Sunday, June 2, 2024

Israelis continue to protest against Netanyahu

Israelis rightfully believe Netanyahu will torpedo a hostage deal to further his agenda. The problem is Benjamin Netanyahu is Hamas, Gill Rosenberg is Mossad. Globalism sucks.

Donald Trump receives thunderous applause at UFC 302

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Greg Martel accused of fraud in Victoria

CTV is reporting that "The trustee appointed to manage the bankruptcies of a Victoria mortgage company and its owner has concluded that they committed "numerous offences" and operated as a "massive Ponzi scheme." PricewaterhouseCoopers shared these conclusions in a document(opens in a new tab) submitted to the B.C. Supreme Court and the federal Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy this week. The document, known as a "Section 170 Report," details the trustee's reasons for opposing the discharge of Greg Martel from bankruptcy."

"It also indicates that more than 930 creditors have come forward to claim Martel and his company My Mortgage Auction Corp. owe them a total of more than $317 million. Martel operated MMAC under the name "Shop Your Own Mortgage." Last year, he and the company became the subject of multiple lawsuits from parties claiming millions of dollars owed to them."

CBC is reporting that "Bankruptcy proceedings for disgraced Victoria mortgage broker Greg Martel found he was operating a massive Ponzi scheme that helped fund a lavish lifestyle."
Here's an interesting twist. I knew I heard that name before. Remember that famous picture of Jason Zailo holding a knife posing with Lindsay Buziak? Well the third person in the picture is Greg Martel. Greg Martel knew Lindsay and was friends with Jason. He was there to celebrate her last birthday before she was murdered. Greg Martel was also the mortgage broker Greg Haney used when he ripped off the Pacific Rim resort for the BCMI.

Friday, May 31, 2024

Israeli police arrest someone for criticizing Rafah invasion on social media

Efrat Fenigson is reporting that "On May 30th, Rasha Karim Harami, an Israeli-Arab citizen who lives in Israel, published a story on social media against Israel's activities in Rafah and was arrested for disturbing public order. The arrest, which was recorded on a policeman's body camera, was leaked and went viral." They zip tied her hands and blindfolded her.

Mossad has created some false social media accounts for Rasha Karim Harami.

Arresting someone for objecting to a cruel war is insane. Blindfolding them is punitive. It's freaking Guantanamo bay. There is no need to blindfold anyone accused of any crime. Free speech is an inherit right as is due process. This is how the WEF wants to treat all dissidents around the world.

Under the Guise of War: Israel Government Restricts Rights of Israelis

New Israeli law requires universities to fire all academics who express dissent

Israeli teachers who criticize the war have been yanked from the classroom — and thrown in jail

Robert Pickton is dead - Update

APTN News is reporting that "A spokesperson for the Sureté du Québec says serial killer Robert ‘Willie’ Pickton has died in hospital. On May 19, Pickton was attacked by another prisoner at the Port-Cartier Institution where he was being held. “The 74 year old who got hurt on May 19 has succumbed to his injuries,” said Hugues Beaulieu, spokesperson for the Quebec Provincial police. The news was confirmed by Correctional Service of Canada."

"Pickton was in critical condition in hospital after the attack. At the time of his death, Pickton was now eligible to apply for day parole. Federal law would have allowed Pickton to apply for day parole three years before his full parole eligibility. He would have been eligible for full parole until 2027." The question is, what secrets died with him? I can tell you right now, whoever contracted his murder didn't do it so the victims could have justice. They did it to hide accomplices.

Everyone here knows Robert Pickton didn't act alone. Willy was a pig farmer. He could slaughter a pig and prepare it for a barbecue but he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. He was a bit slow. He wasn't the mastermind of anything. After the assault global reported that "Alan Mullen, a former corrections officer at the Kent Institution in Agassiz, B.C. when Pickton was incarcerated there, told Global News on Wednesday that some of that pain comes from knowing that if Pickton dies now, some of the truth will die with him."

"It’s no secret that Robert Pickton didn’t act alone here,” Mullen said, speaking of the many missing and murdered women believed to have been killed on the Pickton farm. “If you talk to (Pickton) or listen to (Pickton), it’s pretty obvious that he did not act alone,” Mullen added. “If he dies, yes, a lot of information and truth that we may be able to garner from him through further investigation, dies with him and that’s concerning to me,” Mullen added.

Mullen said “If you talk to (Pickton) or listen to (Pickton), it’s pretty obvious that he did not act alone,” He means everyone here knows Pickton was a bit slow. That's the first point. The second point is the fact that Dianne Rock was gang raped on the farm. That implicates more than one suspect and I can tell you right now Robert Pickton wasn't one of them.

When the court heard about the Diane Rock gang rape the judge changed the instructions to the jury. The judge said the jury could convict Pickton if the wasn't the only suspect or even the main suspect just an active participant. That's pretty significant.

As soon as the Hells Angels were mentioned at the first Missing Women's Inquiry Wally Oppal shut down the inquiry and turned it into a panel discussion so he could more easily censor evidence. He said the inquiry was not mandated to investigate other suspects.

The Hells Angels were never mentioned in Robert Pickton's trial. That's because the Vancouver Province reported at the time that one of the women who was going to testify that she saw Hells Angels in colors at Piggy's Palace had bikers show up at her home so she left town and never testified. Yet it was reported that the Hells Angels had a grow up on the farm and ran two after hours across the street. Big Tony worked the door at Piggy's Palace.

Later the Vancouver Province reported that a local band who played Piggy's Palace said they saw Hells Angels in colors there all the time. In Stevie Cameron's book On the Farm she stated that it was well known locally that the Hells Angels controlled the area. That information was never admitted to the court during Pickton's trial.

Here's the kicker. In the previous thread someone posted a link to an old CTV article from 2010 where Robert Pickton had an exclusive interview with CTV from prison and actually named the Hells Angels. So it looks like that story died with him.
Update: So here it is. Robert's brother Dave knew where the bodies were buried. He was involved. He was a Hells Angels associate. He objected to having testify in Willy's trial because he was going to Sturgis that week. Jim Brown was friends with Dave. Dave said Big Tony was a Hells Angel. That wasn't completely true. Tony Terezakis was an associate who sold drugs for the Hells Angels but he wasn't a full patch member. Dave Pickton claiming Tony was a Hells Angel meant he used the name of the club to do business.

Big Tony filmed himself beating the life out of drug addicts in the DTES that owed him money. When his ex got a hold of the tapes she gave them to the police. When they played the tapes in court Tony couldn't stop laughing. He claimed it was a reality TV series called Bible Thumpers and all were willing participants. The court didn't believe him.

A lot of people claim they were making snuff films and that the police found video equipment on the farm. That's the evidence the RCMP want to destroy. It's entirely possible they were making snuff films since Big Tony liked filming himself beating up addicts who owned him money but it is unlikely. If the Hells Angels were involved they wouldn't support making incriminating videos.

Which brings us to Justin Trudeau. Some people claim Justin Trudeau was involved. That's why the cover up goes so deep. I do not believe that is true. Justin Trudeau is an idiot and an a*shole but we can't blame him for everything. Big Tony acted with the authority of the club. There were a whole lot of sketchy hang arounds dong shady sh*t. The people that were gang raping and killing sex trade workers would have eaten Justin Trudeau for breakfast. He didn't fit in with their crew.

Some people are determined to make this a pedophile pizza gate that involved the elites. I don't believe it did. Gang raping, torturing and killing sex trade workers is deranged but the freaks that do that usually don't like Pedos. That's why a lot of hang arounds joined Creep Catchers in Surrey. Dirty cops were definitely involved but I don't see this as a Hollywood elite thing.

The mayor of Port Coquitlam attended parties on the farm and he was a freak but that doesn't mean a lot of Hollywood elites were there. Dave Pickton held parties on the farm for years. It was called the Dominion because it was at 953 Dominion Ave. It was separate from the two after hours across the street. I know a guy who grew up in the area. He said back then everyone went to the parties at the Dominion. It was the place to be if you wanted to drink under age.

That same guy went to Piggy's Palace a couple times and said it was really sketchy. He said biker types would be staring at your girlfriend and it was really uncomfortable. Yet I know another guy who used to go there all the time and just laughed. He said it was the cheapest beer in town.

Just because some Hells Angels attended parties at Piggy's Palace in colors doesn't mean they were gang raping and killing sex trade workers. A lot of off duty cops attended parties at Piggy's Palace as well. Some cops and some hang arounds were clearly doing sketchy sh*t but not all cops or Hells Angels were. In the CTV interview Robert Pickton said the sex trade worker that claimed he tried to kill her was lying. She stabbed him in the head and tried to steal $3500 from him. That is believable. Willy isn't a big guy and isn't very physically intimidating. His brother Dave is much biger and has been convicted of sexual assault.

The answer to the mystery is found in the Second Missing Woman's Inquiry. Not in the Inquiry itself but in the reason one of the Commissioners left the Inquiry. In that second inquiry Marilyn Poitras resigned from that commission because she felt it was not addressing the real problem, the elephant in the room. She said "We've been down this road before... We had people tell us if you want to know who the problems are and how to fix them you go talk to the sex trade workers. They're going to tell you who they are. It's not a mystery. This isn't some person coming out of the blue and randomly taking women off the street. People know who they're threatened by. Lets go talk to them. We weren't doing any of those things."

They are threatened by the drug dealers they owe money to. Often addicts are forced into prostitution like Diane Rock and Janice Shore. Sometimes they lure strippers in by saying you could make more money if you were an escort. The video diary of Margo Compton helps put things in perspective. They mean they could make more money if you become an escort.

As I've previously said, one local author claimed they were making the popular steroid HGH on the farm back then. You made HGH from human cadavers. Now they have a synthetic form from Germany. Robert Pickton didn't kill all those women but he could have harvested their pituitary glands for the HGH. Surrey meth cook Kerry Ryan Renaud was also involved with the farm. So was CSIS. Ryan could have been the one making the HGH. That is organized crime.

Rebel News' blind endorsement of genocide

This isn't a hit piece. This is the expression of a broken heart. I haven't been following Rebel News lately because of their insanely biased one sided coverage of the war in Gaza. It is more than suspicious. No two people agree on every issue yet no good person can condone or misrepresent evil. Blind partisanship is blind. Every person and every party has good and bad. If we refuse to recognize the bad in our party, we become a servant of the dark side.

I remember Rebel News had Chris Sky on once. They gave him an opportunity to tell his side and respond to the claims of him being Antisemitic. Instead of refuting the false claims he lost it and confirmed them. Chris Sky is a Holocaust denier. I am not. Chris Sky started to call Rebel News controlled fake news and opposition. I'm not saying that. Rebel News has done a lot of good things. I'm simply saying their coverage of the conflict in Gaza is very biased.

It kind of confirms something Candace Owens once said about blind obedience to the brutality in Gaza. If you claim anyone who disagrees with killing aid workers and civilians is antisemitic, you actually promote antisemitism. Ben Shapiro is a bully and a dick. There's no way to get around that but I had hoped for better from Erza Levant.

True North is the same. Their coverage of the conflict is also very one sided. Yet that I chalked up to partisanship. Candice Malcolm is a good person but she endorsed Stephen Harper and he was not a good person. Globalism infiltrates both sides. We need to recognize that.

What about that Canadian IDF soldier who was scamming seniors? Is that OK? She wasn't acting alone. It was an intelligence operation with 11 other Israeli nationals who collectively scammed seniors out of 25 million dollars. Scamming out of Jamaica brings in millions while scamming out of Israel brings in billions. They busted the Wolves of Tel Aviv but there are many more they haven't touched. It's big business like organ harvesting.

Was the October 7 Attack on Israel a False Flag?

Hamas is an Israeli Trojan Horse Against the Palestinians

Israel bombs another Gaza camp it had declared safe

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Donald Trump convicted in Kangaroo court

CTV is reporting that "Donald Trump became the first former American president to be convicted of felony crimes Thursday as a New York jury found him guilty of all 34 charges in a scheme to illegally influence the 2016 election through a hush money payment to a porn actor who said the two had sex." Out of court settlements are not illegal. This will be appealed.

"Judge Juan Merchan set sentencing for July 11, just days before the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, where GOP leaders, who remained resolute in their support in the aftermath of the verdict, are expected to formally make him their nominee."

This is deplorable. It is as Tulsi Gabbard said the politicization of the DOJ. Throwing political opponents in jail on bogus charges is something China or Russia does. Oh wait, it's happening right here in the USA. Even the wording of that CTV article is deplorable. This is why Trump has so much support. Because they keep doing dirty sh*t like this.

I received an email from Brandon Straka's email list the other day with a short video of insane lies the media made about Trump including the video of an emergency room in Italy during Covid they falsely claimed was Donald Trump's home town in New York. If anyone can find the video lease send me the link. Google and YouTube has completely buried it.

Hells Angels: Kingdom Come on Vice TV

Someone just posted a link to a new series on the Hells Angels called Kingdom Come running on Vice TV. We've got one more episode of the A&E series then we'll dive in. Netflix had a dramatization of Vito Rizzuto and his involvement with bikers called Bad Blood. I recommended it but didn't have time to watch it. I'm more of a facts guy than a drama guy.

This new series appears to include the Quebec Hells Angels which is the real deal. Vice interviewed me when I first started my blog and was going by Agent K. I was anonymous back then before my real name was plastered all over the front page of the local papers. In fact I even had some contact with the real anonymous because they respected what I was doing. That was 12 years ago. Vice thought it was funny I did the interview over a pay phone.

Veterans for Freedom Conference Red Deer Alberta

Police on Guard are reporting that "Join Canadians for Truth & Veterans for Freedom at their June 15th event and hear Canadian Veterans dive into Canada’s current landscape, offering invaluable insights and actionable strategies. There will be six presentations, an opportunity to network, and the evening ends with Fire & Ice with Theo Fleury."

Saturday, June 15, 2024 - 1pm – 9:30pm - Legacy Place, Red Deer - Doors open at 12 pm

Theme: From Service to Solutions: Insights from Military Veterans

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Anthony Tait: Secrets of the Hells Angels Episode 6

OK so episode 6 of the Secrets of the Hells Angels on A&E aired Sunday night. Normally you can stream it the next day but this episode is locked so I can't watch it. Just as well. It's about another informant. I don't want to hate, I just want to state. That's not my thing.

I recognize the need for under cover police work. I never did that. I encourage people to leave the life and when they do, keep your mouth shut and don't cooperate with the police. That's the safest way for you to leave the life and move on. This episode is called The Head of the Snake and features Tony Tait. George Christie had interactions with Tony when he was undercover and said he's not happy with the way this episode was edited and portrayed.

George described one interaction with Tony when he was trying to get George to confess to criminal activity when he was president of the Ventura chapter and George nailed it. The guy was a red flag from the get go. Bragging about stupid sh*t you're not supposed to talk about trying to get him to confess something he had done. That's a narc. It reminds me of someone else I read about who tried to infiltrate the club because he was a wannabe who covered the life.

One time I was speaking with George Christie and he mentioned when George had a spot on the History Channel, Jay Dobbins was right in their trying to weasel his way in trying to promote himself and I was like f*ck Jay Dobbins. The guy's a wannabe. F*ck him. George did what George does and he was trying to make the peace and soften me up to Jay. I was like nope. Now it's interesting to hear George Christie trash Tony Tait. Now who needs to calm down : )

George put out a DVD called the Last American Outlaw. It was very well done. The Aging Rebel was in it. It's unfortunate the Aging Rebel and the guy that filmed it stepped back from it when George was put out in bad. I think the DVD had a great message. The term outlaw is very different than the term 1%er. Outlaws stand up for freedom and oppose the WEF.

However, this obsession with selling crystal meth is somewhat misguided.

Anthony Tait did successfully bring down a huge meth ring in Oakland. Otis Garret ran the meth outside of prison. That Aryan Nations guy called Sonny and asked him about killing Margo Compton and her daughters. Sonny lied and said he had nothing to do with that and called off the members threatening his wife. But they still put a bomb in his car and tried to prevent him from testifying against Otis for ordering the murders. Sonny was involed with Margo Compton's case.

The meth ring bust Tait was involved with was 10 years after the murder of Margo Compton.

Noel was Sonny's third wife. His marriage to Zorana lasted a lot longer from 2005-2022.

Last episode was called Midwest Meth Madness. In that episode former Minnesota president Patt Matter admitted to being a meth dealer. He rat out his supplier and his vice president to get a reduced sentence. Pee Wee said Pat tried to get him to try meth when he was a prospect but wouldn't. Perhaps that's one of the reasons Pat wouldn't give Pee Wee his patch. Pee Wee ended up going to San Francisco to get his patch before starting up a chapter in Las Vegas.

Sonny Barger played Lenny "The Pimp" Janowitz on the TV series Sons of Anarchy. Pretty abominable given what happened to Margo Compton and her daughters under his watch. Sonny Barger also proudly posed with Greg Domey who is the former president of the Salem Massachusetts Hells Angels and was convicted of selling meth. From California to the Midwest to the East coast the club was selling crystal meth from coast to coast.
George Wethern was the former Vice-President of the Oakland Chapter which Sonny Barger founded. In his book A Wayward Angel Wethern claims: "The Oakland Angels began issuing new charters and assisting chapters set up their own drug operations. The additions were designed to contribute to our image and business concerns, by providing a drug route link, manufacturing a drug, supplying chemicals, or distributing drugs in an untapped area."

As I keep saying, not all Hells Angels sell drugs. Usually it's one member and one associate under the direction of the president. If a local chapter is involved with criminal activity, the local president has approved it and taxes it. According to the A&E episode Sonny Barger's meth cook Kenny Owens learned how to cook meth from a Shell Oil chemist.

I'm kind of left wondering why George is OK with Pat Matter and Jay Dobins but he's not OK with Tony Tait. I realize Tony is not a cop but would that have made it OK? He didn't rat out his brothers to get a reduced sentence like Pat Matters did. He didn't covet the life. He didn't like what he saw them doing and he wanted to put a stop to it. That's almost admirable.

Former US Navy Intelligence officer Al Martin claimed that the CIA used the Hells Angels to help distribute their cocaine during Iran Contra. Al Martin claimed that Oliver North met with Jim Delashmit when he was a president of the Hells Angels. Jim sold drugs for Oliver North.

Michael Riconosciuto claimed the CIA were in the California meth business during Sonny's time.