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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tribal and Syndicate drug bust in Fort McMurray

My McMurray is reporting that Members of the Tribal and Syndicate outlaw motorcycle groups have been arrested in Fort McMurray following a drug trafficking investigation. Darren Paulson, a 49-year-old Tribal member and Thomas George, a 28-year-old Red Deer Syndicate member are both facing multiple charges related to trafficking. Police seized a trace amount of cocaine, magic mushrooms and a loaded handgun with the serial number filed off.

As we previously reported, Rick Levesque, the not so bright left over from the Ontario Nomads is in charge of the Syndicate in Fort McMurray. The bust is significant because it shows that the Alberta Gang Task force is keeping he pressure on as is the Ontario Biker Enforement Unit unlike Christy Clark's reorganized gang promotion unit in BC.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Edmonton Tribal member convicted of attempted murder

The Edmonton Sun is reporting that "A patched Tribal motorcycle gang member shot his steroid supplier in the face as a way to ingratiate himself to the Hells Angels after the dealer got on the bad side of the notorious outlaw biker gang, a judge ruled Friday." Sounds like a complete loser.

The Edmonton HAs are dirty as f*ck just like the EPS. In 2016 we reported that an Ontario Village Idiot named Rick Levesque transferred to the Edmonton chapter after the Ontario Nomads were disbanded by Quebec. He was the put in charge of the Tribal MC's drug dealing in Fort Mac.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Tribal MC in Fort McMurray

Interesting to see a Tribal MC member wearing a Fort Mac bottom rocker. They are a support club for the original Edmonton Hells Angels chapter. Interesting to see because the Nomads put the Syndicate in Fort McMurray. These aren't rivals they're just more smoke and mirrors in the shell game tied to the Edmonton Hells Angels drug trafficking network. Same puppet diferent string

On that note, back in July of last year one person commented on an old blog post and claimed that there was a Ontario Nomad in Fort Mac named Rick Levesque. Only he kept his Ontario rocker because he didn't get along with the Alberta Nomads out of Red Deer that run the Syndicate in Fort Mac. Well now that the Ontario Nomads have been disbanded, he is wearing an Edmonton rocker. E Ville is referring to Edmonton. Rick certinaly doesn't look very bright. HAs in BC aren't so loud and proud. They are somewhat more discreet.

He's got the tat on the back of his hand but he still has a baby face. Maybe that's why Leo Gallant told him to f off when he to tried to boss Leo around back in New Brunswick. Poor guy is getting chased all over the country looking for someone to bully. That's Ontario for ya. They never did grasp the MC concept much. That's what happens when you support evil. Je me souviens.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hells Angels harass Iron Order at Toy Run in Edmonton

Well this is another pathetic example of Hells Angels bullying people just because they won’t sell drugs for them. Last Sunday the Iron Order participated in a toy run in Edmonton put on by a local radio station.

The Hells Angels showed up with a bunch of patch licker puppets from the Dirty Few, Kaos Crew, and Tribal with the sole purpose of harassing members of the Iron Order participating in the event. They out numbered them, surrounded them and was taking their pictures and video taping them giving them a hard time. They even had some members of the Whiteboy posse, another criminal organization, filming them from a minivan. None of them brought toys for the kids. They just harassed the other motorcyclists from the Iron Order.

We saw the same thing back east when the Darksiders, another Hells Angels puppet club were harassing and bullying the Freedom Riders who were a Christian bike club in Nova Scotia. They pushed and threatened a senior citizen at a small town Tim Horton’s. I kid you not. Bacchus in Newfoundland even banned civilians from wearing Sons of Anarchy gear.

This is the root of the problem. The Hells Angels or any of their loser puppets have absolutely no right to tell anyone what they can or cannot wear. They have no right to bully any legitimate MC just because they don’t want to sell drugs for them. It’s that simple. The Hells Angels are drug dealers and murderers. They are a criminal organization that has nothing to do with riding motorcycles. That is why they should be banned from any and all official MC events. Period.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Canada’s Border Agency to Create Biometric Identity Office

The National Observer is reporting that "Canada's border agency has an "urgent need" to hire a global technology firm to help develop a biometric strategy in response to rapidly evolving issues including COVID-19. The Canada Border Services Agency issued a notice of procurement Monday inviting 15 firms to submit proposals for immediately setting up an Office of Biometrics and Identity Management."

"The agency also wants a strategy and road map for digital solutions using biometric-related technologies to address issues flowing from the pandemic and other priorities. Biometric information — a unique identifier such as an iris scan or a fingerprint record — is considered useful in managing the passage of people across borders, though it also poses privacy risks."

"It also plans to look at options for greater use of technology that relies on voice recognition and geolocation to confirm the identity and location of people required to report to the agency."

"The experience from other jurisdictions has been that, once in place, reliance on these technologies tends to expand rapidly beyond its initial objectives and frequently facial recognition technologies are repurposed for use beyond the border."

"Biometric recognition and identity can be highly intrusive, and we have seen significant pressure to adopt facial recognition technologies in particular at border crossings."

"Canada's privacy commissioners recently said respect for laws and principles governing personal information must guide introduction of digital or paper proof-of-vaccination certificates that could smooth the transition to post-pandemic life."

"The Office of Biometric Identity Management provides biometric match, store, share, and analyze services to DHS and mission partners. The need for biometrics continues to grow among DHS Components; interagency stakeholders (e.g., the Departments of State, Justice, and Defense); State, local, tribal and territorial entities; the Intelligence Community; and international mission partners."

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Outlaws in Saskatoon, Hells Angels visit Fort McMurray

Metro News is reporting that the police claim the Outlaws have set up shop in Saskatoon. Which is interesting since I received a report that a few Hells Angels prospects got their patch in Regina not long ago. Apparently this weekend an Edmonton Hells Angel named Scuba is visiting Fort McMurray with a couple tribal Edmonton, syndicate Edmonton and silent few. Lots of puppets selling drugs who desperately want to be a real boy one day. Get a life Pinocchio.

Irish Pride? Real Irish don't sell crack. The RA will put a cap in your ass for doing that.

Denis Chamberlain claims to be in Edmonton now. Isn't he from Quebec? Sherbrooke sure didn't have much respect for their brothers they were convicted of murdering in Lennoxville. They all contributed a portion of their drug profits into a fund to murder rival drug dealers. Get off the crack and sing a new tune like Boom Shakalaka Boom. That's Irish Pride so it is.

I guess that gas mask is to cover the stench from all that bullsh*t.

Evidently the Pride Parade was for the Syndicate's new clubhouse house warming party this week-end. Their new clubhouse is at 101 Beattie Road in Fort Mcmurray. The Syndicate must be opening a chapter in Red Deer also. There were a couple riding around with Red Deer bottoms in Syndicate colours. George Sutherland and Kristian MacEachern face drug trafficking charges.

A Cocaine dealer has been charged in a June 25 shooting near Grand Prairie.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pickton Red Herring Inquiry

Speaking of the Pickton Red Herring Inquiry led by Wally the limp fish Oppal, let's take a look at the Red Herring mandate. Some say the mandate of the inquiry is to find out why the police took so long in finding the Pickton murderer and if the police did in fact fail to make it a priority because the victims were drug addicted prostitutes. The apparent mandate of the inquiry is to find out why justice was delayed.

I call it the red herring mandate because justice was never served. There are a lot of unanswered questions that will never be answered by the inquiry because of it's limited mandate. Funding isn't the issue. All the anti poverty groups can still participate with their own worker advocates. The Province said they're not going to pick up the legal fees for each and every group. Which is kind of understandable yet somewhat hypocritical given the millions spent on the Bassi Virk defense fraud.

The Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs and the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council say they have several concerns with the inquiry, including the narrow terms of reference and the appointment of former B.C. attorney general Wally Oppal as the commissioner.

No kidding. Wally Oppal is a former judge and the former AG. Aside from him being a limp fish on justice which likely played a significant role in why he was not reelected, it is a conflict of interest. When Jim Chu addressed the public at the Carnegie centre locals said they do not support Wally Oppal heading the commission.

Yet the real issue is the mandate of the inquiry. It's an inquiry into the police investigation. It has nothing to do with a public release of all the evidence that led them to believe there might have been other offenders and it has nothing to do with making public any and all evidence that caused the Crown to ask Robert Pickton on the stand if the Hells Angels were involved.

My argument all along was that all reports claimed Robert Pickton was slow and deferred to his brother Dave who ran the pig farm. I did not believe that Robert Pickton could have been the mastermind behind all those murders and do so without the knowledge of his brother Dave. There's no way he could have hid it from him.

Well low and behold the court hears that Dave Pickton did in fact have foreknowledge of the murders on the farm. In January of 2007 the court heard that The brother of accused serial-killer Robert "Willie" Pickton told police he knew about "bodies" and showed investigators where to look.

So not only was Dave Pickton convicted of sexual assault on that same farm and was accused in a second sexual assault on the farm, he admitted he had foreknowledge of bodies buried on the farm only he claimed Dinah Taylor was responsible. Yeah right. If he knew about the bodies, he was involved. Not only does that make him a suspect it makes him culpable because hiding a murder makes you an accomplice to murder.

The whole issue of the involvement of the Hells Angels has not been addressed in court. The crown asked Robert if the Hells angels were involved and he said no. Would he have said yes if they were? What made the crown ask that question? The defense submitted that there was considerable association between Dave Pickton and the Hells Angels. The witness that was supposed to testify to the fact that Hells Angels attended parties at Piggy's Palace was chased out of town and never testified. Later a musician told the Vancouver Province that Hells Angels were there all the time. That evidence was never submitted to the court.

Then there's the grow op. The Court also heard that police believed a marijuana grow-op in an unlicensed "booze can" across the street from the Pickton farm was connected to the Hells Angels. I'm assuming the booze can was Piggy Palace. This is the first I heard of a grow op on site. We know the Hells angels have a long history of using violence to take over grow ops in BC.

I realize the likelihood of convicting anyone else in this case is highly unlikely especially if they were members of a criminal organization. Nevertheless, the public inquiry should be public. That means the evidence in the voir dire - anything and everything that gave suspicion of organized accomplices should also be made public. That won't cost a cent. Especially with the news of Juel Stanton's involvement with someone from the Surrey House of Horrors where dna from one of the Pickton victims buried on the farm was found.

It is a bizarre twist to hear that Geoff Meisner's father was involved in the Pickton investigation. His son later became involved with the Hells Angels and the Kingpin crew in Kelowna. Geoff went missing in 2009 and was legally pronounced dead by the courts in 2010. I don't think it's related I just think it's bizarre. That was another tragic case. Too many people have died from organized crime. It's time to make the evidence public.

“All the attention so far has been on Mr. Pickton … but now there should be discussions about others who may have been involved and played a role,” Mr. Crey said. “I don’t mean to sound bitter, but I think [the Christy Clark government] should be sensitive and respond to the families who want to see more done. … They need to take another look at it and try to decide if other charges should be pursued.”

Just ask anyone in Maple Ridge. I am told that not only did the Hells agnels attend parties at Piggy's Palace and have a grow op on site, witnesses claim the Hells Agnels ran the bar. That needs to be addressed.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

INSLAW and the Hells Angels

Since I'm on a roll, I'll take one more step which many will claim into obscurity but I will do it simply because I can. The INSLAW Affair had to do with the CIA selling software to it's friends and allies which was a Trojan horse and let the CIA spy on them which in itself is nothing surprising or earth shattering.

Part of the affair involves the accusation that the Reagan administration delayed the release of the Iranian hostages until after the election which is nothing surprising or earth shattering either.

In steps Jimmy Hughes. Hughes is a paid, born again minister who boasts of being a reformed hit man. He has been arrested for a murder back in 1981 and has plead not guilty. Interesting that a born again paid minister will boast of being a reformed hit man yet refuse to reveal who he murdered when he was a hit man.

Nevertheless, the new charges relate to a triple murder on the Cabazon Indian Reservation called the Octopus murders where Ralph Boger, Fred Alvarez and his girl friend Patty were murdered. One report claims that the murder was simply to overturn a tribal vote against bingo which really doesn't make sense. The band already had a casino. Bingo is hardly that serious of an affair.

The term Octopus comes from reporter Danny Casolaro. He was working on a story about a complicated web of organized crime whose tentacles reached as far as the CIA and the US government. Thus he referred to the far reaching organized crime ring as the Octopus. However, like Gary Web, Danny Casolaro also was found dead of a suspicious suicide.

Turns out Ralph Boger was a Hells Angel. Turns out the Cabazon Indian Band were doing a lot more than playing bingo. Yet secret military testing is nothing surprising or earth shattering either. The connection to the Contras is interesting as is the connection to foreign governments.

The three people accused of hiring Jimmy Hugues to kill Ralph, Fred and Patty are John Philip Nichols, John Paul Nichols, and Glen Heggstad. Glen Heggstad was also a Hells Angel.

While Nichols and Heggstad are listed as co-conspirators on the complaint for Hughes, neither has been arrested nor charged. Heggstad is another martial artist with Hells Angels connections.

The whole Octopus saga is somewhat complicated yet we can clearly see three things emerge from it. Organized crime has been trying to take over gambling on Indian reserves in the United States. The US Military and the CIA have been involved with secret weapons testing on the Cabazon reservation but those secrets go far beyond that of weapons testing. We can also see the underlying presence of the Hells Angels.

The Cabazon reservation had ties to secret military testing which was also tied to the Contras at the same time Oliver North was involved with the Iran Contra affair and the same time the CIA has been accused of trafficking crack cocaine for the contras.

Someone from the Hells Angels wanted to expose something and someone else from the Hells Angels didn't want him to do it. Neither did the CIA.

Which kinda makes ya wonder why Richard Barszczewski was given a promotion instead of being fired after he scuttled the chances of convicting anyone when a boat loaded with 2 1/2 tons of Hells Angels cocaine was seized just outside of Canada.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Redd Alert in Kamloops

Well this is interesting. There has been a murder in Kamploops some claim is tied to the Redd alert gang which some claim started in Regina and has expanded to Edmonton. The local paper confirms that the Redd Alert is the only real gang presence in the town.

Archie LePretre, 23, was killed Tuesday afternoon while playing basketball with his cousin outside Stuart Wood elementary school. LePretre, who is from Vancouver, and his cousin, a 23-year-old from Kamloops, were confronted by three men wearing gloves and bandannas and carrying knives and a baseball bat. Both LePretre and his cousin suffered blunt-force trauma. LePretre died after emergency crews spent about 30 minutes working on him in a corner of the court.

If the suspects were also all First Nations men in their early ‘‘20s wearing bandannas, it's pretty clear which gang they are with. Our source claims both parties were members of the Redd Alert gang just different levels. It certainly wouldn't be the first internal conflict within the gang.

Another source claims that Dennis Sinclair AKA Crewboss was a former President of RA in Edmonton. Sinclair was savagely beaten in May of 2006 inside Edmonton Remand Centre, by fellow Redd Alert members Louis Paquette, Craig Drynan and Ronald Crane, who each pleaded guilty in October to aggravated assault.

Douglas Jensen who prosecution say claimed to be a member of the Red Alert Street gang in Kamloops, was denied bail when he was charged with breaching a restraining order prohibiting him from contact with his sister and threatening her daughter. The Tk’Emlups Indian Band has banished Jensen and one of his friends from band lands.

Jensen has 58 convictions, including eight convictions for violence. He’s been convicted 50 times while he was under sentence for other crimes, and has several breaches of bail and other court orders. Defence lawyer Don Campbell told the court there is clearly conflict in the Jensen family, but his client denies the allegations made by his sister and adamantly denies he is a gang member.

Redd Alert is an aboriginal Alberta-based street gang wear red bandanas and have a presence in prisons throughout the Prairies. The gang is also an acknowledged part of the drug world in Alberta. The gang surfaced in Kamloops in 2006. During a press conference late that year, RCMP showed off assault rifles, swords and gang patches seized in a drug raid. Redd Alert is present throughout the province, including Williams Lake and Prince George.

Let's see, if they wear a red bandanna and are in PG, I wonder who they are affiliated with? Since they are responsible for First Nations violence on First Nations, I wonder if they know anything about who burned down Joey Arrance's tattoo shop and who killed his girlfriend's mother? Joey is First Nations and has been targeted by someone.

If the Redd Alert are connected to the Independent Soldiers in Kamloops, how can they not be connected to the Hells Angels?

So who is festering violence between First Nation brother and First Nations brother? Or in once case First Nations sister. If drugs are involved, how can the Hells Angels not be involved? Kamloops is a pretty small town and this Douglas Jensen appears to be a prolific offender. No doubt he could have some knowledge about who killed Archie LePretre. Since he has been banned from the reservation for his crimes and even has a restraining order preventing him from harassing his own sister which he broke, perhaps the Tribal Elders could conduct an investigation into this brutal murder.

A week earlier there was a stabbing in Kamloops but the victim isn't talking because he believes it might have something to do with the fact that he owes someone money and doesn't want to upset them. Money from drugs perhaps?


The courts determined that Redd Alert associate Travis Bobroske "probably" attacked another man Feb. 1 and stabbed him seven times. The victim was associated with the UN. So tell me again how the Hells Angels are connected to the Bacon Brothers? I'm getting confused. Oh right, Larry Amero's friends are friends with friends of the Bacon brothers. Just how deep does the rabbit hole really go?

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Residential schools and Sir John A MacDonald - Update

Recently there was a horrific discovery of children's graves at a residential school in Kamloops. I have several comments to make to put the matter into perspective. We know the mainstream media has an agenda. I reject that agenda. We know that if you want to find the truth, you have to seek out alternate news sources and question the narrative. We need to think for ourselves.

Global is reporting that "Indigenous communities across Canada are renewing calls for the Roman Catholic Church to apologize for its role in residential schools that forcibly removed children from their homes — stripping them of their culture, language and identity."

Evidently the residential school in Kamloops where the children's graves were found was run by the Catholic Church. John A MacDonald was a Protestant. Blaming him for something the Catholic church did is displaced aggression. It wasn't his fault. Likewise, Egerton Ryerson was a Methodist minister. He had nothing to do with the Catholic residential​ schools. People need to look before they leap. Question the narrative. It doesn't make sense.

Let's begin connecting the dots and examine the kaleidoscope of reason. The Catholic church has a pretty horrific reputation for sexually abusing young children back in the day. We throw the word systematic racism around a lot. Well the sexual abuse within the Catholic church was chronic. Yet at no time has the Catholic church ever taught anyone that sexual abuse was OK. They rightfully teach that it is a heinous crime.

Have leaders in the Catholic church tried to hide and cover up sexual abuse instead of confronting it and protecting children? That is an important discussion. We are all responsible for what we do. Protecting children is paramount.

The Indigenous residential schools in Canada were bad. I'm not sure what they were thinking. All of us recognize that education is important and most of us dream of free education. Contracting that out to the Catholic church appears to have been a bad idea.

Taking children away from their homes and their culture is never a good thing. That is what Communism does. That is not what a free republic is supposed to do. Yet times have changed. Now we honour and respect First Nations culture. For the record, England's tradition of treaty making in Canada was a lot better that the Spanish Conquistadores slaughter in Central America. Likewise, Hong Kong had a lot more freedom under British rule than under Communism.

Recently ABC reported that "Two women who were sentenced in tribal court and jailed on misdemeanor charges in the case of a young girl whose body was found on the Crow Indian Reservation have been named as suspects in the child’s death." Child abuse is always bad.

I have more to say on the matter but for now I will simply say that John A MacDonald was a good man. Communism seeks to rewrite history. They claim Chairman Mao was good but John A was bad. They have it backwards. In time, truth will prevail.

"October 6, 2018, the statue of John A. Macdonald in downtown Montreal’s Place du Canada square was once again vandalized, this time by a group of anonymous local anti-colonial, anti-racist, anti-capitalist activists” ANTIFA - the Alliance for Decolonial Socialism - Communists.

Catholic Church needs to take responsibility for residential schools: PM

Update: Vancouver Catholic Archbishop apologizes to Indigenous communities for church's role in residential schools. How is that related to John A MacDonald who was a member of the Church of England or Egerton Ryerson was a Methodist minister? It doesn't. Use your brain.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump wants to reopen 9/11 investigation

The Daily Star is reporting that Donald Trump pledged to launch a fresh probe into the 2001 September 11 attacks. “First of all, the original 9/11 investigation is a total mess and has to be reopened." Speculating over the collapse of the skyscraper after the attack, he said: “How do two planes take out three buildings in the same day? I never got my head around the fact that nothing is mentioned about the destruction of Building 7 in the 585-page document.”

Wait a minute... is that Donald Trump speaking or Jesse Ventura? This is a prime example of how although no two people agree on every issue, no two people disagree on every issue either. Truthers can support this quest. Let's just hope he doesn't get shot before that happens.

In the documentary 9/11 Explosive Evidence Experts Speak out, experts in the field of controlled demolition declare that the only way three towers can collapse at freefall speed into their own blueprint is if the load bearing beams are blown out. That is what experts in the field declare.

Looking past the extremists we need to realize that a lot of people who voted for Donald Trump aren't racist. They just want a decent job and want the economy to improve. Renegotiating NAFTA is a step forward that we all can support.

We need to realize that the CIA will pay agitators to paint swastikas on public property. In Canada CSIS created the Heritage Front. Everyone knows that painting a swastika on a building now is like pissing on a good soldiers grave. It is not something any of us support.

Oprah Winfrey's Voice of Reason

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that while speaking to the Associated Press on Thursday, Oprah Winfrey admitted that she was in disbelief at Donald Trump's win and Hillary Clinton's shocking defeat on Tuesday. But the media mogul was seemingly so impressed by the President-elect's meeting with President Obama that her feelings took a different turn, as she tweeted, "Everybody take a deep breath! Hope Lives!"

She isn't saying cave in to bigotry. She's saying she met him and feels the guy has been humbled. I've lived in Belfast and I've lived in Israel. I've seen the blind sectarian animosity perpetuating the you kill one of ours and we kill one of yours insanity for generations. Wait 'till I tell ye, there is no logical conclusion to that kind of violence. It continues forever. There is no logic in it. This is exactly what Martin Luther King meant when he said the old law of an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. I've seen it. We need to rise above the hate and the lies.

Take the movie Gran Torino. Clint Eastwood played a redneck Archie bunker type who ws less than impressed with the immigrants that moved in next door and were talking over the neighbourhood. After he got to know them he ended up protecting them from the gang banger bullies within their community and ultimately risked his life to save them.

He ended up leaving his prize possession, his flawless Gran Torino to the immigrant kid next door because he had ended up getting closer to him and his family than his own kids and grand kids who turned out to be ungrateful spoilt brats. If you get to know them you just might be surprised.

There are many different forms of racism. In Rwanda we saw a bizarre tribal conflict that resulted in a modern day genocide. In Fort Langley the fur traders helped protect the local First Nations from a rival tribe that would raid them and carry them away as slaves.

I spoke with a Latino in Langley who had spent some time in LA. He told me how he and a friend had stumbled into black area. Before they could leave they were surrounded by a large group of black men who closed in on them. Right before they kicked their ass he just bowed his head and closed his eyes giving in to the fact that they were going to get badly beaten. Then all of a sudden he felt a gust of wind rising up beside him. He looked up and saw a police helicopter hovering right above them which dispersed the mob. They were very fortunate.

New York wasn't like that. When I was there, half the guys were black, the other half were Puerto Rican. There was no conflict between the two. No one gave me a hard time for being white despite the fact that I was the visible minority. In the midle of the night another white guy from Queens took me on a tour of Spanish Harlem to see the elephant grave yard where they dumped all the stolen cars and had them on blocks after stripping them down. In New York there was no conflict between Harlem and Spanish Harlem. They got along great. Tupac even rapped about it.

All this petty hate we are starting to see diminishes us as a society. We need to rise above it.