Saturday, February 28, 2015

Perception of the Patch: Growing up in the real world

The apostle Paul once said "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things." All of us make mistakes when we are children and all of us grow up. Well most of us. I'm not a religious man... any more. I used to be but I'm not now. Circumstances don't make the man they reveal him to himself. I'm more of a Thomas Paine. I believe in God but I am cynical of organized religion. Yet I am passionate about the freedom of religion and I am passionate about the reality of good and evil. We all make choices in life and we all live with the consequences of those choices.

Last year I had the opportunity of interviewing a young lady from Whiterock who discussed how her perception of the patch had changed since she grew up and since she observed some bizarre behavior from one particular patch holder which she felt was not in harmony with her previous perception of the patch. She said back then when a Hells Angel walked into a bar every woman's head turned. I thought to myself are you kidding me? If Ricky C walked in everyone's head would turn to see what that smell was.

That's like that crazy woman in the States who was obsessed with Charles Manson and married him while in prison. Not a very smart thing to do. Yes my perception of the patch has changed considerably since I found out about the compulsive lies, the betrayal, the exploitation and the rip offs. They are the rats they so venomously accuse others of being.

My daughter recently told me that when she and her friend were young they Googled the question why do we like bad boys? She said the answer she found is that you'll grow out of it. That she has thankfully. She is older and wiser now. Surrey trash repulses her. Like I always say, if you date a bad boy you will marry a bad man.

I understand the greed and the obsession with money. In today's day we all could use a little more cheddar to make ends meet. Yet the greed and materialism is beyond me. I want no part of it. I may be a broke ass bitch but I don't sling crack and I never will. A poor man is better than a liar.

Opposition leader shot dead in Moscow

CBC is reporting that Boris Nemtsov, a charismatic Russian opposition leader and sharp critic of President Vladimir Putin, was gunned down Saturday near the Kremlin, just a day before a planned protest against the government. It would appear that although Communism has left Russia, democracy has not yet arrived.

Nemstov, 55, was the head of the opposition Republican Party of Russia-People's Freedom Party. Last year Nemtsov was among opposition leaders who gathered in Moscow to protest the government's crackdown on independent media and opposition groups when he said "It's honestly like in the Hitler time," Nemtsov said at the time. "If you are against Putin, you are against Russia. Sounds a lot like North America.

Politicians in Russia like to make reference to Hitler because everyone hated him for good reason. We hated him too. However, Stalin was no better. He was the exact same thing. Some would argue even worse if that is possible. The strange thing is, all of these politicians - Putin, Yeltsin and even Nemstov were in power under Gorbachev when Communism in Russia "fell" yet they're still in power which is indeed somewhat suspicious. The last thing we'd like to see is Big Brother return to Communism after another failed attempt at democracy.

The quest isn't Communism or Capitalism it's the creation of a free republic where civil liberty is protected by law that binds the government not the people. Here in North America our freedom is under fire from within and civil liberty hangs by a thread. A Communist revolution will not save it, it will throw us out of the frying pan into the fire. We need to defend the US Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights. That is my title of liberty in our day. We need to make the oath to protect civil liberty and we need to keep that oath. Oath keepers arise.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blaze confesses to murder

It's been a busy couple of weeks. I weathered another barrage of death threats from a ridiculous troll, survived a legal challenge from a competent law firm specializing in defamation and Blaze confessed to murder. So it would seem. A troll started spamming my blog with comments as soon as I made a post about Blaze being busted in Kelowna. Usually it doesn't take long for trolls to figure out the comments on my blog are moderated and I don't approve threats or stupid rambling. Yet this troll was different. Persistent isn't the word. Obsessive is. They kept posting threats and insults over and over again despite the fact that they saw I wasn't approving them.

Many of them contained my real name so I didn't approve them. I know everyone knows who I am now but the anonymity thing is just a minor firewall so people at work don't figure out I do this blog. The last thing I want to do is come to work and hear people say we saw you on TV again or so you're the guy that does that gang blog - snitches and bitches. I like minding my own business at work. I do my job, go home and keep politics separate from work.

So finally I decide to approve some of the comments that didn't contain my real name so everyone could see what kind of a freak this person really is. Referring to Janice Shore and Britney Irving as a junkie was a giveaway. That's what Joey called Briney Irving when he confessed to murdering her. He said she was just a junkie. Not. She was addicted to oxy and sold pot to pay for her oxy habit. Who do you think she sold the pot for and bought the oxy from?

So this troll starts posting all this trailer trash nonsense threatening my family left right and centre. Then they start posting deranged nonsense about how wonderful it was that Larry Mizen caved in Janice Shore's head claiming that Janice and Brittney Irving deserved it because they were weak which is not only offensive but makes no sense whatsoever.

I knew that Blaze was obsessed with my blog and web site. People would write in and tell me about it. How he was so obsessed with my blog he'd try and get others to post on it for him. Then I hear he had made bail so the troll thing made sense. It's possible his co accused girlfriend set up the account but it would appear that he's using it now.

On the post about the Second Anniversary of Janice Shore's Brutal Murder I asked "So Blaze, where were you really the night Brittney Irving was killed? To claim that Britney and Janice deserved it because they were weak is deranged. Then he baits me and knowing I won't approve a post with my real name replies "I'll tell you where I was XXXXX XXXXX, I was right there making sure things got done. Just like I'm gonna make sure things get done when it comes to you."

I thought about approving the comment but didn't. Then he baits me again and says "I was there XXXXX XXXXX, right there watching." I knew he lied about his whereabouts the day Joey killed Britney Irving. So here it would appear that he, or someone pretending to be him, confesses to being at the scene when Joey shot her. OK so Joey's already convicted, Blaze being present is simply an accessory to murder and rather hard to prove. Highly unlikely it would go anywhere especially since the brain surgeon claims he's posting from a cell phone and is "untraceable."

However, it doesn't end there. He keeps baiting me and posts "I was the driver when we killed b, you got that XXXXX XXXXX." This time he says "we" and appears to confess to murder. Personally I don't believe he did do it because Joey was the hunter. Joey had the shotgun. Blaze couldn't fire a 12 gauge without falling on his ass let alone hit anyone with a shotgun slug. That is what the court was told killed Britney Irving. She was shot in the back while running away with a shot gun slug. She was shot four times, twice in the back.

I don't believe Blaze did it but I do believe he was present. These troll comments really prove nothing. When I was in Kelowna, I attended some of Joey's trial. The judge said something while the jury was out of the room and because the jury wasn't present I couldn't report on it at the time but now that his trial is over I can. The judge was a bit skeptical of Joey's father's reference for Joey. The judge was surprised at the monetary volume of drugs Joey was trafficking even while in prison for the murder. Joey was a high level dealer not a low level one that I had assumed. He was a high level dealer in Kelowna. Who do you think he was working for? He was a known Hells Angels associate.

The court heard evidence that Joey was trying to force another man to take the fall for him before his lawyer told him that was a no go. Aside from rationalizing what he had done by saying Britney was just a junkie, he told the guy two things. He told the guy that he couldn't go to jail because he was making too much money in the drug trade. He had to keep the business going. Then he said he had to do it. He didn't have a choice. He didn't say why. Later I had a source that told me Joey had to kill Britney because he owed Damiano Dipopolo money. Why Damiano would want Britney Irving dead is anyone's guess. Might of had something to do with the manufactured debt when her clone show was busted. May Britney Irving rest in Peace. She was no junkie.

Hells Angels associate in court for Toronto murder

The Vancouver Province is reporting that Hells Angels associate Rabih Alkhalil from surrey was in court for the murder of Johnnie Raposo in Toronto. Police claimed Raposo was the leader of the McCormick Boys, a small west-end Portugese gang that bought drugs from Italian organized crime. Nic Nero, another Hells Angels associate is Rabih Alkhalil's co accused in that murder. Nic Nero became a cocaine trafficking kingpin in Niagra where his co accused Rabih Alkhalil also has outstanding drug charges. Rabih is more known for his drug bust in Montreal with Larry Amero.

Larry Amero and Jonathon Bacon attended Rabih's brother Nabil's wedding in Ottawa before they were shot in Kelowna. Nabil Alkalil was caught with 11 kilograms of cocaine in Ottawa back in 2008 and served a seven year sentence. As the Vancouver Province pointed out, the Alkalil's associations with the Hells angels go back to the Loft Six shooting where Rabih's other brother Mahmoud Alkhalil was shot dead by Hells Angels rivals. As the Vancouver Province also pointed out, Rabih Alkhalil has been charged in the Wall Centre shooting for killing a Hells Angels rival.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cory Montemurro makes Bail

Kelowna Capital News is reporting that in a decision released this week, Cory Joseph Montemurro, 45, was granted judicial interim release pending the hearing of his appeal from conviction. Cory was in a car load of weapons and a full patch dip sh*t named Bruce Skreptak. They were speeding through Salmon Arm right before that grow op was mysteriously abandoned.

This is why I encourage people to travel. Other places in the world don't give a rat's ass about the Hells Angels. Bruce Skreptak is an idiot. There is nothing noble about him. There is nothing about being a full patch dip sh*t worth looking up to. Take the Kelowna sleaze balls. Robert Thomas - petty thief from Ontario who got a posse of misfits together and used the name of the Hells Angels to beat Daine Philips to death with baseball bats and hammers because Thomas' little room mate was chased by Daine after his room mate threatened and punched Daine's son in the head over a high school beef. The Kelowna Hells Angels ran a huge stolen car, bike and boat ring. Only rats steal and they are rats. There is absolutely nothing there to look up to or admire. The hillbillies who do really need to get out more and see what it's like in the real world for a change.

RCMP Sexual Harassment Crisis in MacLeans

Speaking of police gang rape and the huge class action sexual harassment lawsuit at the RCMP, Atoya Montague is in the news. She didn't make the cover of the Rolling Stone but she did make the cover of MacLeans. Her case involves Surrey's own Tim Shields. This is what I mean about promoting people accused of sexual harassment instead of fulfilling their legal obligation to rid it from the work place. The article mentions the class action lawsuit. Censor that.

A Daily Dose of Nuttall Nonsense

Speaking of propaganda, it seems we're getting a daily dose of misrepresentation in the press on the pressure cooker entrapment case. Keep in mind these were two Surrey drug addicts who were not capable of doing what they are charged with doing. The RCMP gave them a shopping list, drove them around to fulfill the list and paid for the items on the list. While doing so Nuttall is talking crazy under the influence of something while his co accused was so stoned she ended up passing out in the back seat.

Yesterday, The Vancouver Province reported that John Nuttal threatened to kill a motel cleaner. Well not exactly. After paying for the "bomb" parts and driving him around to pick the items on the shopping list up, they paid for a hotel room and told him to start assembling the "bomb." Which he was in no way capable of doing. They took possession of the "bomb" parts and took them to the hotel so he wouldn't lose them.

He starts to panic and says what are we going to do if a hotel cleaner comes in and sees us? His drug induced paranoia is getting the better of him. There in a hotel. Cleaners knock first. All you have to do is put a do not disturb sign on the door. They certainly don't want to barge in on a couple if they are being intimate. He doesn't realize that and says we'll have to kill them. But we have no weapons other than a butter knife. He says I'll have to snap their necks. Yeah that's the ticket. I saw that on TV once. That's what I'll do. He is a drug addict that has no idea what he's talking about. The RCMP agent had earlier tried to tell Nuttall that the cleaners were not a threat and to focus on the job. The agent told him to make the bomb and had to keep reminding him to stay on task every time the drug addict got distracted.

The headline in today's paper reads Bomb shrapnel would be spinning 'like little ninja stars' said accused in B.C. legislature terror plot. OMG did you get the whole quote and look at it in context? He said “Those nails are going to be spinning like the speed of sound, about 6,000 feet per second,” he said. “These things are going to be spinning like little ninja stars." Oh really. Not. He is a drug addict who has no idea what he's talking about. There's no way he was capable of following the manual the RCMP agent told him to download.

Do you know how to make a pressure cooker bomb? I don't. The whole concept doesn't even make sense. A pressure cooker is something to plug into a wall or put on the stove. How on earth are you going to make it explode? Finally the Crown revealed the secret on the opening day. They said the plans required black powder. Well bloody hell that finally makes sense. You need gun power to make it explode. That means he could have put it in a pot or anything else. The problem is, how do you ignite it and how do you secure the lid on so it will explode? If he's using duck tape like it says in the video that top isn't going to have enough pressure to do jack squat. Where's he going to get the gun powder if the RCMP don't give it to him? Shot gun shells? Perhaps. That's an awful lot of shot gun shells. Does he have a PAL to buy them? Nope. He has no means of acquiring the gunpowder and no ability to make a bomb out of it.

How is he going to ignite it? We used to make pipe bombs as kids around Halloween. We used the insides of screechers. The best they could do was put a black mark on and old mailbox. They certainly wouldn't kill anyone. How are you going to ignite it other than with a fuse? I have no idea. Theoretically you could use electronic ignighters from a model rocket set but I have no idea how to make a timer out of a clock and I think I'm a bit more capable than a Surrey drug addict.

In this video the undercover cop urges the couple to finish their task of building the bombs. “I’m dealing with the contingency plans.” Yeah like he dealt with planning the whole thing. Once again the drug addicts keep getting distracted from building a bomb they aren't capable of making and the RCMP agent has to keep reminding the Surrey drug addicts not to get distracted and stay on task. He has to keep telling them over and over again to build the bomb. Even though there is no way any bomb they built would work. He built I should say. Amanda didn't build anything.

Then there's the big twist. Nutall keeps making these ridiculous drug addict statements. Ya know if we get caught I'm gonna need an Ak 47. Ya know C 4 would work ever better than pressure cookers. If we had C 4 we wouldn't even need pressure cookers. Guess what? The RCMP agent tells him he can get C 4. This is proof he's dealing with drug addicts. Everyone else would have known this was a police agent. No body here can get C 4. Nobody here knows how to use C 4. I don't. In court the crown said C 4 needs a special type of accelerate. There is no was a Surrey drug addict would be able to get C 4 and the accelerate and know how to use them together. No bloody way. This case is a joke. But it's not. The entrapment is actually proceeding in court and with the daily dose of Nuttall Nonsense in the media the best he can hope for is a hung jury. There will be some jury members that buy into the nonsense regardless.

Having said all this I will be very clear that I in no way intend on minimizing the seriousness of these allegations. Setting off a bomb at a fireworks display is a heinous crime whether it be at Victoria or at English Bay. It is a crime by law and it is a crime by the Quran. My point is simply the RCMP spent a lot of tax dollars trying to convince a drug addict to come up with a plan and commit an act of terrorism. So much so they had to keep reminding him to stay focused on the task and not be distracted. Which brings us to tomorrow's daily dose of Nuttall nonsense in the paper posted on today's web site. Tomorrow's article warns that Nuttall was a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Heaven forbid. That means he has a motive to blow people up right there. Not.

9/11 was an absolutely heinous crime. The third tower fell at free fall speed into it's own blueprint just like a controlled demolition when no planes hit it. Experts in the field will tell you the only way that is scientifically possible is if the load bearing beams are simultaneously blown out. That is the only way. Heat and fire will not do that unless it's thermite used on the load bearing beams. To imply that everyone who thinks 9/11 was an inside job is capable of killing innocent people is insanely offensive. Operation Northwoods proposed killing innocent civilians as a pretext for war. Truthers oppose all terrorist acts completely. To imply otherwise is an offensive lie.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Price of Propaganda

It comes as no surprise to hear that over 90 per cent of small-business owners say they wouldn’t trust TransLink to “wisely” spend another dime of their money. Michael Smyth from the Vancouver Province states that should be a wake up call. Indeed it should. Translink already burns an extra billion dollars a year in a Regional gas tax. No other industry in the private sector would be allowed to operate like that. They need to balance their budget before they keep expanding it and awarding the contracts to dirty construction companies dripping in fraud.

Right now Metro Vancouver is in another propaganda campaign. In BC we had a referendum on the HST. The government spent a lot of tax dollars trying to convince us to vote for the HST claiming that is was a reduction in tax. If it really did represent a reduction in taxes, we wouldn't have to spend tax dollars on commercials trying to convince voters to approve it. Taxing things that were previously tax exempt is not a reduction in taxes. Their commercials were fraudulent.

Yet the propaganda and the commercials paid with tax dollars continue. February 17th the Surrey Leader reported that the City of Surrey is spending more than $200,00 on the Yes campaign. Tax dollars spent to tell us how to vote - propaganda. Back in the day of the Reform party they promised to poll voters on issues. Now the neo cons do the opposite and spend tax dollars telling us how to vote. The tables have turned completely. I think I saw one of Surrey Wort's commercials on the Transit vote the other day. It was a billboard that read Say yes to more night buses. How about say yes to a balanced budget? How about say yes to fiscal responsibility in Translink which has been completely thrown out the window.

Sadly the tax paid propaganda doesn't end with referendums. Christy Clark spent tax dollars on a commercial during the Super Bowl. The other day there was a ridiculous commercial on the radio about Stephen Harper. This isn't even an election time. They are supposed to record and report how much they spend on advertizing during elections. Yet Stephen Harper is breaking that rule by spending tax dollars on commercials promoting himself when there isn't even and election. There was a news documentary on the practice a few weeks ago. It's called propaganda, paid for with tax dollars. It is not fiscally responsible.

The Toronto Star reported that the Harper government spent close to $500 million tax dollars on advertizing over the past five years. Mike De Souza reported that a leaked government memo stated that the federal government had to dip into a senior bureaucrat‘s special reserve fund for a cash advance before it could launch a $9.5 million advertising campaign that responded to criticism about Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s 2012 budget.

The Ottawa Citizen reported that the federal government has spent millions of dollars advertising during the NHL playoffs but Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government is refusing to disclose exactly how much it has spent on individual ads during the Stanley Cup playoffs. That is fraud.

Suspected Human Remains Located West of PG

Yesterday 250 news reported that RCMP were on the scene about 35kms west of Prince George, where suspected human remains have been located. Today the Prince George Citizen is confirming there was a great deal of police activity on the side of a road off of Highway 16 West in the general vicinity of Bednesti Lake for most of the daylight hours on Monday. I'm not sure where the press is getting the human remains notion from as the police have yet to confirm anything. It's certainly not gang land so it could just be a hiker. We will however, keep our eye on the story.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Kelowna woman charged after cocaine seized at the border

The RCMP are reporting that twenty-six year old Caitlin Christine GLADISH is facing charges of Importation of a Controlled Substance and Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking. This is from the 35 kilos of cocaine that was seized by border agents at the Trail crossing July 26 2014.

Scan BC reported that River Road near No. 6 Rd was closed for several hours due to a body found early this morning. CBC is reporting that 20 year old Alexander Renney from Surrey has been identified by IHIT as the victim found dead on River Road.