Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dave Pickton and the Hells Angels

Speaking of conspiracies, personally I find it very hard to believe Robert Pickton was the master mind behind eluding police and hiding the bodies in all those women killed on the family pig farm. I find it very hard to believe that his brother Dave who was previously convicted of sexual assault on that same farm was not aware of what was going on. If Dave was in charge of the farm how could Robert kill, mutilate and bury all those women on the farm without Dave knowing about it?

Dave Pickton,
Robert Pickton's younger brother was convicted of sexual assault on the pig farm in 1992. In 1999, a woman alleged she was violently assaulted by Dave Pickton in his home. The unidentified woman alleged he bound her limbs to the bed using bungee cords and tried to shove pills in her mouth. Sgt. Dan Almas said he was aware of that allegation, and agreed that pills and bungee cords were found in a search of the younger Pickton's bedroom but stated "Someone who is alleged to have committed a serious sexual assault does not a murderer make."

describe Robert Pickton as slow. A police officer testified that he had the impression that Robert was "mentally diminished" and Dave was both condescending to Robert and protective of him. Robert seemed to be submissive and deferred to his brother when asked a question, the jury heard. Robert and Dave Pickton operated Piggy Palace. Robert Pickton's initial response to the murder allegations was "Hogwash. I'm being set up." His "confession" was side by side with a fanciful story about how he lived in a chicken coupe when he was 2.

One police
informant left town when bikers showed up at her house before the trial. Another witness said "[Dave] told me that if Willie was going to go down, then everyone else was going to go down," However, that same informant later denied in court telling police that he was scared of Dave Pickton because he socialized with the Hells Angels. Nevertheless, defense lawyer stated "I'm going to suggest to you that there was considerable association between Dave Pickton and the Hells Angels."

Personally, I do think Robert Pickton was involved but I do not believe he acted alone.
There are a lot more than 26 woman murdered and missing.


  1. I have posted already, I was a witness to this and I had to leave Vancouver,I lived at a house that was formerly a hells angel supplied crackhouse, the former resident told me he was moving in "company's order" i ran, have run 3 times. A year after I left Van the farm was busted, the dumping ground for the Hells Angels, Pickton was the cleaner.

  2. A Hells Angels supplied crack house. Very interesting. You claim the farm was the dumping ground and Picton was the cleaner. Very interesting indeed. We'll have to talk more.

  3. AD forensic economics on the Pickton Pig Farm:

    Pickton's sister has been implicated; evidence is available at the url link.

  4. Thanks for the links. I'll check it out. There's a lot there. Cheers.

  5. Here is a full report on missing women. This is not just something that is restricted to the Pickton farm. Robert was indeed a fall guy in a sense, and there is far more to the story. Read this website:


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