Monday, November 24, 2014

Surrey Shooting 6900 152nd Street Sunday

CTV is confirming a Scan BC report that there was a shooting in the 6900-block of 152nd Street Sunday afternoon which IHIT are now investigating. There was a shooting between cars in that area last June.

In Maple Ridge, BC Local News is reporting that Two men and a woman were arrested Saturday night after an assault on a third man left him with significant injuries. Police also a searched a house on Dewdney Trunk Road and seized cocaine as well as a vehicle.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Prescription Heroin in Vancouver

Freddy brings news of Vancouver's ultimate downfall. Prime Time Crime cited a Globe and Mail article reporting that "In a North American first, heroin addicts in Vancouver will soon receive prescription heroin outside of a clinical trial. Doctors at the Providence Crosstown Clinic received shipment of the drug this week for 26 former trial participants and will begin administering the drugs next week. In all, 120 severely addicted people have received authorization from Health Canada to receive the drugs; the rest are expected to get them soon."

This is an example of everything that's wrong with Vancouver. You can't get a MRI but you can get free heroin. This is a misappropriation of tax dollars and the prefect example of the corrupt courts in BC. The courts enforce the law they aren't supposed to break it. Judges are the problem. We need a judicial review. We need laws in place to fire bad judges. Smoking crack or shooting heroin at tax payers expense is not a charter right. This will bankrupt our sacred medical system faster than you can say God help us. This needs to stop.

So how does this relate to the invasion of Afghanistan? Do the math.

Last year when the Harper government found out they were spending tax dollars on heroin for addicts in East Vancouver they rightfully pulled the pug on that insane program. It was just supposed to be for a "temporary clinical trial." So the addicts on the program sue the Harper government and the court grant them an interim injunction until the trial is heard. The court said the Harper government has to keep supplying the addicts heroin until the case goes to trial. That was absurd. The courts do not have the authority to break the law. They totally overstepped their jurisdiction. There is no authority to have a trial in the first place. Granting an interim order saying the government has to break the law until the case is heard is absolutely insane.

So now the temporary trial is over and they just decide to keep giving them free heroin even though the clinical trial is over and expand it to more addicts Insite has created. The court did not authorize them to do that. They are overstepping the parameters of their experiment. The Harper government has every right and a duty to stop this lawless insanity in it's tracks. The courts have no jurisdiction here.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

More Fast and Furious Documents Released

Judicial Watch is reporting that "On November 18, 2014, Judicial Watch obtained a massive production of documents in response to a June 2012 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and our subsequent FOIA lawsuit. All told, over 10,000 documents, which include about 42,000 pages, were disclosed to Judicial Watch. They are now available at this link."

Although I am inherently cynical and skeptical of which documents the Obama Administration will release and which ones it will continue to hold back, there is some relevant information in these new documents worth discussing.

Judical Watch reports that: "Perhaps one of the most chilling exchanges JW uncovered in this latest batch of documents is a highly explosive email from a top DOJ official to a White House official. It reveals the lengths to which the administration went in order to target and silence then-CBS investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson."

"On October 4, 2011, Holder's top press aide, Tracy Schmaler, tells White House Deputy Press Sectary Eric Schultz, 'I'm also calling Sharryl's [sic] editor and reaching out to Scheiffer. She's out of control' Schultz responded, "Good. Her piece was really bad for the AG.' Schultz also detailed to Schmaler that he was working with a journalist (Susan Davis, formerly of the National Journal and the Wall Street Journal now the chief congressional reporter for USA Today) to target Rep. Darryl Issa (R-CA), the House Republican leading the charge on Fast and Furious: 'And I sent NJ's Susan Davis your way. She's writing on Issa/FandF and I said you could load her up on the leaks, etc.'"

As we approach December which is what I refer to as the Gary Webb appreciation month and the 10th anniversary of his murder, it is important to note the source of the same opposition and propaganda he faced exposing the Dark Alliance to what Sharyl Attkisson and any other main stream reporter trying to report on Fast and Furious faces today. The Agency and the Administration launches an attack on free speech by attacking reporters that reported on Fast and Furious while at the same time worked with other reporters in the media to run interference and post propaganda spinning the truth doing damage control to prevent the public from understanding what was really going on. It's exactly the same thing that happened to Dan Rather.

This is why the public is cynical of the "main stream media." Not only because they are bought up in corporate mergers and cave into corporate advertizing, but because the Agency is directly involved in controlling reporters they have in place and silencing opposition. It's the same thing a Communist or Fascist government does it's just that in our case the CIA uses propaganda to pretend it doesn't. The Freedom of the Press is a sacred right protected by the Constitution. This is in effect another complete assault on the Constitution the President swore an oath to defend.

Another aspect of the Gary Webb story is the actual message. I'm still trying to find a copy of Freeway Ricky' new documentary Crack in the System that supports the new movie Kill the Messenger but Alex Jones reported on an important part of the Freeway Ricky story.

I don't care if people love or hate Alex Jones. In this article he makes an important true statement. He said that when the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, they had brought opium production to a grinding halt. After the allied invasion of Afghanistan, Afghanistan once again became the largest producers of opium in the world. That is a true fact we have to deal with.

Alex Jones also reported that the US military in Afghanistan were protecting the opium crops openly. When that news broke the military lied and said if we don't do it the Taliban will despite the fact that the Taliban had brought opium production to a grinding halt and were growing wheat instead. He also points out the CIA were the ones that set up the Golden Triangle in the Vietnam war which was confirmed by US war hero Bo Gritz and CIA insider Terry Reed. The CIA's drug trafficking and money laundering from the Vietnam war is what crashed the Nugan Hand bank in Australia. These are facts that we have to deal with.

The media points out that an AK-47 from Fast and Furious was used in another gang hit. Yet not a word is mentioned about the drug trafficking aspect of Fast and Furious. Tons of cocaine is a significant amount. When I did that interview with the US conspiracy radio show the Plane truth, the interviewer asked me how many government officials were fired after it became known that CSIS provided the explosives for the Air India bombing? Not one I said.

His point was that in the US, when a scandal breaks out someone always takes the fall and resigns. Case in point Eric Holden. He's taken the fall for Obama for Fast and Furious. Now Tracy Schmaler has resigned from the Department of Justice taking the fall for the media manipulation in defiance of the US Constitutional provision protecting the Freedom of the Press. So what are they going to do with her? Make her a Fox News host along with war criminal Oliver North? Susan Davis, the CIA asset they used to launch the false news reports is still the chief congressional reporter for USA Today so nothing has really changed. Eric Schultz, the White House Deputy Press Sectary who launched the attack on the Constitution is still in office. At least in the US they pretend to do something about it. In Canada we don't even bother to do that. CSIS has not been charged with murder in the Air India bombing and sadly, no one really cares.

A look at the heavily edited documents reveals the dramatic nature of the scam. This is not complying with the court order. Some of the documents are so edited there is nothing in them. Despite that, this disclosure as well as the previous one has nothing to do with the documents the court has ordered Obama to produce. All of these documents are e-mail sent after the sh*t hit the fan and show a glimpse of the Administration's attempt to do damage control and cover it up.

Where are the documents that explain the CIA's role in setting the whole thing up? We know from Whistle blower John Dodson's first hand account, Washington was keenly interested in Fast and Furious from day one. Obama will never release the real documents that show the CIA's role in setting the arms dealing drug trafficking plan into operation. Doing so would put him in jail and he'd end up like JFK. Obama's not the big bad wolf here. The CIA is.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Surrey Six Conviction Upheld

The Vancouver Province is reporting that the first convictions in the Surrey Six murder has been upheld after Catherine Wedge dismissed the accused's application to have their conviction over turned due to police misconduct.

This is good news. There is no way a cop sleeping with a witness whose testimony was not relevant to their conviction would over turn it. Yes the cop screwed up and yes the climate of unprofessionalism within the RCMP where cops get drunk with and flirt with witnesses on a regular basis needs to be addressed. That does not mean murderers should get away with murder. Especially when innocent bystanders were executed.

This whole insanity about being mistreated in prison is a farce. Solitary confinement to preserve the integrity of a trial is not mistreatment. Water boarding and torture is mistreatment. These clowns don't have a clue.

Hells Angels Pot ring busted in Quebec

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that Quebec police busted a pot ring in the Laurentians which police claim was tied to the Hells Angels. At least they're not afraid to tell it like it is in Quebec. Obviously pot's not the problem crack is. However, when we look at the three recent huge cross border drug rings tied to the Hells Angels we see that as soon as one ring gets busted another one starts up because the Hells Angels control all those grow ops in Canada. If they stopped trading it for cocaine in the States, our violent crime would be much less. Which just goes to show you it's all about the money. More money is made by selling crack so it's all about greed.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Translink Referendum

The Vancouver Metro reported that Gregor Robertson claims there's no black up plan if the Transit vote fails. Just hold the f*cking door for one minute. Before we expand Skytain we need to fix it and I don't just mean fixing it every time it breaks down and creates havoc. I mean fix it by getting it to break even let alone make a profit. Translink already burns a billion dollars a year of extra taxes from a regional gas tax and the Mayors Glutton council still wants more more more.

Today the Vancouver Province ran an article stating that Translink plans on spending an additional $71 million to help fix the broken system that keeps breaking down. That's above and beyond the billion dollar a year gas tax. No private company would ever be allowed to operate that irresponsibly. Stop expanding it until you fix it.

Robertson's obsessed with a new Broadway line. Does that mean Surrey and North Vancouver will have to pay more taxes to pay for it? The other districts didn't really like Dianne Watts idea of tolling every bridge under the Sun. Especially when Lions Gate Bridge was tolled until it paid for itself. Tolling a bridge that has been paid for is illegal and bad business.

Who's going to get the contract for the Broadway line? SNCL?! Gwyn Morgan got the contract for the Evergreen line awarded to SNCL when he was acting CEO after they were charged with massive fraud in Quebec. If that is not a criminal act, I don't know what is. The World Bank has banned SNCL from World Bank projects for the next 10 years so we give them billions of tax dollars for a mismanaged Translink project and they still want more money to line their pockets.

Interesting to note that an editorial in today's Vancouver Province claims that in the recent Vancouver civic election, Vision Vancouver received twice as many council seats as the NPA did despite the fact that Vision council candidates won 32 per cent of the vote while NPA council candidates won 33 per cent. That means the referendum to stop the Translink insanity just might have a chance like the HST referendum. The sky did not fall when we rescinded the HST. The sky will not fall if we direct Translink to get it's financial house in order and stop burning a billion dollars a year in extra taxes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Vancouver Hammer Attack

The Vancouver Province is reporting that a 27 year old man has been arrested after two random hammer attacks in Vancouver. One was by the Main Street Sky Train station near Science World and the other was at of course Main and Hastings.

"Vancouver police say a 67-year-old Vancouver man was walking on the seawall in the area of Quebec Street at Terminal Avenue around 10:30 p.m. Sunday when an unknown man approached him from behind and hit him in the head with a hammer, which knocked him to the ground."

"Police say the victim was struck again in the head and on the arm before a passerby came to his aid. The victim was taken to hospital for the treatment of a broken arm and cuts to the head. He has since been released from hospital. Then, half an hour later, a second man was attacked at Main and East Hastings Street. In that incident, a 49-year-old Vancouver man was also hit in the head with a hammer, knocked to the ground and rendered unconscious."

"Police believe the suspect and the victims were not known to each other before the attacks, and that the suspect’s mental illness and long-term substance abuse played a role in the assaults." At least the suspect got a free needle and crack pipe from the city before he went on the rampage. Arrest the crack dealers and you will prevent a huge amount of violent crime.

A hammer attack is reminiscent of Janice Shore's brutal murder. Her jaw and temple were caved in from focused blunt forced trauma. Sean Wolfe and Tiny Mac threatened a kid with a gun then beat him with a hammer. Greg Domey, the former Salem and East coast president of the Hells Angels is in jail for selling crack and crystal meth as well as for using extreme violence to gain control of that illicit drug trade. He posed with a ball peen hammer because that is a common tool used by drug dealing OMGs. Yurkoski's Hells Angels support shirt had two hammers on it.

Norm Cocks and Rob Thomas from the Kelowna Hells Angels along with several associates used baseball bats and hammers to beat Dain Philips to death. All because Dain chased Norm for punching his son in the head. So Norm got Rob Thomas and a posse to beat him to death because he was afraid to face him man to man.

Monday, November 17, 2014

TBM Fresh Start expands into Canada

I’ve talked about this group in Denmark for former gang members called TBM Fresh Start. They’re former Hells Angels, Bandidos, Outlaws, Mongols and now even former Rock Machine members. They’re also big in Norway and Sweden and now have Canadian members. So if you’d like to join there’s no fee, just e-mail the head office: They have guys that can speak English.

There’s also a facebook group set up for the Canadian chapter now. It would probably be wise to make a fake facebook account if you want to join that group. Yes I have joined them but I’m not the only one in Canada who has. If you join you don’t get a membership list so trolls can’t find the location or identity of former gang members who have joined them. So if you join I don’t hear about it unless you’re on the facebook group. They’ve made me an administrator for the group but the whole thing is run out of Denmark. I think it’s better that way. People here trust former gang members from there more than they trust former gang members from here. We know the spokesperson for Denmark, Norway and Sweden and all legit.

I know I’ve made a lot of enemies in the Canadian OMG world but I have also made peace with a lot of guys who have left the life. I do believe everyone deserves a chance to leave the life and have a fresh start on life. If people leave the life I have no hard feelings. I’m not sure it goes both ways since I’ve pissed off so many people but it is what it is. My position is clear. I have beef with crack dealers that give crack to the homeless for free then beat the life out of them for payment and all the yuppie losers driving around in SUV’s profiting from that kind of exploitation.

I do think there are a lot of people here who have left the life because they have seen the L&R is a lie. These TBM guys still use that term only they mean it. There is a real brotherhood among these guys that the others claim they have but don’t.

After this last ridiculous election I’m thinking this whole blog is a complete waste of time. Part of me just wants to say f*ck it, head up to the mountains and watch abomination desolation sweep the face of the earth. Then I keep seeing Janice Shore’s faced and think about all the innocent people getting exploited by these bullies and I say one more round.

Crime Fest at Vancity Theatre‏

The Vancity Theatre on Seymour Street in Vancouver is launching a week-long series of crime themed movies this Friday. 5:30pm on Friday they've invited the Vancouver Police department to bring police gear for attendees to try on and take pictures with, as well as give out coupons to the police museum before they play the film: Bad Turn Worse.

Saturday 12:30pm – Director Samantha Fuller will give an intro and post-screening Q&A about her latest film A Fuller Life documenting her father Sam Fuller a former crime reporter called A Fuller Life. Saturday 6:30pm they have a panel discussion about Youth Offenders following the documentary – Evolution of a Criminal.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nanaimo, Edmonton and Regina drug busts

The Leader Post is reporting that "a massive bust targeting allegedly upper-level drug dealers in two organized crime groups in Regina has led to 12 arrests, 61 charges." 43.8 kilograms of marijuana and 1.7 kilos of cocaine were seized. "The investigation was aimed at two groups suspected of working several rungs above the street-level drug dealers and involved in moving drugs into the city." The police said the organized crime allegations don’t relate to an “identifiable group,” such as a street gang or outlaw motorcycle gang. Oh really?

One source claims Jonathan Joseph Yurkoski, the leader of this drug ring, is high up in the Heretics which is a Hells Angels puppet club in Saskatchewan. In the top picture you see him in his vest. On his right chest are two small patches that say HFFV (Heretics Forever Forever Heretics) and below it Regina. On his right sleeve it says Support Red and White which means the Hells Angels. You'll notice the subliminal advertizing around his neck. He's wearing a gaudy gold chain with a gun in the shape of an L. At least he's wearing it around his neck instead of the finger and thumb on the forehead but it pretty much means the same thing.

In this next picture of Yurkoski which was posted on his public facebook profile he is wearing a Hells Angels support shirt while holding a club in his hand that says Heretics MC. So why are the police so afraid to name the two criminal organizations in this case?

I guess they're trying the same thing they did in Kelowna when they successfully enforced criminal organization convictions for the first time in BC. The Hells Angels connection was difficult to prove but the fact that the drug ring was organized was obvious. In that case they were successful in attaining a criminal organization conviction for the first time without actually naming the organization. However, this case supports my premise that the Hells Angels are a criminal organization and their primary business in Canada is drug trafficking. It should also go towards helping the Saskatchewan case for defining the Hells Angels as a criminal organization there.

In 2010 Trevor Dietz and Chris Stettner were convicted in a BC Saskatchewan drug ring. Truong Nhat LE, who was charged with Yurkoski in this recent bust was charged back in 2005 for the same thing and plead guilty in 2007.

The Edmonton Journal reported that police arrested two men they say are members of an organized crime gang that are prominently involved in Edmonton’s cocaine trade. 1 kilo of cocaine and 8 kilograms of a cutting agent were seized. If the cutting agent was Levamisole, that stuff gives you flesh eating disease. Corey Huff, 26, and Jordan Murray, 24, face eight drug-related charges. Global is reporting that they have been connected to gang-related violence in the past and that the crime group also has ties to British Columbia. Go figure.

BC Local News is reporting that a police search of a Nanaimo home connected to an alleged attempted abduction turned up a large quantity of heroin, crystal methamphetamine, crack cocaine and powdered cocaine. Castanet is reporting that a 25-year-old woman and a 31-year-old man arrested in connection with the attempted abduction also face charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking. Previous drug busts in Nanaimo were tied to the Independent Soldiers who work for the Hells Angels.