Sunday, January 10, 2010

Eyebrow Jobs

Speaking of Eyebrow Jobs, I was at Willowbrook Mall yesterday. I was walking through the mall and I passed a ladies make up place and two guys were sitting in chairs getting their make up done. I'm like WTF and do a double take and walk back to take a look.

Sure enough, two guys are sitting in chairs getting their eyebrows done at Meryle Normans in public for everyone to see. Now, I have no problem with someone being homosexual. I just have a problem with liars and fakes. Guys getting their eyebrows done at Merle Normans on a Saturday afternoon? That is fucked up.

What's happened to Langley? You don't see that shit in Surrey. I remember Langley. Quarter miles races out at Harvey road and Latimer road. Times have sure changed. Like I said, if someone is gay, I have no problem with that. I have a problem with someone pretending to be a hard core gangster from the hood and pulling that kind of lame ass bullshit.

Somehow I don't see Clint Eastwood in Grand Torino getting his eyebrows done at Merle Normans. Someone commented a while back on William Bowden's photo and said nice brow job. I'm like what the hell are they on about and took a closer look at the photo. Bloody hell, I said, he does have an eyebrow job.

Now, I'm all for personal hygiene and I realize that bushy Groucho Marx eyebrows aren't the most attractive thing to look at but WTF. These guys are pretending to be hardcore gangsters. Back in the day in the real City they would say yo bro you're noise is weak. Only that shit isn't just weak it's wacked.

Bilbo Baggins, the Hells Angel from Winnipeg charged with manslaughter that was caught with a retired cop with drugs and firearms getting his eyebrows done at Merle Normans. WTF is this world coming to?

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  1. In my mind,this is just one more indication that the 'so-called gangsters' of this day and age,are just a bunch of tv baby,wanna be,lazy ass, informing wanna be tough guys.Nowhere near the gangsters of the past,such as during the 30's,40's & 50's....
    It's all really quite pathetic...
    And may I.add,don't these closet homo's realize how tacky and ugly the generally overplucked eyebrows make them look!?
    Unless you are a female impersonater in the entertainment industry, really boys....
    give it up.It is not attractive....far from it.


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