Thursday, September 3, 2015

Innocent bystander shot to death in Abbotsford

News 1130 is reporting that a 74-year-old innocent bystander was shot to death in Abbotsford. HomicideTeam taking over the case. Police searching for suspects." Officers found a vehicle struck with several rounds. "MacDonald says it appears the man was just standing by a fence when a targeted shooting happened in the adjacent driveway. He says several homes in the area have security cameras so it’s hoped that footage will help with a suspect description."

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  1. its too bad there isn't some sort of law which compels targets of shootings to testify to what they know about the shooting. giving them immunity from the crimes that may have led to the shooting might help or at least not be used in charging them for the crimes, so they could tell why they were being shot at, but the police could not use it in an investigtion for the crime they committed, only against those who were doing the shooting and killing innocent people right now the silence is continuing to get innocent people killed and not amount of pressure is going to get these guys or their families to talk. the guys want to look tough and their families aren't going to desert therm