Sunday, March 26, 2017

Christy Clark government sued for fraud

It' about time. CBC is reporting that "Two Vancouver lawyers have filed a lawsuit against the B.C. government for allegedly misusing tax money. The civil claim - filed Monday morning by David Fai and Paul Doroshenko - alleges the government broke the law by spending as much as $15 million a year ago to enhance the image of the governing BC Liberal party. We are seeking that the money being spent by the government on non-essential advertisement be reimbursed to the government coffers, said Doroshenko. We look at all these advertisements that the government is running right now as breach of the obligation the government has to spend money for the benefit of British Columbians. They are not spending it for the benefit of British Columbians, they are spending it for the benefit of the BC Liberal Party."

1130 News is reporting that "Doroshenko says they’re acting on behalf of a concerned taxpayer seeking certification of this case as class action. “They’re spending our taxpayer money. Your money, my money, money that should go to hospitals and firefighters, to advertise the government to try to help their re-election hopes. That’s wrong. It’s a breach of the duty that they owe to taxpayers.” It' about time somebody said something about this missuse of tax dollars.

Last election the NDP were ahead in the polls. The BC Liberals bought a commercial during the Superbowl with tax dollars. That was obscene. Local hero Bill Tieleman wrote about it. Why do they do it? Because it works. If you tell the same lie enough times the majority of people will start believing it. They haven't balanced the budget. They created a tsunami of debt through BC Hydro.

Here's the flip side to the fraud: The Christy Clark government gets millions of dollars in political contributions from special interest groups who receive political favors in return. Developers that want the government to flip agricultural land into industrial so they can make a killing. Dirty developers or corporations that want monopolies on the market so they can gouge consumers and taxpayers at the same time. The BC Hydro fraud was the ultimate example.

So not only do they get millions of dollars in political contributions, they dont even spend that money on their political campaign. They spend tax dollars on their political campaign and use the money they raised to pay themselves a wage. That absurd corruption even made the New York Times. The New York Times referred to British Columbia as The Wild West of Canadian Political Cash. It's about time they got sued for using tax dollars on partisan adds.


  1. good post. for those who want to know how much money the B.C. Lieberals are wasting and how far B.C. is in debt they can check out Norm Farrell's In Each and every one of us is in debt to the tune of approx. $90K each thanks to the B.C. Lieberals and their handling of our economy and B.C. Hydro. RossK also has some figures at The Gazetteer. The latter blog goes into some interesting figures regarding the awarding of no bid contracts to numbered companies by the B.C. Lieberals/B.C. government, yes with our tax dollars, and some of those numbered companies belong to none other than Gordon Wilson to the tune of $400K. You wonder what a sheep farmer is doing for the B.C. provincial government which is worth $400K a year to his numbered company. All the while we wait in line for surgery, insufficient staff at Abbotsford hospital, as we've seen on the news. Thanks for the post

  2. Liberals are scum nothing more.

  3. I hope you guys manage to kick that hag to the curb next election.


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