Saturday, September 5, 2015

Crime Blogs on the Internet

Now that things have settled back to normal on the blog I thought it would be appropriate for me to point out the obvious. There are millions of blogs on the Internet. Everyone and their dog has one. There are travel blogs, crime blogs, cooking blogs, blogs about every subject under the sun.

Michael Geist is a lawyer that blogs about free speech on the Internet. He is very credible and his blog is worth following. With all the gang violence true crime is a subject that is steadily gaining popularity in the book stores. Consequently there are many crime blogs on the Internet. Mine is just one of many. Kim Bolan is a local journalist that has a crime blog. I started my web site and blog shortly after she did in answer to a grieving mother's plea.

Long before Kim and I started, Leo Knight started a popular blog called Prime Time Crime. He is a former police officer. Mike McIntyre is a journalist with the Winnipeg Free Press that runs a blog called Mike on Crime. He has also written a book called True Tales of Law and Disorder summarizing 20 years of crime reporting. Chris Doucette is a crime journalist from Ontario that writes for the Toronto Sun.

The Borderland Beat is an excellent blog about the Mexican drug war. Wikipedia states Borderland Beat is a prominent English language narco blog which is considered a leading source for news on the Mexican Drug War. The blog was started in April 2009 by an anonymous individual using the pseudoynm Buggs, who remains the sole owner. The blog has been referred to and quoted in the New York Times, Small Wars Journal and the Houston Chronicle.

Of course we remember Felina - María del Rosario Fuentes Rubio. She was a courageous blogger who ran a facebook group highlighting missing persons in her community and exposed cartel members in Mexico. When the cartel found out who she was they murdered her and posted a picture of her dead body on her facebbok account. My plea to her follows was to continue posting pictures of missing people but stop posting information about the cartel. It's too dangerous. Like the serenity prayer declares we need to have the serenity to accept things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can and wisdom to know the difference.

When I first started my blog people thought I was Kim Bolan. I was like are you kidding? Kim is a lot nicer than I am. Now my identity has been released and people know who I am. The bottom line is who I am just doesn't matter. Belt Drive Betty and the Aging Rebel have their own blogs about biker issues. No one cares who they are. People just like to read what they have to say. The bottom line is if you don't like what I have to say, don't read my blog. There are millions of other blog out there you can read. So Dennis Watson runs Gangsters out.

Knowing that I was never a cop or a gang member sheds light on my background and perspective. I never sold drugs and I was never a narc. I was a Regional Coordinator with the Guardian Angels not the Hells Angels. I was trained in New York City and traveled around the world with the group starting up new chapters in Canada and the United States. When I was in New York City the first time I lived in a basement in Harlem and worked with Tut, the New York City Secret Weapon. When I came back to New York the second time I worked with Fox busting up crack dealers on the Deuce. Working with the community to get rid of crack dealers is what we did. I know what the New York model is because I was there. I saw it.

The reason I started my blog anonymously is because my blog isn't about me. I'm not trying to promote myself and run for office. I'm trying to promote a cause. Getting rid of crack dealers and the violent crime it brings to our community. I don't have beef with the Hells Angels collectively, I have beef with crack dealers individually. Selling drugs in clubs is none of my business. Giving crack to the homeless for free then beating the life out of them for payment is. That is exploitation. What they did to Janice Shore was wrong. Anyone who cannot see that is blind and heartless.

The other reason I started my blog anonymously is because the first thing these clowns do when they find out who I am is go after my daughter. That is low life. If you have beef with me, face me, don't go after my family. Blaze keeps posting my daughter's picture on the Dirty and repeats the same old lie over and over again thinking if he repeats the same lie enough times someone will eventually believe it. Then he calls me a liar. Blaze is the liar and is a false accuser.

My daughter has worked at various jobs sites over the last few years and tragically someone from each site usually recognizes her from what Blaze has posted on the Dirty. Other times the subject of my blog comes up and she's like F*ck my life. One time someone from her work came up to her and said those are some pretty mean things they are saying about your mother and she asked what things? About how she ran off with a member of the Hells Angels and left your father. She laughed and said that is so not true. My mother is afraid of her own shadow. My parents divorced years ago. The Hells Angels had nothing to do with it.


  1. Most, but not all people live their lives maintaining some sort of honesty in their lives. It is the truly twisted that devote their lives trying to defame the innocent. The shining light of justice that reaches under their rock puts a little bit of crazy in their life.

  2. Blaze is using his "rage" against you to help cover up his own inner demons. I believe he knows, at the centre of his being, that the things he has done are and have been very harmful to others. This blog does not solely condemn him for his actions (which would then make it so much easier for him to ignore or push deeper) but reminds him of the evil that he has been involved in.

    Like the vast majority of gang-stars the reality of what their actions has done to others is something they try to hide and pretend does not exist.

    "Oh, it's their fault, if they do this drug or that drug - no one is making them, they have free choice (will)", they try to convince themselves and each other.

    Yet, they know that is not true deep down inside - their conscience reminds them.

    That is another reason why they are always so busy with frenetic activity and noise. A gang-star does not make a lot of money to buy a house out-of-the-way and live surrounded by nature, sit back and relax. They have parties, play music loudly, constantly surround themselves with others - they are always "on the go".

    For if they were not and took the time to stop, especially in silence, they would be forced to face the Truth of their existence.

    This is why, I believe, so many go "crazy" in solitaire in prison. It is not the silence and segregation - it is the realization of one's behaviours. Monks, nuns, hermits, the cloistered and other religious thrive on peace, quiet and being able to stop and contemplate.

    To examine one's conscience fully, one must stop and do it in silence over an extended period of time.

    I believe it is possible that one day, perhaps sooner than he realizes, Blaze will be forced to face his demons and conscience and with the help of our prayers he may be able to overcome them and truly apologize for his actions against you and your family.

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