Saturday, March 11, 2017

80 litres of chemical used to make MDMA dumped in Surrey pond

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "The City of Surrey will spend up to $40,000 to clean up a pond in Newton after somebody dumped into the water up to 80 litres of chemicals commonly used to make the illegal drug MDMA, or ecstasy." Now they're in trouble. they pissed off the environmentalists. We were just at that pond a couple of weeks ago.

We all know that pouring chemicals down the storm drain is bad because it goes straight into the streams and affects the spawning salmon and their fry. If you want to dump something it has to go down the toilet which is treated as septic before it's dumped into the ocean.


  1. that is an interesting read. wonder if Weaver, the B.C. Green party leader is even interested? probably not. he's too busy cheering for the b.c. lieberals.

    1. No doubt the City of Surrey are overcharging for this clean up to help fix their fudge it budget.

  2. Yes. 40k is absurd. And 80 litres is peanuts not like it was radioactive..........

    Simply put, you can dredge an de-qater the entire lake for less.

    Ass all things--getting the government involvef makes everything inherently more expesnsive. *spits*.

  3. THE SLUM SURREY CITY, WILL NEVER HAVE RCMP (PON'S) go after the criminals connected to this CRIME, for the purpose of RECOVERING COSTS!


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