Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Arrest in Abbotsford Stabbing Spree

Abby News is reporting that William Anton Butz has been charged with aggravated assault after stabbing four people in Abbotsford on Saturday. Butz has a ling criminal history of drug trafficking and theft in Abbotsford and Kelowna.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, there was a stabbing on the skytrain early Sunday morning and yesterday Scan BC reported that police had to taser someone three times after a large man threw someone into a glass door and held a knife to a woman's throat inside Safeway on King George in Surrey.

Dean Wiwchar

Dean Wiwchar is a Hells Angels associate through Larry Amero and Rabih Alkhalil. He was charged in Larry Amero’s Montreal drug bust. He was also charged along with Rabih Alkhalil for the murder of John Raposo in Toronto. After that arrest, he was also charged with various firearm offenses in Vancouver which appear to have originated in Surrey.

He's also a suspect in the Sheriton Wall Centre murder of Sandip Duhre. Police sources say that Alkhalil was the mastermind behind the Duhre murder, while Wiwchar was the suspected hitman. Sources say Wiwchar was captured on video surveillance in the vicinity of the Wall Centre on the night of the murder. Sources claim he's back in town to face the Vancouver charges. July 17th 2013 Suzanne Hyslop, his coaccused in the firearm related offenses was ordered to stand trial.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Red Scorpion arrested in Alberta

The Calgary Herald is reporting that a member of the Red Scorpions and three associates have been arrested in Alberta. Search warrants executed in Airdrie, Red Deer and Calgary last week focused on the gang's drug-trafficking operation and its infiltration of the Alberta market. Police say firearms and drugs have been seized.

Let's be clear about one thing. Neither the Bacon brothers nor the Red Scorpions are nototious. They are notoriously whacked. They are hated and despised. No one likes them for good reason. The Surrey Six totally crossed the line. Everyone and their dog has flipped on them over that. The Bacon brothers are suburban princesses from Abbotsford that were empowered by the Hells Angels. They adopted the ridiculous logo that looks like a cheap Karate school tied to Red Lobsters.

The Bacon brothers took over the Red Scorpions during the Surrey Six and made them a Hells Angels puppet club just like the Independent Soldiers are. Unlike in Edmonton, the Calgary Hells Angels are trying to distance themselves from drug trafficking. In Edmonton there's no hiding their direct involvement. However, in Calgary the Independent Soldiers work for the Hells Angels and have been supplying the FOB. The UN have been supplying the FK. When the Red Scorpions arrived in Alberta, that's still part of the Hells Angels drug trafficking network.

Update: The Edmonton Journal is reporting that the name of the Red Scorpion arrested is Cory James Lesperance, 29. Global is reporting that Cory is originally from BC and that his associates that have been arrested are Robin Joseph Stewart, 52, Nicholas David James White, 21, and Amber McLeod, 23. Police seized crystal meth, pot, cocaine and some firearms. Police claim this drug trafficking network has been in operation for two years. Cory and the three associates have been accused of establishing a drug distribution network in Calgary, Airdrie and Red Deer. Gee, I wonder who else we know that lives in Airdrie? Alberta Police Report

Kim Bolan is reporting this is a picture of Cory James Lesperance. You've got to be kidding. I saw that profile on facebook and said no way. That's notoriously whacked alright. Look at the double chin on that chubby chicken. Geeks of the world unite! The Red Lobsters have sure got desperate since the HAs took them over.

Meanwhile, reports are coming in that the Warlocks had a huge presence in Fort McMurray this weekend and that the Rebels are on a huge recruitment drive in Drayton Valley. I guess they're not very intimidated by the chubby chicken.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Surf's up on Mount Baker

Yesterday I took the Heliotrope trail up Hog's Back to the Glacier on Mount Baker. The conditions were ideal. I was a bit concerned about the conditions of the crevasses but they were fine. Later on in the summer the crevasses open wide up and are huge. Right now they're still filled with snow and you can step over them.

If you notice the footprints in the snow there's a little dip in the middle. That's a crevasse. Right now it's full of snow. I was up there one year at the end of August and those crevasses were very wide and very deep. You couldn't just step over them and you sure don't want to fall into one. That's why people who ascent the summit do it in groups and are tethered. I've never done the summit of Baker. That's a long ways away from the base camp. I just usually go up to or just past the Roman Wall. It's pretty awesome.

I saw a marmot on Hog's back again. They're kinda like a groundhog.

Texas cops on the take

The Borderland Beat is reporting that in Hidalgo County, nine former lawmen were recently sentenced on federal drug charges, much of this involving a police drug unit ripping off drugs and escorting cars carrying drugs. Lupe TreviƱo, the former Hidalgo County Sheriff was just sentenced to five years for taking money from a drug trafficker.

He plead guilty two weeks after resigning as sheriff. Now we find out that 60 weapons are unaccounted for at the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office. Operation Fast and Furious revisited. This wasn't just one dirty cop. This was the sheriff and eight other lawmen. It's also tied to the murder of Julian Pesina, a Balcones Heights police officer with alleged gang ties.

This case is reminiscent of the Mayor and Police Chief of Columbus, New Mexico who were involved with arms trafficking for the Mexican cartel. Chief Vega called the feds after counsellor Blas Gutierrez was pulled over and had several guns confiscated and asked the feds for the guns back. Then a day or two later they bought more guns and had those confiscated as well.

At the time I said that since they were so bold as to ask the feds for the guns back, they must have felt they were operating under a higher authority than the feds I.E. the CIA. People said I was crazy for making that claim but since the story broke about Operation Fast and Furious, that premise isn't very far off.

Jimmy Cournoyer will be sentenced in August

The Borderland Beat is reporting that Canadian Drug Kingpin, Jimmy Cournoyer, also known as Cosmo, will be sentenced August 20th after pleading guilty to drug trafficking last year. Apparently U.S. feds are now seeking a 30 year sentence, arguing that a lighter sentence would amount to little incarceration time for Cournoyer, due to the fact he has elected to spend his sentence in Canada. Canada has a very liberal probation system that would drastically cut actual time spent behind bars. The liberal probation system they refer to is the mandatory statutory release after two thirds of the sentence is served.

This is the drug ring that was tied to the Hells Angels in Canada where 83 kilograms of cocaine and 60,000 MDMA pills were seized. In total, more than 100 defendants have plead guilty to narcotics trafficking charges since the investigation commenced in 2007. Clearly Cosmo is not the Kingpin any more than Rob Shannon was. Rob had a luxury boat, Jimmy had a luxury car. Both of them worked for the Hells Angels. If you want to charge the kingpin you have to charge the Hells Angels otherwise they'll just get another puppet.

No doubt Cosmo was a high level money launderer and was well paid. Yet it's clear he was laundering money for the Hells Angels and that he worked for them. The connection to the Mexican cartel is insignificant since that is where the cocaine came from that the BC Bud was exchanged for. The BC Bud the Hells Angels control. The Bonanno crime family connection is insignificant as well. They are the ones who were buying the BC Bud.

This is the same drug ring Larry Amero has been charged in. However, even Larry isn't the kingpin. Larry isn't very bright. He always works for someone else. Someone like Randy Jones on the West coast. Randy Jones is smart. He's the brains of that operation. Larry is just another ork like Jamie Bacon. Larry went to Montreal after he was shot in 2011 and this ring was in place since 2007. Larry was put in charge of a drug ring that was already in place. Rob Shannon was arrested in 2009. Yet the Hells Angels transfer of BC bud for cocaine in the States continued after Rob Shannon was arrested. The three rings involving Rob Shannon, Randy Jones and Larry Amero clearly show that the Hells Angels are the real kingpins behind this huge drug trafficking network.

Jimmy had a letter of support from GSP who his brother was seen partying with. Things that make ya go hmmm... Speaking of the Hells Angels control of BC Bud, CBC is confirming a scan BC report that Jim's Weeds medical marijuana store was raided by Vancouver police. Yet they let the Hells Angels sell pot out of the Black door without a word being said. Are the VPD helping the Hells Angels maintain a monopoly on the drug trade in Vancouver? Tragic.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fatal stabbing outside the Front Room

CKNW is confirming a Scan BC report that there was a fatal stabbing outside the Front Room in Surrey just before 5:00 AM this morning at 106 Ave and 135 A street. The address for the Front Room is 10667 135a St. That whole strip is plagued with violent drug related crime around the clock. Global is reporting that the victim is 63-year-old Donald Williams Deweyn.

The highest crime areas in Surrey relate directly to where drug dealers sell crack. You can take that fake crime is reducing in Surrey report and cram it up your ass.

Recent News: Surrey Trailer Park Shooting - Shooting in Surrey Drug House

Two cars shooting at each other in Surrey - Again

Katy Hutchison speaks in Surrey

Katy Hutchison spoke at the Sheraton in Surrey last night and I had the profound pleasure of attending. Her husband was murdered trying to break up a party that got out of control at his friends house while they were away. She was speaking at an anti gang violence forum sponsored by the CIBC and the Chris Mohan Memorial fund. I can see why Eileen endorsed Katy Hutchison.

Katy Hutchison is a well educated profession speaker that has a profound message. She gives powerful presentations to youth about the consequences of the mob mentality at out of control parties. It is a heart wrenching account of an amazing man who was a lawyer that had a passion for fitness and the triathlon. He truly loved life. The consequences of his loss are profound.

Katy spoke about how no charges were laid for five years after her husband's murder. Although there were 200 people at the party, no one dared to break the silence. The police finally went under cover and were able to solve the case. That was successful policing. Yet that's not all.

When Katy's husband went to break up the party, a young man filled with anger and entitlement punched him in the side of the head and dropped him. Then another youth jumped in and kicked his head four times like a soccer ball while he was on the ground. One of those kicks severed an artery and killed him. It was a senseless and pointless act that changed their family's life forever.

As the evening progressed Katy showed a picture of her and an attractive young man and she asked who everyone thought was in the picture. She conceded that most people who see that picture think it's of her and her son. It's not. It's a picture of her and the youth that killed her husband. It was shocking.

When Katy finally met the youth that killed her husband she was shocked. She was expecting to see some heartless monster not a young man that could easily have been her son or one of her friend's son. That's when Katy got involved in what she refers to as restorative justice.

It's a profound story with a profound message but it's an important one. She wrote a book about her story called Walking Adfter midnight which was made into a movie called Bond of Silence. Restorative justice isn't for everyone but it has an important role in the world's development. Everything has it's time and place. This positive process is worth examining. She even has an endorsement from the Dali Lama himself. Peace.

Reflecting on the violence in Gaza and the Ukraine

It's hard to watch the violence in Gaza and the Ukraine on the news and not be moved. It's sad and discouraging. World peace seems like a pipe dream as we watch how the old law of an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. In more ways than one. The violence in Gaza concerns me deeply because it is an example of the extremism we often face in the world.

Religion isn't the problem since religion teaches vex not the stranger that sojourneth with thee. The problem is hypocrisy and the lack of real religion or more accurately the lack of humanity. When humanity is replaced with brutality, everyone is diminished. Hamas indiscriminately firing rockets into Israel is wrong. So is Israel's brutalization of Gaza. They are both wrong.

In the previous conflict, Israel used white phosphorous in Gaza. That was insane. In the previous conflict, Israel would issue a warning where it was going to strike to disable a Hamas rocket launching location and Palestinian women would run to the site to increase civilian casualties to increase world outrage. That was insane.

In this conflict ground troops have invaded and the borders are closed to prevent more rockets from being smuggled in. The civilians have no place to go. There was one tragic scene in Gaza how a man was returning with aid workers to his home which had been destroyed by shelling. He was shot dead by a sniper. That heartless act was cruel, brutal and unnecessary.

The number of children in Gaza that are being killed every hour in Gaza is a colossal concern. That kind of brutality is morally wrong. That kind of heartlessness disassociates us from what humanity really is. To ere is human to forgive is divine. Forgiveness is a distant dream right now. Right now we need to stop the violence. That would be godly.

When discussing the recent conflict a friend said it's hard to believe the Jews are the "chosen" people by the way they are acting. I said I don't like the term chosen. I think that is a translation error. Historically the Jews were known as the covenant people. In the tabernacle in the wilderness Moses brought the children of Israel into the bond of the covenant. Israel promised to serve God while God promised to help them and stated that through them all the nations of the earth would be blessed. Leviticus was a harsh reminder of the blessings and cursing of obedience.

Indeed, when looking at the brutality in Gaza it's hard to think the Jews are keeping that covenant. There's group called JAG - Jews Against Genocide. They have been holding a protest against the violence by placing mounds of children's dolls around the world. Outside Israel’s holocaust memorial museum they set the dolls on fire. This is a powerful image and reminds us of the humanity we aspire to. That is godly.

There's another group called Jews against Zionism and I don't like the term. Zionism isn't bad. Evicting Palestinians from their home isn't Zionism. The term Jews Against Genocide is a more graphic visual image and is something everyone can agree with.

I don't share the same hate of Israel that many foster. Referring to them as Israeli scum and promoting hate to justify another holocaust is not something I support. Yet clearly Israel is not always right. They wouldn't have been carried away captive in Babylon if they were always right. God, like Abraham Lincoln supports them when they are right and parts with them when they are wrong the same as he does for everyone else because God is not a respecter of persons. In every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him.

Martin Luther King had a Dream. He had a dream that one day a man would,be judged by the content of his character not by the colour of his skin. He had a dream that one day black children and white children along with Jews and Gentiles would join hands and sing the hymn free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are free at last. The top picture was taken of two children who met at a protest in Times Square in New York on July 17, 2014. Martin Luther king's dream has become a reality in my community. I hope it does in yours as well.

As for the Ukraine, the west has no right to shell or invade the east while the east has no right to shell or invade the west. The east has every right to defend itself. The shooting down of a passenger jet was a tragic mistake. In Russia civilians set up memorials saying we are so sorry, please forgive us. The thugs in Eastern Ukraine and in the Western Ukraine need to be mindful of the values held sacred by a free republic.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Deception is well Funded

Two local blog readers sent me a link to this Vancouver Sun article commenting on how ridiculous it is. However, it's not just ridiculous, it's offensive. It claims that a City of Surrey report suggests that when considering population growth, crime is down. That is an offensive lie paid for with tax dollars to promote a bad politicians' political career. Shame.

The reason we know it's a lie is because we live here. That's why it's so offensive. Last year was the highest number of homicides in the city. Ever. Many of those homicides were the result of the city failing to act upon ongoing complaints about criminal activity. When Dianne Watts ran against Doug McCallum she promised us the world with regards to crime reduction and delivered nothing. All she delivered was bullying and censorship.

A year ago if you dared say anything against Dianne Watts you were bullied and censored. After the outrage in Newton over residents and business's ongoing complaints about drug related violence in that area falling on deaf ears, the media finally started allowing parts of the truth to leak through about the Dianne Watts fraud.

We all know how easily crime statistics can be manipulated especially when you suppress the reporting of those statistics in key areas like Whalley, Newton or the DTES. Closing down police stations at night suppresses crime statistics. In high crime areas things are so bad crime often goes unreported.

The recent shooting in a known drug house is a prime example of the ongoing problem. Neighbors report crime and nothing is done about it until it results in a shooting and Godzilla says let's create a task force to figure out what the problem is. I'll tell you what the problem is, you aren't responding to the crime that the residents report. That's the problem. Letting drug dealers sell crack in specific areas creates a huge ripple effect of crime.

There's been a lot of lying and bullying going on in Surrey City Hall. As soon as Barinder Rapsode came clean and said you're right, we need to do more about crime in Newton, Dianne Watts bullied her and even clicked like on a facebook post calling her a whore.

After the huge voter turn out opposing Gateway's mega casino in Whiterock Dianne Watts lied and said she never supported it. It took a resident to write in to the paper and point out the city hall minutes that proved she was lying. She had supported it all along until she was caught off guard and had to vote as the chair to break the tie. A representative from Gateway also wrote in pointing out that Dianne Watts was lying and that she had supported the project all along. That's why they bought the rural land in the first place. She promised to flip it for them just like the Campbell Heights Industrial Park.

It is absurd for Dianne Watts to use tax dollars to rewrite history and pretend she did a good job in Surrey and reduced crime. She left because she knew the honeymoon was over and the residents were upset with her saying one thing and doing another. Spending all that money on an extravagant City Hall and on all those exclusive trips was a waste of tax dollars when we really needed more police to address the drug related crime she refused to deal with.

Even her car accident was a scam. The media falsely reported that another vehicle ran a red light and T-boned the mayor's car when in reality the mayor's car t-boned the other vehicle. The mayor claimed the other party ran the red light but the other party sued her claiming she was the one that ran the red light and they settled out of court. The problem is, the locals who know the area knew the mayors story wasn't believable because it was a demand light and she was on the side street. For her to have the green light she would of had to come to a complete stop first to trigger the light to change. If she had come to a complete stop, she couldn't have had the velocity to t-bone and damage the other car like that. In this situation either the mayor or the other party was lying. Locals who know the area think she was the one who was lying because her story didn't make sense. Dianne Watts' car accident kinda of sums up her term in office. One big lie.

It's like Christy Clark's commercials during the Superbowl paid for with tax dollars. Or Enbridge's multitude of commercials showing all the beautiful coastline they are going to screw up with their next oil spill. Their monopoly was created with tax dollars so in essence we're paying for those ridiculous commercials.

It's sad when politicians use the media to lie to the public. We know that the papers in England tend to be tabloids and that Murdoch's Mystery has a history of endorsing specific candidates and only printing articles that support those candidates. We had this delusion that the press was free and didn't pull stunts like that. It's amazing how much the media can be influenced through advertizing dollars. At least there is free speech on the internet. For now.