Thursday, September 3, 2015

Salmon Arm Bust - drugs and stolen property

Deja vu. The Salmon Arm Observer is reporting that "A stolen truck ended up leading the Salmon Arm RCMP to seize $420,000 worth of drugs and recover $300,000 in stolen property on Saturday. On Aug. 29, police received a report of a stolen F-350 with a camper from a residence in White Lake. As the investigation began, police received further information that a truck matching the description was seen traveling on the Trans-Canada Highway towing a black Wells Cargo trailer."

"The trailer was carrying a Harley Davidson motorcycle, which was later confirmed stolen. The motorcycle came loose and crashed into the ditch, while the stolen truck fled the scene. The truck was seen fleeing by Chase RCMP officers, who lost sight of it but was later observed by Salmon Arm members. The truck fled to a rural residence in Tappen with police following it."

"Upon arrival, police arrested the driver, but the other male suspect fled on foot into the woods. A third suspect was also at large and police began a search of the rural property. The search revealed a marijuana grow operation and a prohibited weapon. The second male suspect was quickly located and arrested. Upon searching the property, police located an ATV stolen from Alberta, the F-350 truck and camper stolen from Blind Bay, and a 2011 Kenworth logging truck stolen from 100 Mile House."

"As well as the marijuana grow operation, police seized a substantial amount of drugs including crack, cocaine, hash, heroin, crystal meth, amphetamine, psilocybin (mushrooms) and prescription drugs, as well as cash and drug trafficking paraphernalia. A few hours later, the third male suspect was located by police and arrested."

A stolen vehicle towing a stolen motorcycle that got loose and crashed in the ditch. The suspects ran from the police and led them to a grow op where more stolen property and a variety of drugs including crack cocaine and crystal meth. Who ran the last stolen car, boat and motorcycle ring out of Kelowna that was tied to Alberta. Only rats steal cars and motorcycles. Get off the crack. I wonder if they are friends of Uncle Joe. As Castanet points out "If you are running from police in a stolen vehicle, you may not want to lead them right to your property with a plethora of illegal things for them to find." Are you sure those guys aren't from Surrey originally?


  1. And why is it we are not privileged to know the names of these upstanding citizens?

    1. That's a very good question. If they don't release the names soon, we know they are hiding something.

  2. I will GUARANTEE you these guys are KNOWN ASSOCIATES of the HA.

  3. *cough...were known associates.

  4. The three blind dummies..WTF ..Someone got some explaining to do. Idiots at best.

  5. These guys have lots to learn if they don't want to get whacked. If this is someone else's product, and these wannabees got popped driving a stolen vehicle, heads will roll.

  6. they were dummies. if criminals are so dumb these days why do the cops have such a difficult time catching them? If these criminals are "associated' with other organizations, the organizations might want to speak to the H.R. dept. about finding better candidates for the organization. This is the material for a sit com