Friday, January 1, 2010

The 2009 Vancouver Gang War in Review

2009 is referred to in Vancouver as the year of the gang war where gang violence over the sale of crack and crystal meth has rocked the community. The spark that outraged the community was the Surrey Six murder on October 19 2007 where a gang hit killed two innocent bystanders. The violence continued and peaked in 2009.

As the New Year and the new decade is upon us let's take a look at the year and the local war in review. As the video says "These Demons must be healed, revealed and crack the silence sealed because violence feels much deeper than the wound inflicted. A family infected, people disrespected, when will we begin to put it into perspective?"

In October of 2009 Joshua Hendrick was found dead floating down the Fraser River. According to the police, Hendrick was with the Crew, who run crack shacks and collect drug debts for the Hells Angels. According to Little Kim, he was was arrested in 2005 with Scott Payne a Crew leader who was convicted of aggravated assault for hacking off the finger of a drug addict over a $170 drug debt. Was Hendrick going to testify against his coaccused?

Sex trade worker Lisa Francis was found dead in the Fraser River in 2009. Sex trade worker Annette Allan was also found dead dumped in the Fraser River back in 2001. Police say she was murdered at the Surrey house of horrors Crack house. Sex trade worker Yvonne Boen's DNA was found in the same crack house police believe Annette Allan was murdered in as well as on the Picton farm.

The seventh human foot washed up on shore in the Vancouver area in 2009. Completely unrelated of course. Yet they have more boating accidents in other parts of the world but they don't have human feet washing up on shore.,_2007%E2%80%932009

The fact that Yurik hacked up his hits has nothing to do with it. Much:

In February of 2009 hundreds marched in Vancouver in memory of the missing women calling for a public inquiry:

A few weeks before Hendricks body was pulled out of the Fraser River a MAC II Machine gun with a silencer was found in a plastic bag floating down the Fraser River. Police say that firearm was involved in several gang related shootings in the Vancouver gang war.

Jody York's house was shot at as well as one of his relatives. Hells Angels associate Dru Cilliers was shot and killed in January of 2009 in Surrey. Hells Angel Len Pelletier cosigned the loan for Dru's Harley. Pelltier lives in a gated fortress and is cousins with Nomad Bob Green. He was shot at picking up his kid from high school in Langley in September 2007.

Dru's memorial was held in T-Barz strip club and many Hells Angels attended. In fact, T-Barz was the site of two other gang related shootings in 2009 and according to Russel Peters T-Barz is owned by his pal Hells Angel Randy Jones:

Back in July of 2008 UN member Elliot Castaneda and a friend were gunned down in Mexico. Not long before that he was seen with Matt the Rat Schader, a Hells Angel Associate who sucks up to the UN while Ron Lisling and John Punko were caught on tape saying the UN were not welcome in the entire province and they will pound anyone who does business with them.

In September of 2009, two Hells Angels Associates Gordon Kendal and Jeff Ivans were also gunned down in Mexico. These were two fun loving guys from Kamloops who got involved in buying drugs for the Hells Angels in Mexico. Photos of their brutal murder were posted in the Mexican news.

Joe Bralic was another Hells Angels associate gunned down for dealing cocaine this time in LA back in 2004. The Hells Angels tried to recruit him for MMA. Many patch members attended his funeral:

The Hells Angels have not stayed out of the violence in the Vancouver Gang war. They do business with all of the players and are the largest suppliers of cocaine in the country. The leadership of the Independent Soldiers has changed. They are not independent any more. According to police they are puppets of the Hells Angels now.

Hells Angel Larry Amero was seen with IS member Randy Naicker who was at a meeting with the Bacon brothers at Castle Fun Park in Kevlar.

Larry's friends are Bacon Brothers friends which makes the original take over of the Red Scorpions very suspicious:

On the bright side, local activist Eileen Mohan was named Leader of the Year in 2009:

God bless her. May the public stand as one in 2010 and report these drug dealers to Crimestoppers because ratting out a rat isn't being a rat. Not doing so is. Word.


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