Sunday, July 5, 2015

Satellite picture of BC Forest Fires

@NEWS1130Radio NASA's satellite image from today shows the huge smoke plume caused by the British Columbia fires. #Vancouver #Richmond #WestVan #NorthVan Fire Dept's getting flooded with hundreds of 911 calls reporting smoke. #Vancouver is not on fire.

News 1130 is reporting that An Air Quality Advisory has been issued for Metro Vancouver because of the smoke from wildfires outside our region. This is why Metro Vancouver should not build a garbage incinerator. The Fraser Valley is a valley. All the smokoe lingers in the valley affecting the air quality for the whole region.

News 1130 is also reporting that One man was has minor cuts after a gunshot shattered his window in Surrey. Police believe it's was targeted. The investigation is ongoing.

Moonlight paddle

Sunset at third beach last night before a moonlight paddle through English Bay to Granville Island. A peaceful respite from the cruel insanity that binds us. There's more to life than predatory greed. I guess that's not clouds in the sunset, that's smoke.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Three Canadian Hells Angels now face murder charges in Greece

Sadly, numerous media outlets have confirmed the victim's sister's report on this blog yesterday morning that the person three Canadian members of the Hells Angels beat into a coma in Greece last month has now died as a result of those injuries.

The Edmonton Journal is confirming my previous report that the two Edmonton members are Nick Dragich, who posed with Rob Ford when he was mayor of Toronto, and Dusty Swanson, a prospect from the Dirty Flu. Kim Bolan is confirming my previous report that it was the same Nick Dragich posing with Rob Ford on the Toronto Hells Angels web site. Kim Bolan is also reporting that the third Canadian member, a nomad from Red Deer Alberta, is Brent Koziak.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Metro Vancouver says NO to Transit fraud

The Vancouver Province is reporting that "Metro Vancouver has voted overwhelmingly against raising taxes to fund transit and transportation improvements, with more than 60 per cent of voters supporting the No side." Three cheers. This is another landmark victory. Power to the People.

The problem with the proposal was obvious. Translink is already obscenely over budget. They burn an extra billions dollars a year in regional gas tax and keep expanding the system when they can't even get it to operate consistently. Giving SNC-Lavalin the contract for the evergreen line was a criminal act. We all thought a mail in ballot would have been rigged. The tax dollars they spent trying to convince us to vote for tax fraud was astounding.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dave Pickton loses civil suit

Wow, she won. Global is reporting that Dave Pickton lost his civil suit. "A B.C. Supreme Court jury ruled late Tuesday following six hours of deliberations that David Pickton had inflicted psychological trauma on a woman after assaulting and threatening to rape and kill her more than two decades ago. Jurors awarded the 55-year-old woman $45,000, including $20,000 in punitive damages that the woman’s lawyer said is intended as a deterrent. Pickton was convicted of sexual assault in 1992, for which he received a $1,000 fine and was sentenced to one year of probation." Three cheers! No Justice, No Peace. Know Justice, Know Peace.

Canada Day on Mount Seymour

I had an awesome hike today up mount Seymour. Someone tied a Canadian flag on the post marking Seymour first pump. It was awesome. Someone also put a stop Harper sticker on the back of the post. Now that was funny and it wasn't me. There are a lot of other people out there that oppose Stephen Harper's destruction of our great nation. Stephen Harper is no Preston Manning. Stephen Harper is another Brian Mulroney.

The stop Harper slogan was of course started by Brigette DePape who was a page in Parliament that stood in front of Harper with a stop Harper sign during the throne speech. It was a small act of civl disobedience that did not go unnoticed. I remember hearing her speak afterwards about how they were threatening to charge her with terrorism trying to threaten the life of the Prime minister. She jokingly admitted that although technically she might have been able to give him a paper cut with her small sign, that clearly was not the intent of the demonstration. If you want to fix the party, change the leadership. Justin Trudeau is a corporate clown as well. Surprisingly enough he does not support the Charter of Rights like his father did.

I made it to Seymour third peek which is the actual mount Seymour. Mystery peak chair lift only takes you to the top of mystery peak. To get to the top of mount Seymour there are actually three peaks and you have to hike or snowshoe there. The view of the back country is breath taking. You can see Deep Cove and mountains as far as the eye can see.

On the way back from third peak I met a guy coming back from Elsie lake. He asked me if I had any water so I split the last of my water with him. I always bring lots. He said he had misjudged the heat and didn't bring enough for such a long hike. Elsie lake is far. I said that's easy to do. When you're hiking in the mountains in the summer heat you need at least two two litre pop bottles full of water in addition to any juice, Gatorade or pre work out you want as well as lunch. I always fill my water bottles one third and freeze them the day before a hike. That way the water is still cold for the entire hike. They key is to be prepared and enjoy the back country. Peace.

Arthur Porter dead in Panama prison

Holy Barry Seal Batman, Arthur Porter has just died in prison. He's the CSIS watchdog that was facing fraud charges involving SNC-Lavalin and was caught sending money to a mossad agent tied to Iran Contra. I freaking kid you not. The Montreal Gazette is reporting he died of lung cancer. Yet the National Post claims he died suddenly and alone. Things that make ya go hmmmm. Vito Riuzzutto died *suddenly* of cancer at a dinner party shortly after he got out of prison. Don't forget Panama is tied to another high profile local case that we can't talk about yet. Much.

I'm interested in reading what trade secrets he revealed in his book the Man behind the bow tie. Porter's book admits he was suffering from a terminal case of lung cancer. He also mentioned it in his interview with Macleans. Ottawa won't lower the flag for their friend the scape goat. Are they going to lower the flag for their pal Gwen Morgan's fraudulent use of translink tax dollars for the Evergreen line?

Porter was arrested the same time as Pierre Duhaime, the former CEO of SNC-Lavalin for their alleged involvement in a massive fraud and conspiracy. SNC-Lavalin was banned for ten years from international contracts because of their involvement with fraud. After Pierre Duhaime was arrested, neo con spin doctor Gwen Morgan took over and got the Evergreen line contract awarded to none other then SNC-Lavalin. I kid you not. Now they want to raise sales tax to pay for that fraud on top of the billion dollar regional gas tax they already burn every year. Arrest Morgan and Harper.

Canadian Sovereignty for sale

The Vancouver Province reprinted a fascinating column by Gus Van Harten wherein he states "Since winning a majority in 2011, the Harper government has been giving away Canadian sovereignty as if it were candy on Halloween." He starts with FIPA then explains about CETA and TPP. Now I just noticed ICSID as well. These are all acronyms for the same thing: treason.

FIPA is a trade agreement with Communist China that has nothing to do with free trade and everything to do with handing over Canadian sovereignty. It all started with NAFTA chapter 11. We found a flaw in that trade agreement. Instead of removing the flaw each successive trade agreement has continued to magnify and empower it. Sovereignty is dead. Bilderberg reigns.

It's not that I have a problem with banks or profit. Not at all. I have a problem with banking fraud and with theft especially when it involves the theft of tax dollars. They say the best way to rob a bank is to own it. We talked about the banking fraud that created the Savings and Loan crisis back in the /80's. We also talked about the investment fraud that created the Greek financial crisis which is still continuing as we speak. Madoffs were springing up like mushrooms. What was public money became private money then disappeared. Goldman and Sachs were involved with that fraud.

It is a colossal conflict of interest when bankers or investors involved with fraud contribute to political campaigns and get tax funded bailouts worth far more than the thirty pieces of silver they threw at a few politicians. Micheal Moore pointed out the Wall Street fraud that was bailed out with tax dollars. Al Martin described how the CIA instructed him to commit investment fraud as a way to raise money for Iran Contra. Not only were they selling cocaine to fund the contra rebels in Nicaragua, they were also committing bank fraud and using tax dollars to bail the banks out after they defrauded the banks. The fall of the BCCI is a prime example. The collapse of the Nugan Hand bank in Australia is another. Banks don't fail. Someone has to rip them off first.

In Canada the Harper government gave the banks a $65 billion bailout when they said the banks here didn't need one. Then they lied and said they never did it. That fraud should have seen Harper imprisoned right beside Bernard Madoff and Conrad Black. It was the largest embezzlement of tax dollars in our nations history. Which once again emphasizes how the Neo Cons are not fiscally responsible. They tax and spend far worse then any left wing kook. The only difference is they spend it on themselves and their campaign contributors.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday night shooting in Surrey

Scan BC is reporting that #Surrey #RCMP is responding to 148 St & 59 Ave for a report of shots heard. Call is delayed as the reportee called the news before 911. Scan BC is also reporting that @SurreyRCMP investigating report of shots fired between 2 cars along the Fraser Highway at approx 3:20am Teusday morning.

Enjoying the Summer

OK so the theme for this weekend is get out there and enjoy life. Don't let it pass you by. Imagine spending your whole life in one back alley smoking crack. That would be a pretty meaningless existence. You would miss a whole world of opportunities. The thing is, if one place fills up there are a dozen other places you can go. Cliff Falls on Kanaka creek is nice. It's in Maple Ridge.

We've already mentioned the falls at Widgeon creek. You can also paddle up to Granite Falls in Deep Cove and camp there over night. I realize the outdoors isn't for everyone. Yesterday there was a young couple feeling the heat so to speak. The young mother was obviously hot and cranky. Her very young daughter was getting on her nerves and was dragging her purse in the dirt. She began yelling at her daughter not to touch her things and said you are stressing me out.

Then the daughter in tears repeated exactly what her mother said and said you are stressing me out. I had to smile. The husband came back to the car with their young son and the mother started raging at him saying something about not having time for idiots. Then the husband said watch your f*ing mouth and I just cringed and thought there goes the breakdown of another relationship. There is a lot of stress on young couples in our day. The cost of housing is ridiculous. That's why I think finding cheap escapes from the dark and dreary reality can be refreshing

For those less inclined to the back country there's always flying a kite at Crescent Beach or Vanier park. You can hop on a passenger ferry for lunch on Granville Island. No matter what you're into there's always something positive to do. Anything is better then wasting life away in a bar or a party full of trailer trash. There's more to life than drugs and alcohol. Get out there and enjoy it.

Just stay away from the ridiculous drug dealer boats. The Lonely Island video I'm on a boat was a comedy. They were making fun of the plastic people on huge drug dealer boats. Nobody cares your on a mother f*ing boat. What the hell are you over compensating for? Do be careful. There was a young girl in Surrey who was trying to be funny and hop on a moving train. Only she slipped and the train ran over her arm. Tragic. Oh be wise. What can I say more? Have fun and be safe.