Saturday, June 6, 2009

Detox and Treatment

The Vancouver Province ran an interesting article about detox and treatment. It was well received.

The first three months off crack is detox. Then treatment starts. The Front Room is a drug house. You have to separate caring for the homeless and fostering addiction.
You can’t go into treatment when everywhere you turn crack dealers are in your face crying "Crack?! Crack?! Wanna but some Crack?! Crack?! Crack?! Crack?!" Sounds like a bunch of pesky ducks. Time for some duck hunting.

Get the crack dealers off the street. Then lock a prolific offender in jail for three months for his crimes not for his addiction. Then order treatment to begin after three months of incarceration where they are not beaten or abused but do not have access to the drugs.

If a man is an alcoholic and beats his wife when he is drunk, family courts can and do order treatment in custody disputes. There is no reason this cannot happen in criminal court. Prevention, enforcement and treatment are the other three pillars the extremists refuse to talk about. Support the Welcome Home Society in Surrey.
The war on drugs should not be directed at the addicts. It should be directed at the crack dealers and the cocaine importers. If you get caught selling crack you should do jail time. If you get caught importing cocaine to be sold as crack your should do jail time. Since the Hells Angels are a criminal organization and profit from these activities in our communities their clubhouses here should be seized.

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