resigned over this case.

    Two BC Chief Justices, Brenner and Williams, resigned over this case.

    Internal BC Government Documents prove BC Government secretly broke international trade agreements, the GATT and the Canada US Free Trade Agreement, with the intent of creating a monopoly that would gouge American consmuers and benfit Canadian insiders.

    There is a Canadian media black out on this case.

    The Canadian and BC Governments are afraid of this case.

    The RCMP refused to investigate the offshore accounts linked to this case.

    The BC Government and eight government lawyers involved in perjury and fraud on the court are defendants in this case.

    The RCMP refused to investigate allegations of perjury by BC Government lawyers.

    An RCMP inspector acknowledged the operation of a judicial mafia in Canada.

    The BC Government brought a bogus criminal prosecution against Mr. Carten because of this case.

    The Canadian Federal Court stalled this case for over 16 months.

    The case is moving ahead and if permitted to proceed several judges and lawyers may go to jail


  2. I don’t really understand why so many people get freaked out about the idea of Canada selling water to the states. Nor do I understand why there would be such a cover up stopping it. One would think the government would want to sell the water. One could understand why they wouldn’t want to have to pay millions in damages if the government caved in to public opinion and stopped the sale.

    That brings us to the problem with NAFTA and the like. In a democratic society the governments are elected by the people. If the people want the government to sell their water, fine so be it. If the people don’t want the government to sell their water then so be it. NAFTA takes away democratic rights.

    Other trade agreements like TILMA are far worse. So I can see why the government wouldn’t want to have to pay damages for cancelling a contract. Especially when that would establish a bizarre precedent for a whole can of worms. Yet that in no way would rationalize a corrupt cover up. That would simply be kicking the cat.

    The real issue that needs to be addressed is fixing NAFTA and not getting involved in bizarre trade agreements that take away democratic rights.


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