Sunday, May 12, 2024

New York Dublin Portal

Seemingly they've opened up a new Live stream portal between Dublin and New York City. It's just a large screen with a camera connecting the two locations without audio. On the first day they had a few drinks mooning the camera and flipping the bird. Day two they posted cops on either side to keep thinks civil.

Blaire White: A voice of reason in a confused world

Nursing mother assaulted by meth head in Vancouver

I made a post about monarch butterflies for Mothers Day but this is another story that needs to be said. A mother was sitting in the back seat of her car breastfeeding her baby on Commercial drive and some sketchy meth head enters the car and assaults the mother. Now let's think this through. Comerical Drive is a very popular Italian community. It's very busy. As a result many people instantly came to he woman's aid. Police say they haven't determined the motive yet.

This is a Caucasian drug addict. You don't need a motive. Heroin addicts for the most part would mind their own business. Crack and crystal meth addicts are far more aggressive and are responsible for a huge amount of violent crime that threatens public safety.

What makes matters worse is that the guy claims to identify as transgender. So why is he assaulting a biological mother breastfeeding her baby? Is it jealousy. Does that make it a hate crime? When you look at some of the mentally deranged things this person has posted online we clearly see that we have all entered the Twilight Zone. We talk about transgender rights. What about women's rights? Biological women's rights. Do they have any rights left or are we forfeiting all our rights over to criminals. Illegal drugs increase violent crime.

Obviously criminals can be in any race, any gender and any gender preference. There is good and bad everywhere you go. Obviously this person is not a good example of transgenderism. As I said when you look at some of the stuff the person has posted, the person is a complete mental case. There are some serious mental health issues at play here.

I'm not saying every transgender person is mentally ill. That is not what I'm saying. I'm saying mental illness affects every race, gender and gender preference. We oppose criminals not communities. Having said that there has been some pretty crazy political stunts trying to do away with the term mother. Some insane extremists want to replace the term mother with something weird. I can't even remember what - birthing parent.

You can be a good mother to a child you adopted so the attack on motherhood is unwarranted. Motherhood is a sacred thing and we need to preserve and protect it.

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Yakuza Princess is Awesome

I just watched Yakuza Princess and it was awesome. There something shady going on with trolls giving it bad reviews. Anyone with any kendo or iaido experience will appreciate the authenticity as well as the acting. In every picture where Kill Bill is holding the katana with two hands she is not gripping it properly. Yakuza Princess is very well done. Even the way she holds and uses a pool cue in a bar fight you can tell she's done some kendo for the movie. The twirling thing you don't do in kendo but Hollywood has to spice it up a bit for people who don't understand how to use it properly. Like I said, compare her grip to the grip in Kill Bill. One is real, the other is fake.

Northern lights in Metro Vancouver

Update: I missed them Friday and didn't see any Saturday. We heard you might be able to see them Saturday as well but I didn't hear of anyone seeing them on Saturday. They were active locally on Friday from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM then again from 2:00 AM to 3:00 AM.

The Abbotsford News is reporting that "People in B.C. were treated to a stunning light show by Mother Nature late Friday night and into early Saturday morning. A solar storm brought the northern lights to the province as purple, pink and green colours swirled through the night sky on May 10. In the Fraser Valley and Chilliwack, people flocked to areas lining the Fraser River including Ballam Road, McDonald Park and Old Orchard Road, as seen in these images. It was the strongest aurora borealis display in 20 years."

I had heard that people were posting pictures of the northern lights last night from Metro Vancouver. We don't normally see the northern lights this far south. I'm told it's hard to see with the naked eye but was more visible with cameras. I guess it's like taking pictures of nebulas with a times lapsed camera. Seemingly you can see it again tonight.

I was going to comment on this before because the fake news was going off about a giant solar storm that could knock out the Internet. I thought they I'd the same thing a few months ago and all that happens was we were able to see the northern lights. Solar storms happen all the time. The fake news has become a tabloid of sensationalism.

Monarch Butterflies on Mother's Day

One Tree Planted just put out a video about planting trees for monarch butterflies on Mother's Day. Before she passed away, my mother lived in a seniors home in Surrey. Each Mothers Day they would invite the grand kids in and release monarch butterflies. Which is even more important now with all this aerial spraying for gypsy moths. We used to think butterflies just lived for a day but this migration of the monarch butterflies from Canada to Mexico is impressive.

Apparently planting Oyamel fir trees help the Monarch butterflies in their migratory journey. Arbour day in spring is dedicated to tree planting. As my father would say, plant shade tress under which you know you'll never rest. Reforestation instead of deforestation,

Hiring MacMillan Bloedel to fight forest fires

I made a post about fighting forest fires talking about the problem of preignitions and using helicopters instead of water bombers. Water bombers are more bang for the buck and preignitions are problematic for obvious reasons. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt. Let's pretend they aren't intentionally trying to burn the province to the ground and are simply stupid. So let's talk about a simple solution that wouldn't cost a penny.

The theory behind pre ignitions is to make it so that the forest fire runs out of fuel and goes out on it's own. It's a good idea. The obvious problem is if the fire is moving south it is because the wind it blowing south. If the wind is blowing south and you set a new fire south of the existing fire the southernly wind isn't going to cause the new fire to move north towards the existing fire.

If the wind is blowing south and you light a new fire south of the existing fire, the new fire is just going to make it worse which is exactly what we saw last summer in Kelowna. This is why everyone thinks they are trying to burn the province down on purpose. They are making a collective set of bad decisions. Not allowing volunteers to help is another.

I have a very simple and cost effective solution that I've mentioned before but I forgot to mention in my last post so I'm going to say it again loud and proud. Let's take the preignition theory and improve it. Let's hire MacMillan Bloedel or whatever they're called now.

If we have a forest fire let's call up a tree harvesting company like MacMillan Bloedel. We tell them alright guys, we have a forest fire every man on deck. We will give you a temporary permit to clear cut a narrow strip of trees in whatever direction the fire is heading. That way when the fire gets to the clear cut it will run out of fuel and we haven't started a new fire and made it worse.

This is a win win situation because it would work and it wouldn't cost us a penny. We just tell them, we're not going to pay you but you get to keep all the profits from the trees you harvest. That way they would make a profit from fighting forest fires safely and effectively.

We need to start doing this. It is a very simple and cost effective solution. It would be easy. Just send in a couple of those tree harvesting machines and it's done instantly. We also need to bring back tree planting. Narrow clear cuts instead of preignitions would create far less CO2 emissions.

Speaking of tree planting. Remember we used to have that forestry place in Green Timbers that would create seedlings for tree planting? They got rid of it and put in the RCMP HQ. We need to bring back forestry centres preparing seedlings to plant and replenish the forests after fires.

Friday, May 10, 2024

BC creates new gang homicide unit

The Toronto Star is reporting that "British Columbia is forming a new police unit tasked with investigating gang-related homicides, saying almost 50 per cent of the murders in the province last year were connected to gangland crimes." That's interesting. IHIT does it now.

I guess they're just going to split it in two and have a separate investigation unit for non gang related homicides. Sounds like it's all stil going to be RCMP. Unless they make it from VPD and other areas that have their own force like Port Moody, New Westminster and Abbotsford.

The problem is IHIT's f*cked and they're RCMP. Even with the creation of a municipal force in Surrey they were still going to let the RCMP do IHIT. IHIT were the clowns having threesomes with witnesses in the Surrey Six Investigation but it didn't stop there.

They had a Wolf pack crew ho become a IHIT ho when she was testifying against people the Wolf Pack hired but she was still doing the Wolf Pack so that was one passed around STD.

Right now IHIT and the CFSEU are completely compromised. Them giving Damion Ryan a free pass was a prime example. Them giving Donnie McWhirter and the rat pack all that money was an abomination. The only way to fix it is to bring OCA back, the Regional Organized Crime Unit. The CFSEU stole their logo after they sabotaged Operation Phoenix. Mike Farnworth has a good head on his shoulders like Bruce Ralston. David Eby is an idiot and Adrian Dix is lost in space.

Saudi's oil monopoly and the World Economic Forum

The Saudi Gazette is reporting that "The Saudi delegation, led by Foreign Minister Prince Faisal Bin Farhan, actively participated in the 2024 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. The delegation's agenda on Monday included a pivotal meeting with Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, and its President, Børge Brende. Discussions primarily focused on enhancing cooperation between Saudi Arabia and the World Economic Forum."

Alarabiya News is reporting that "A high-level delegation from Saudi Arabia and leaders from the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Tuesday signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) to establish a new accelerator program to help drive innovation in the Kingdom."

Pan African Visions is reporting that "Saudi Arabia Signs Agreement with the World Economic Forum to Establish a Branch in the Kingdom of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution."

The term Globalism is simply Communism rebranded. That is exactly what the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a Communist revolution and the Saudi oil monopoly is a big part of it.

We can see that Saudi Arabia is a monarchy so changing from a monarchy into a Communist dictatorship isn't a big change for the government. It just gives them more power and authority. It's a big change for the people who have everything taken away from them including their freedom.

The oil monopoly has a key role in the Fourth Communist Revolution because it drives up inflation and increases global poverty amongst​ consumers. We've seen a lot of oil wars in the last era and they all have a common purpose - control the supply so they can drive up the price. Saudi Arabia has been the sole beneficiary of all these oil wars. Their complete monopoly on the market has allowed them to raises prices to apocalyptic rates which is part of the WEF agenda.

If consumers are poor, they're easier to control. If consumers own land and have an independent sources of income, they are self reliant which makes it more difficult to control them and take everything they own away from them. Yet if you raise the price of land so it becomes completely unaffordable, you've succeeded in removing property rights.

If you raise the cost of fuel to apocalyptic levels, you raise the price of food and everything that gets transported to stores by trucks. That means you have also restricted consumers mobility rights by making it too expensive for them to travel. You've also increased global poverty by raising the cost of food. People can no longer afford recreation because they're spending all their money on food and rent. That primes them for the final theft - their liberty.

Remember Andrew Lloyd Webber's play Joseph and his Technicolor dream coat? Pharaoh has a dream. Joseph interprets that dream. He says there's going to be seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine. Pharaoh commissions Joseph to help him prepare for the seven years of famine. So what does Joseph do? He starts collecting food storage during the time of plenty.

That's why Joseph's father and brothers came to Egypt. They had money and they wanted to buy food. Eventually Egyptians ran out of money so they had to sell their land to buy Pharaoh's food. By the end of the famine, Pharaoh owned everything and the people owned nothing. That is how Klaus Schwab wants to force you to sell your freedom for a bowl of soup.

So how do we prepare for Klaus Schwab's famine? The first thing we need to do is break the Saud oil monopoly. Donald Trump got American off Saudi oil and Joe Biden got them back on it. Donald Trump may well be a big step forward from Joe Biden but he is far from flawless.

Donald Trump has a hardon for Iran. Some of the threats he has made against Iran in the past have been mentally deranged. The CIA is a driving force in the oil wars and the Saudi oil monopoly that's driving inflation and the Communist Reset.

Donald Trump has fallen for the deep state's propaganda about Iran. Iran has oil. When Saudi cut back production to drive up the price, Iran released some of it's oil reserved. That infuriated the Saudi Haram Complex. That's why the CIA and the WEF keep demonizing Iran.

The same with Russia. Blowing up the Nordstream Natural gas pipeline helped the Saudi oil monopoly and created a manufactured energy crisis in Europe. Helping Germany phase out it's industrial coal and replaced it with natural gas would see a colossal reduction in global CO2 emissions and greatly improve Europe's air quality. The environmental impact of the manufactured conflict in the Ukraine has been devastating. Increasing the supply of natural gas drives down the cost for consumers. It's called sharing the wealth.

If Russia and Iran are allowed to sell their natural gas, the price drops but they make money by selling a product at a fair price not by creating an artificially inflated price. Saudi doesn't want to share the profit. That is Haram. Costco's business model is based on volume. They have a very marginal mark up on the products they sell. They make money by selling in volume.

All the countries that have oil could do this but Saudi doesn't want to share. That is Haram. So now we need to talk about how the Saudi Prince of Greed has hijacked Islam and are grooming Muslims for the Communist Reset. Did you know you're not allowed to pray for Palestine at Mecca? If you are heard mentioning the word Palestine or Gaza in your prayers at Mecca they will forcefully remove you and possibly jail you. Why is that?

Why can't I pray for the people suffering in Gaza while I'm at Mecca? That is both strange and suspicious. It's also very hypocritical coming from the Prince of Greed. I saw one sermon from a Saudi Muslim that said people like to shout free Palestine but you can't free someone unless you yourself are free. He was implying that you need to be free from all worldly sins before you can free Palestine. It was a strange concept. When we think about the parable of the Good Samaritan, I can help someone in need without being morally perfect.

I saw another Muslim sermon once that said judgemnet will be like a scale weighing the good we've done compared to the bad we've done. To say that we can't do any good if we've done bad doesn't make sense. The Prince of Greed certainly hasn't overcome his attachments to the world.

In this video clip the Saudi Prince of Greed answers a reporter about not accepting Palestinian refugees. His answer is very logical and diplomatic. The Palestinians don't want to leave their land. We support a cease fire. Now that makes sense but... why ban people in Mecca from praying for a ceasefire and for the suffering in Gaza. Actions speak louder than words. It's pretty clear that he doesn't care about the Muslims in Gaza or the Muslims in Iran. Why is that? Because Iran has oil and that threatens the Prince of Greed's profits. So does Gaza.

The new Saudi Prince of Greed is a CIA plant becasue the CIA supports the WEF.

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Religious Persecution and human sacrifice in India

Let's take a look at what Netanyahu's buddy Modi is doing in India. This video talks about a huge new Hindu temple he's building in Ayodhya which is in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He's pouring a ton of money into a new temple, airport, railway, parking lot. He is investing in religious tourism. It sounds great until we find that the new Temple is being built on the site of an ancient Mosque in the north which is where Muslims in India are being persecuted.

Modi has been tearing down mosques in India and ordering police to use live ammunition on protesters. Modi is pushing a Hindu nationalist agenda which means he is no Gandhi. Gandhi was good, Modi is bad. History has recorded that. His persecution of Muslims appears to make his buddy Netanyahu thrilled. That is certainly one unholy alliance.

This is the Globalism of the new world order. You ban all religions but one. Then when you've gotten rid of all the other religions, you get rid of that one final religion and mission accomplished. I don't want to hate because I'm all for religious freedom but some things the Hindu religion teaches are just plain weird. My daughter did a semester at Kwantlen in Surrey as did my son. They both took Punjabi. My son did Bangera and my daughter took a course there on religion. It covered all the mayor world religions including Sikh, Islam and Hindu.

She asked me about some of the things the Hindu religion taught as she was a bit concerned. I said yeah, I'm all for religious freedom, but there are somethings in the Hindu religion that are very strange. For example, it's kind of pagan. They have a God of this and a God of that.

The Muslims have prayer beads like the Catholic rosary. Instead of saying the Hail Mary and the Our Father they have their own set prayers. They all start off with there is only one God. Kinda like what the Bible teaches. Like I said, I don't want to hate but there's a lot of weird stuff in Hinduism and I can see how people would object to having that forced on them.

Tulsi Gabbard is Hindu and she is a very good person. She supports religious freedom just like Gandhi did. Let's not forget, Gandhi was Hindu but he was killed by Hindus who objected to Gandhi's tolerance of Muslims just like how Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by Jews for the same reason. The people who assassinated Gandhi and Yitzhak Rabin were religious extremists who opposed religious freedom. Netanyahu and Modi are both bad men.

Speaking of crazy, did you hear a group of four hunters broke into a wildlife reserve in India and gang raped a rare lizard? They gang raped it, killed it and ate it. That was f*cked up. India has had a bad reputation for deranged gang rapes for quite a while.

Last month a couple on YouTube who are riding motorcycles around the world were attacked with knives in India. Seven men gang raped the man's wife. Modi has more important things to fix than persecuting other religions. Gang raping tourists is a serious concern.

I remember seeing a few revolting videos on 6AK's Twitter about child sacrifice in India. One had a group of men parading around with a young boys severed head on a platter and I'm pretty sure they weren't Sikhs or Muslims. Modi should be more concerned with stuff like that.

10-Year-Old Boy Killed By His Own Family in a Human Sacrifice Ritual

The Vice is reporting that "There is no centralised law that directly addresses superstition and ritualistic human sacrifices in India, but each state has its own regulations. India’s National Crime Records Bureau recorded 103 ritualistic sacrifices between 2014 and 2021. Most were sacrificed with the belief that it’ll bring prosperity, fertility or healing. 'These numbers are vastly undercounted,' Sanal Edamaruku, an Indian anti-superstition activist and the founder of Rationalist International, told VICE World News. 'I believe the real number could be 10 or even 20 times more than this.' It’s also common for the victims to be family members of the accused."

Five arrested over human sacrifice at Hindu temple

The Guardian is reporting that "Indian police have arrested five men accused of conducting a human sacrifice, nearly four years after the discovery of a woman’s headless body at a Hindu temple left officers baffled. Shanti Shaw, 64, was killed and decapitated with a machete in 2019 after visiting the temple in Guwahati, a city in India’s remote north-east. Police made no progress in the case until Shaw’s body was finally identified in January, sparking a renewed investigation that tracked down several culprits, with others still at large."

“'The five planned the killing of the woman,' the Guwahati police commissioner, Diganta Barah, said on Tuesday. “A total of 12 people took part.' Barah said the alleged ringleader, Pradeep Pathak, 52, had orchestrated the killing as part of a religious rite to mark the anniversary of his brother’s death. Last year, two men were arrested for allegedly killing a six-year-old boy in the capital, New Delhi. The culprits, both construction workers, told police they murdered the child as an offering to the Hindu god Shiva to get rich."