Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hell Angels rival shot dead in East Vancouver

The Indo Canadian Voice is reporting that Navdip Singh Sanghera, 32, of Vancouver was shot dead on Thursday night in East Vancouver. The Sanghera group are Hells Angel rivals from South Vancouver. The drug trade in East Vancouver is run by the Hells Angels. The Hells Angels used the Redd Alert to take back all the drug dealers in the DTES from the UN affiliates. Kim Bolan is reporting that the second victim in this shooting was Harjit Singh Mann, 49, of Surrey.


  1. Keep updating this one, as there is a much bigger picture involving RCMP!

  2. I dont know where you get your infos .. he had lotta beefs mainly with other indo canadian crews from south van ... bikers had nothing to do with this... cant say names... also Dtes is still by run by un affiliates and lotta natives like RA .. there are so many non HA guys workin in East van ... its clear u hate bikers but most of indo deaths n beefs are indo vs indo but as for this guys death bikers has nothing to do with it

    1. I have no problem with bikers. I ride myself. I hate liars which is exactly what you are doing now. The Redd Alert work for the HAs so when you say it's a bunch of Natives that run the DTES they clearly work for the HAs. The UN is no longer involved there.

      The Sangheras did have beef with another Indo Canada gang in South Van but they won that beef and killed the leader of the other gang. So now, the HAs are once again the prime suspects in this murder just like at the Wall Centre. It is what it is. I dont hate bikers. I just hate liars.

  3. Please elaborate on the RCMP connection.

  4. Example: RCMP connection top level HA is well known!
    For last 40+ years Okanagan Local Drug Trafficking turfs are closely protected by RCMP and everyone who is not HA soldier, is quickly brought down! (The cost of doing business) Once you know the players operational MANDATES, there is a quiet RCMP visit and they all know the drill therafter!
    From the street $200.00 a night operatives, to the 10 kilo movements, everyone abides by the visit directives!

  5. RCMP are not in Vancouver, they have their own police. But I hear what your saying. This guy had alot of enemies and was probably running his mouth in jail. I always wondered about the resignation of former police chief Jim Chu.


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