Monday, September 1, 2014

Hells Angels kicked out of Lethbridge

The Lethbridge Herald is reporting that the Alberta Gang Task Force (ALRT) notified hotels and a catering company that the Hells Angels had booked their services under an alias for a weekend gathering that it was in fact for the Hells Angels. The hotels and local businesses were not aware it was for the Hells Angels and cancelled their booking.

Law-enforcement officials also called local bars to alert them of the possible presence of Hells Angels members in their establishments, and told them under legislation in the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Act, police could eject the gang members from their businesses. In fact, Tucker added patrons who are even wearing Hells Angels gear, or items related to another gang, can be ejected from bars by police.

This was a huge success and an example of how effective policing can be proactive at stopping problems before they happen. An once of prevention is indeed worth a pound of cure. This is exactly what Bob Deasy talked about in his book Being Uncle Charlie explaining how the Biker Enforcement Unit in Ontario was so effective at confronting the plague we face here in BC. This is the exact same department that Christy Clark and the BC Liberals has just cut funding for in BC.

The Calgary Sun ran an article with a picture of Calgary Hells Angel Kyle Kirkland aka Moose complaining about the whole thing. You will notice he's wearing a Mission city support shirt.

Mission city chapter is here in the Lower mainland. A full patch member and an associate from the Mission chapter as well as a member and associate from the Haney chapter were arrested in Spain after 500 kilos of cocaine were seized. In Spain the Hells Angles have been charged with human trafficking and convicted of murder.

The Calgary Sun article even quotes "Randal" who claims the police are overstepping their bounds. I beg to differ. In fact, my next post will be an exhibit listing some of the criminal cases that involve the Hells Angels in Canada supporting their BC application to seize their clubhouses under criminal organization legislation. Randy's pals in the Calgary chapter were found in possession of stolen cars from the Kelowna Hells Angels stolen car, boat and bike ring. The Calgary Hells Angels and associate Zenon Stepkowski were also involved with the Vernon Greeks.

Lester Jones was convicted of drug trafficking tied to three chapters of the Hells Angels. He was the former vice president of the Kelowna chapter drug trafficking in Winnipeg. The police agent bought two kilos of cocaine off Lester in Calgary and left $72,000 in cash for the drugs at the Calgary clubhouse.

In 2001 the Calgary police seized 11 kilograms of cocaine along with several firearms including a machine gun from the Calgary Hells Angels clubhouse. That's grounds to seize the clubhouse right there. Need we mention Kenny's ties to investment fraud and extortion? Nobody likes a liar.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Howe Sound Crest Trail

Yesterday I took Howe Sound crest trail from the parking lot on Cypress to St Mark's summit and both peaks on Unecessary mountain. The first picture is the view from St Mark's summit.

I was hoping to make it to the Lions as I've never done them from this route before. I've done them from Lions bay which they say is shorter but steeper. The beginning of the trail is well groomed and the first two switchbacks up St Mark's summit look just like the trail up Baker called the Heliotrope trail. However after the first two switchbacks the trail gets fairly rugged pretty fast. Lots of rocks and roots. They are working on improving the trail with bobcats but that's a big job so it is.

Just as I hit Unecessary mountain the fog started to roll in covering the lions. In this picture you can just barely see the tip of the west lion with the east lion being completely hidden by fog.

The wind was coming from the ocean so I thought luck was on my side and it would blow the fog away. In reality, withing two minutes the wind brought fog from the ocean and the entire panorama was zero visibility. This is a direct view of the Lions from the north peak of Unecessary mountain:

Not much to see but when the clouds aren't there it's spectacular. Turning to the left this is the view of Lions bay. Again when the clouds aren't the view is spectacular.

I finally found the trail down from Unecessary mountain to the back of the lions. It's a short steep descent but with the lions in sight you're almost there. If you see a rope anchored to the rocks you're on the right trail. Kinda like how they have a chain riveted to the rocks to help climb on Goat mountain and the back of the Chief.

I was somewhat disappointed to make it so close to the lions and have to turn back defeated. The lions are without question the crown jewel of Vancouver. As I was descending there were several groups that were determined to pass the Lions in their journey despite the fog. One group of backpackers were heading to Deeks lake while two groups of runners were going all the way to Porteau cove. That is a long way.

For me the Lions is the primary quest. If you go too early in the summer there's still lots of snow to cross. If you go mid summer in the heat, you'll need more water and since there is no fresh water en route you have to carry it which significantly adds to the load. Now is the best time of year to do them. Not too hot and the trail is bare of snow finally. Yet like always on the coastal mountains the visibility is hit and miss.

This is an old youtube video I made of the Bruce Cockburn song Wondering Where The Lions Are. It has pictures around Vancouver including a close up of the lions when I hiked them from Lions bay. Yesterday as I stood at their foot looking straight at them hidden in dense fog that song Wondering Where The Lions Are came to mind. Of course it's also metaphorical. Wondering where the lions are can also mean the lions of Judah willing to stand against crime and corruption in defense of civil liberty. But then again people say I'm too metaphorical. This is a picture of the Lions from Hollyburn ridge on Cypress. They are the crown jewel of Vancouver.

Friday, August 29, 2014

She was Not just a junkie

There are a few stories to catch up on and although I will mention them briefly I really want to focus on where this has all taken us. 37.5 kg of cocaine were seized at Toronto airport. 3.3 tons of cocaine bound for Belgium and Spain were seized just outside of Peru. We still haven't heard what happened to our local Hells Angels arrested in that 500 kilos of cocaine seized in Spain.

I am told that Sam Habib was convicted of 23/25 counts related to his OxyContin / ocycodone scheme of 2009/10 in Calgary. Sentencing in November. Mike's trial was put over until June 2015. Calgary Court of Queens Bench. Justice Sandy Park.

The Globe and Mail reported that the Canadian Medical Association said smoking anything is bad for you including pot. Kinda like I said. The weird thing is they had to vote on it. Since when did scientific evidence become popular opinion? If enough people voted to say smoking cigarettes was good for you would they have said so? The Vancouver Province also ran an article saying smoking pot while driving is a bad idea. No kidding. Yet my real concern is Eric Clapton's version of Cocaine. When you want to get down, down on the ground, cocaine.

Although I do think way too many people smoke way too much pot, I recognize that meth and crack are much worse. Selling drugs in clubs to people who can afford it really isn't any of my business. These predatory drug dealers that push crack on the homeless and live off the avails by giving prostitutes crack then collecting all their money to pay for it is predatory exploitation.

Which brings us back to the Prince George serial killer case. Personally I think the guy is indeed a pathological liar. There is no possible way the 15 year old legally blind girl he killed was killed for a drug debt. His claim that she committed suicide while he was on a date with her is absurd. Under cross examination the crown implied he made up the story about other people being involved so he wouldn't be labeled a sex offender in prison but it's too late for that. He is a sex offender. He admitted to having sex with the sex trade workers before he killed them and he had sex with the 15 year old girl before he killed her too so he definitely is a sex offender.

Even if his story about killing the sex trade workers for a drug debt was true, it doesn't change the fact that he murdered them. That is what the evidence clearly declares. The fundamental problem in this case is that this guy has absolutely no remorse whatsoever. That is sad.

It reminds me of the Britney Irving case. Britney was most certainly not a sex trade worker. She sold pot to support her oyx habit. After Joey Verma killed her and was trying to get another man to take the fall for him, he said "I had to do it. She was just a junkie anyways." Britney was not a junkie. In the trial Britney's brother testified how he was concerned about the plan to go shoot guns in the bush during a drug deal while the buyers picked up the product stashed in their car. He said that sounded kinda strange since during a drug deal you're trying to be inconspicuous and not get caught. Britney reassured him that they could trust Joey and that everything would be OK.

She was sadly mistaken. She genuinely cared about Joey and he used her and literally shot her in the back. The expression on her face they showed in court when her dead body was found still haunts me. I'm not sure which was worse. The pain of being shot in the back with a shotgun slug or being betrayed by the person she trusted and cared about. The pain on her face was real.

The tragic part was her excitement about her decision to go into rehab to get off the oxy once and for all right before she was killed. Just like how Natasha Montgomery was ready to leave Prince George and return home to be with her family right before she was killed. Someone didn't want them to get clean. It's the if I can't have you no one can tragedy.

It's like the Dianne Rock and Vince McMurchy case. The court was told Vince sold crack and got her addicted to it. After she was addicted, then she became a sex trade worker to pay for the drug. When her beauty started to fade and she was no longer able to pay her debts she was killed just like Janice Shore and Ashley Machiskinic. The point is, these women became sex trade workers out of necessity after they became addicted to crack. They weren't sex trade workers or drug addicts before they met their dirty dealer. As I said before the drug dealers are the pimps outside the Front Room in Surrey and in the DTES. They are the predators we must confront.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

BC Teachers: Get back to work!

There is nothing more disgusting and infuriating that seeing BC Teachers on strike again holding signs that say think of the kids. Going on strike does not help the kids. Teacher's raises do not help the kids. If the government locks them out that is one thing but going on strike is another. You don't have to ratify a contract. There is no reason you can't vote down the contract, keep working and let the courts hash out the details of the contract. The Union can sign a memorandum with the employer agreeing that the old contract remains in effect until the new contract is ratified. Everybody knows the BC Liberals are corrupt. Everybody knows the BCTF is corrupt too. Now we know the teachers are selfish and greedy and don't give a rat's ass about the kids.

Never before have I had such an uncontrollable urge to yell out get back to work when I see a picket line. Never. I support free collective bargaining and the right to strike. However, education is an essential service. You only graduate once. You're only in grade eight once. You once play sports in that year once. Nothing replaces those lost memories. Nothing. Now when I see a teacher with a picket sign that says think of the kids I just want to scream out Shame! That's my position on the matter. Let the parents volunteer for the extra curricular activities and God help any selfish bastard that calls them a scab.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Prince George Serial killer claims he had accomplices

The Vancouver Province is reporting that "a young man accused of murdering three women and a teenage girl in northern British Columbia admits he was involved in two of the killings, but he told his trial Tuesday that he didn't act alone." Cody Legebokoff said three other people were also involved. He refused to provide their names, instead referring to them only as X, Y and Z.

Legebokoff described X as a drug dealer who introduced him to cocaine. He said he met X at a party and soon became a regular customer. He said X came in soon after and told them Stuchenko was going to be killed because she owed a lot of money. A prostitute murdered for a drug debt in Prince George. Imagine that. And who runs the drug trade in Prince George?

The Life and death of Jill Stuchenko

Update: Evidently one of the four women Cody has been accused of murdering is a 15 year old partially blind girl he met online. It is not believable that she too was killed for a drug debt. He was caught after dumping her body. Evidently this case has been going on for a long time and 93 witnesses were called. I'm going to have to go through some of their testimony as well.

One woman who claimed to have had a relationship with Cody testified that she knew one of the victims. She claimed that she and the victim were both prostitutes that did a lot of crack cocaine and crystal meth. Montgomery’s boyfriend, Brian Godwin, confirmed that she developed a serious drug problem around crack cocaine and the relationship broke up. Right before she died she was trying to leave Prince George and come home to her children.

Natasha Cynthia Maas' blood was found on a pickaxe in Legebokoff's Prince George apartment. Montgomery's blood was on an axe found leaning against a wall in a coat and boot closet near the apartment's entrance and was seen upon opening the closet door. Montgomery's blood was also found in Cody's apartment. There's lots of dna evidence. The three adult victims worked in the sex trade to pay for drugs. The fourth 15 year old victim did not.

These are however, some links to relevant information about sex trade workers that have been murdered for drug debts that Cody did not make up:

Prince George Torture Chambers (That was obviously an internal conflict because the Renegades, the Crew and the Independent Soldiers all work for the Hells Angels)

Diane Rock and Vince McMurchy

Larry Mizen and Janice Shore

Ashley Machiskinic

Anthony Terezakis and the American Hotel

Anthony Terezakis and Piggy's Palace

Mining company sues the Federal government

This is exactly what I'm talking about. This is exactly why these bizarre trade agreements have nothing to do with free trade and everything to do with removing our democratic system. The Vancouver Province is reporting that Taseko Mines is taking the Federal Government to court because it rejected it's application to create an open pit gold mine beside a lake over environmental concerns. WTF?

In Costa Ricca a Canadian mining company sued the the Costa Rican government over the canceled Las Crucitas gold mining concession. The concession was revoked in 2010 following environmental concerns and doubts about the concession’s legality. The corrupt company claimed that Costa Rica violated the Costa Rica-Canada Bilateral Investment Treaty when an Administrative Appeals Court revoked its mining concession in San Carlos, Alajuela, in 2010 and sued for a billion dollars in damages. The Costa Rican government was forced to let them continue their hazardous practices. These trade agreements remove our democratic sovereignty.

This time they aren't even going in front of one of these ridiculous closed door tribunals. They're going in front of the Supreme Court of Canada. Where and the hell is the jurisdiction to hear this application? The public elect a government, the government says no over environmental concerns and that's it. There is nothing more to discuss. The people had a protest and the government actually listened for once. Now a corrupt corporation wants to overturn the democratic will of the people. That is the problem right there. The court has absolutely no jurisdiction on this matter.

Innocent bystander shot dead in Calgary

The Globe and Mail is reporting that "a Toronto woman gunned down in Calgary early Saturday was an innocent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time, police say. Natasha Mohamed Farah, 26, was killed in a shooting near 11th Ave. and 1st St. Southwest at about 3 a.m. Ms. Farah, who had just recently moved to Calgary, was pronounced dead at the scene."

CBC reported that "three people are in custody after being arrested at a hotel in the city's northwest, police said on Monday." The Calgary Sun is reporting that "she was killed only because she happened to be chatting with friends on the sidewalk, directly in the path of one badly-aimed bullet."

The Calgary Sun is reporting that "the man wanted in connection with a shooting in the Calgary community of Tuscany has been arrested in Ontario. Ulises Boris Quinteros, 51, was taken into custody early Monday morning in the lake city of Kenora, located 200 km east of Winnipeg. Quinteros is now charged with attempted murder, pointing a firearm and discharge of firearm with intent to wound, maim or disfigure. He is also charged with choking with intent and break and enter with the intent to harass." That shooting appears to be a second one that happened on sunday after a car crash where the victim survived.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ucluelet Mining Disaster from Goat Mountain

Lots of stories to catch up but I had such a lousy week at work I really needed to take a break and hit the mountains. Yesterday I hiked up Goat mountain on Grouse. The first picture is of Goat mountain from Goat Ridge. The second picture is of Crown mountain from the top of Goat mountain. There was a para sailor hovering over Crown mountain. They kept catching up drafts and were soaring above it for a long time. To get to Goat mountain take the Alpine trail, pass by little goat and don't take the long trail down and up to Crown. That's a very long trip.

Two local news stories are of a concern. The Vancouver Province reported that some of the Vancouver beaches have been reopened for swimming. They were closed due to high fecal counts and high e coli counts in the water. Some beaches remain closed.

High fecal counts in the water is from sewage being pumped into the ocean. It's also from boats that dump their heads too close to shore or too far up the inlet. The claim that the spike in fecal counts is from the rain washing animal feces into the rivers is very unlikely. That would apply to the watershed not the ocean and the watershed is fine.

The spike in fecal counts in the water at the beaches is a real concern. The other concern is the unreported counts A sewage treatment plant which removes indicator bacteria may not remove viruses which means the water will test safe but not be safe in reality. It all boils down to pollution.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "a popular marina and boat launch on Vancouver Island will reopen next week - temporarily - after being closed more than a year ago because of toxic contamination. However the beach and campground at Toquaht Bay, near Ucluelet, will remain closed after tests showed arsenic, cobalt and selenium above acceptable levels." That's right, arsenic. Guess where it was from? An old mine near by. More pollution affecting our health and well being. The marina is open but the beach is still closed with contaminated shellfish.

The contamination wasn't new, it was just recently discovered. The old steel mine closed in 1968, but recent studies have looked at reopening it. They just found the contamination when a First Nations group applied for a building permit. Ucluelet is just down from Tofino in the famous Clayquot Sound. This boat launch is for the Broken Islands kayak trip where you can kayak with whales. A pristine area polluted by another mining disaster gone unnoticed. Imperial Metals wants to blow the top off Catface mountain in Clayquot sound and turn it into an open pit mine destroying Clayquot sound for everyone else. That is not sustainable or progressive thinking.

Taking care of the environment is good business. Destroying the environment is not. When you cut a tree down, plant a new one in it's place. When you have a mine or oil well, treat the water before you release it and don't stockpile polluted water. That's an accident looking for a time to happen. Dump your sewage further out in the ocean or the tide will bring it right back in the inlet and contaminate our beaches. It's really that simple.

Speaking of environmental disasters, after touring the Douglas Channel Thomas Mulcair says oil tankers navigating the narrow passage to Kitimat is "pure madness". He's absolutely right it is insane. That is an accident waiting for a time to happen. Sustainable business does not mean doing stupid things. Mulcair supports the idea of an eastern pipeline instead. This is a picture of Douglas Channel compared to the edited version in Enbridge's false promotional video. If that video was in court they would be charged with perjury. Lying to the media on the other hand is seen as good business when it's not. One industry destroying several other industries is bad business.

On a matter of civil liberty, the Vancouver Province is reporting that "the National Energy Board has sided with Kinder Morgan in a dispute with the City of Burnaby over access to Burnaby Mountain. The company can proceed with necessary studies of its preferred pipeline route through the mountain without the city's consent." Removing the public's say is never a good thing. These are dangerous steps away from a democratic system. Once liberty is lost, there will be a heavy price to pay to get it back.

However, building a second pipeline beside an existing pipeline makes more sense as Kinder Morgan is better than Enbridge but the real concern is piping toxic bituman before it's refined. Natural gas is good, bituman and coal are bad. Nevertheless, the Burrard Inlet is a lot safer than the Douglas channel.

Compared to natural gas, this coal expansion is a colossal step backward for investors. Last night the National on CBC ran an interesting documentary about the level of pollution in China. We already knew that the level of pollution form all the coal burning industries in China is huge. It pollutes air, water and rapidly increases CO2 levels speeding up global warming. Surrey contributing to that is like shooting ourselves in the foot. It's bad business.

Coal served it's purpose during the Industrial Revolution but times have changed. We can see our environmental blueprint now. The earth is a finite place and we need to think sustainable. I was in Ireland just before 1990. I wrote home and told my father that in the south everyone still has open coal fires to heat their homes. In the north, they have enclosed fireplaces that heat radiators that heat their houses. Both burn coal. Cork had a daily smog cloud of pollution from coal.

To my astonishment my father said that is what it was like in West Vancouver when your mother and I were married. I said you're kidding? That recently? Now everyone heats their homes with natural gas furnaces and it is much cleaner burning. This is the technology we should be bringing to China. Not fostering their prison sentence to the dark ages.

Well it gets worse. The National reported that close to 20% of China's farmland is polluted but they can't afford to stop farming it. Farming is another industry that doesn't just create business revenue, it feeds the planet. Now they have cadmium rice that has become a real problem. They are also finding lead and arsenic in the rice and it is also affecting US farms as well that Canadians eat. Clearly we need to get with the times and start thinking about cleaner sustainable business and we need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot with insanity. We should be exporting natural gas and arsenic free wheat out of the Surrey docks not coal. That is progressive.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chuck Zito places foot in mouth

TMZ is all over this. Chuck Zito, the former president of the New York Hells Angels gone actor said he would beat the crap out of his girlfriend if he ever caught her cheating. Oh really? Adultery is a pretty serious offense but beating the crap out of a woman? Really? After the sh*t hit the fan he came out with an apology and said in actuality he would go nuclear on any guy who attacks a woman. Oh really? So which is it? claims his apology was insincere and misguided.

In the youtube video Chuck was asked his opinion and the Hells Angels opinion of a mma fighter named war machine who beat up his girlfriend. He said it's got nothing to do with him or the Hells Angels. If my girl was banging somebody I'd be doing the same thing. His apology on youtrube does seem rather misguided. He just reaffirms what he previously said.

According to a police report MMA star War Machine 'threatened to rape ex-girlfriend as he brutally beat her and she only escaped because he went looking for a knife to kill her'. Somewhat ironic Chuck Ziito shows his and the Hells Angels true colours when it comes to domestic violence right after Kerri Krysko writes a book about her abusive marriage to a full patch Hells Angel.

What I'd like to know is since Zito was so casual and matter af fact about how he wouldn't hesitate to beat the crap out of his girlfriend if she ever cheated on him, what other offense would be worthy of a woman being beating by him and or the Hells Angels? What was the real offense that caused the Hells Angles to stab Cynthia Garcia 27 times and dump her body in the desert? Was she really being disrespectful to them or did she just say no to the train?

Speaking about trains, who did gang rape Dianne Rock on the Pickton farm anyways? Is it true the Hells Angles did security for Piggy's Palace? That's what Stevie Cameron said in her book On the Farm after the publication ban was finally lifted. She had access to all the court documents.

What other offenses could Chuck Zito's girlfriend commit that would cause him to beat the crap out of her other than cheating? Just for the record Christy Mack, War Machine's EX girlfriend didn't cheat on him. They broke up in May and he was stalking her. He showed up at her house at 2 AM Friday and assaulted her. Is Chuck Zito's girlfriend allowed to have another relationship after they break up or would that mean he'd pull a War Machine on her? Please advise.

The Hells Angels brand is sure becoming synonymous with domestic abuse. In fact, in Chuck Zito's own chapter back in New York, March 1978, the chapter president, Vincent (Big Vinnie) Girolamo was charged with throwing his girlfriend, Mary Ann Campbell, from the roof of the building to her death on the pavement below. He died while he was on bail before the case went to trial.

The police claimed the New York Hells Angels were bragging about the fact that Otis Garret ordered the murder of Margo Compton and her twin seven year old daughters for testifying against him is a prostitution trial. With Zito's casual attitude about beating his own girlfriend and the fact that Vinnie threw his girlfriend off the roof of the clubhouse to the cheers of the crowd sure makes the police's claim believable.

Women the Hells Angels have murdered (We can add Patti Grondalski and her five year old daughter Dallas to that list as well.) Rage Against the Machine. The Big Red Machine.

Christy Clark cuts Gang Task Force budget

Vancouver 24 hours is reporting that "Two provincially funded sections of the RCMP are being told they are in a budget deficit and have to cut $4.2 million from their operating budgets to get things back in line. The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit will see $2.8 million cut from its budget and this includes the elimination of Team 6 — the unit specializing in gathering intelligence and investigating outlaw motorcycle gangs, known as OMG."

Should we expect anything less from the most corrupt government in this province's history? Let's not forget that it was the BC Liberals that did away with the RCMP department that kept track of money laundering in casinos right after they issued a report about how bad it was in BC. Maybe the RCMP should play the BC Rail card again. You know, the charges relating to money laundering that were dropped after the province renewed their contract.

How many billion tax dollars a year does CSIS lose from it's spying on Canadians budget? Christy Clark says Hells Angels are OK. It's the civilans that have to worry about government surveillance. This is the exact opposite of the advice that former OPP undercover police officer Bob Deasey showed us in his book Being Uncle Charlie which explained some of the successes Ontario had with their BEU.