Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hells Angel loses Airport Appeal

As much as I dislike the Hells Angels selling drugs and as much as I dislike the Hells angels playing the victim, I find this case puzzling. Why would anyone try to board an airplane with a loaded gun in their carry on? You put it on the conveyor belt knowing it will be x-rayed.
That was Villy's defense. He claimed he didn't own the gun and no one would carry a gun on a plane knowing they would be caught. To me that argument does make sense. Peter Leask tried that with Glen Hehn. He claimed that Hehn would be out of his F-ing mind to keep that much cocaine in his own storage locker.

Only that case I disagree with completely. Glen Hehn may be a mean sob but he doesn't seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer. He doesn't seem that bright. He was caught red handed carrying the boxes of cocaine from his locker onto a truck. Two associates plead guilty and took the fall but that plea doesn't make sense. No Hells Angels associate is going to move that much cocaine without the Hells Angels knowledge and permission.

Villy's case at the airport is different. OK maybe toothless isn't very bright either. No doubt he's another mean sob. He was charged with mischief after allegedly breaking all the windows of a complainant's car with a baseball bat. Maybe he just forgot the gun was there and forgot to take it out. It sure wouldn't have been very bright.

However, the papers connecting the Hells Angels to the Jesters and the Outcasts found on his possession were an interesting read. Still part of me wonders if he was set up with the gun charge. That doesn't excuse the other charges he had. Yet if he wasn't set up he must have got his ass kicked for being so stupid.

Yet someone else just did the same thing:
As someone suggested another plausible motive was they were hoping someone working on the inside would have let them through like at the border.

After all, the Hells Angels have been accused of infiltrating the airport security in Calgary and Edmonton:

Maybe they realize wearing Hells Angels colours is like wearing a target that says shoot me:

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