Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Biker conflict in Fort Mac rekindles

Well the fire is out but the biker conflict in Fort McMurray has rekindled. The Fort McMurray Today is reporting that "Fort McMurray fire officials are investigating the cause of a Monday evening fire that left a Manning Avenue building damaged and is forcing the Wood Buffalo Food Bank to throw out a significant amount of food."

Local sources claim this shop was started by Steve Szomszed (Red Deer nomad) and Kristian MacEachren. Word is that MacEachren is now a HA prospect. Seemingly this is in retaliation for last Saturday when 20 Hells Angels and Syndicate members jumped three Warlocks.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sonny Barger rejoins Oakland chapter

Sonny Barger is announcing that he has officially rejoined the Oakland chapter and is heading home with the pimps and baby killers. That's where his pal Otis Garrett is from. Otis was convicted of running a prostitution ring for the Hells Angels out of a brothel called the Love Nest in San Francisco. Later Otis was convicted of ordering the murder of Margo Compton and her twin seven year old daughters for testifying against him. Sonny attended his pal's trial and later recognized him as a member of the Filthy Few Fellowship in the Big House Crew.

Sonny Barger claims that he founded the Oakland chapter along with a few others. One of the founders of the Ventura chapter was George Christie who was a strong leader in the club for many years until Sonny had him kicked out so he could return home. George Christie's perfectly healthy son died in his sleep from unknown causes. He was the Vice President of the Ventura chapter. They claimed Christy cooperated with law enforcement. Where have we heard that before? Falsely accusing a political opponent of being a rat to promote yourself. Bastards.

Just for the record the Hells Angels started in San Bernardino not Oakland. George Christie became a member of the Hells Angels in Los Angeles in 1976. I can assure you George Christie has never testified against any other member of the club nor has he ever cooperated with law enforcement. The claim that he has is a bold faced lie.

George Christie has come to a similar conclusion as I have through the nudging of Kerri Krysko. George claims the Hells Angels are not a criminal organization. He agrees there are criminals in the Hells Angels but claims that the club is not a criminal organization simply because the criminals in the club are stingy and dont share their proceeds of crime. That is believable.

George Wethern was the former Vice-President of the Oakland Chapter. In his book A Wayward Angel he claims: "The Oakland Angels began issuing new charters and assisting chapters set up their own drug operations. The additions were designed to contribute to our image and business concerns, by providing a drug route link, manufacturing a drug, supplying chemicals, or distributing drugs in an untapped area."

Fast forward to 1995 when Gregory Domey, former president of the Salem Chapter of the Hells Angels, and former East Coast President of the organization pled guilty to multiple drug charges and was sentenced to 20 years in prison under the "Drug Kingpin" statute.

According to court records, Domey and his codefendants sold cocaine and methamphetamine, from various locations including their Hells Angels Club House headquarters in Lynn, which was protected by members who served as armed guards and by surveillance cameras. Domey and his codefendants sold the drugs to undercover agents and confidential informants on dozens of occasions, many of which were electronically recorded and/or observed by surveillance agents.

Sonny Barger is no American legend. History has recorded that.

Maple Ridge Drug House Protest

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that local residents in Maple Ridge held a protest about a proposed drug house the city plans on building beside a day care.The city wants to turn the Quality Inn into a homeless shelter. Normally that would be a great idea. However what they are planing is not a homeless shelter it's just another drug house like the Front Room and the Lookout in Surrey.

"Lyanne Alexander says if a proposed homeless shelter opens beside her Maple Ridge daycare, she’ll have to close. 'We have 45-plus families in our centre and 55-plus children,' said the co-owner of Meadow Ridge Centre for Childcare on at 21409 Lougheed Highway. 'We’d have to close. We’ve got feedback from families that if it goes through, they’ll go elsewhere. I don’t blame them. If I had children here, I’d do the same.' Alexander said the low-barrier centre would be built beside their facility in an empty lot that’s already frequented by homeless and drug-addicted people. 'We see a lot of homeless people there, drug users, condoms. If it was a built facility, it would be magnified hugely from what we’ve seen,' she said."

Turning homeless shelters into government run drug houses is socially irresponsible.

Dead body found in Surrey donation bin

CKNW is confirming a scan BC report that a dead body was found in a surrey clothing donation bin. A passer-by saw a man stuck inside the bin and called the police. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. Tragic indeed. The homeless often sleep in the donation bins in Whalley.

Burnaby Shooting

News 1130 is confirming reports that there was a shooting last night near Canada Way and 12th street in Burnaby. Several shots were heard and a man was seen lying on the ground. Local sources claim a lot of drugs are sold on those streets off Canada Way from 10 ave all the way down to Burris where Randy Naiker's hangout was.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Motorcyclist shot dead in Toronto - Update

The Toronto Star is reporting that "Man dies after being found shot in Toronto condo parking lot. A male motorcyclist found with gunshot wounds was pronounced dead by paramedics Sunday afternoon in a condo parking lot in the King W. area. Police have since said it is crime related and are investigating." CBC is reporting that the victim sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

The Globe and mail is reporting that "officers at the site were seen addressing a group of seven men outside the building. The men were seen embracing, visibly emotional, as they spoke to police, but refused to comment. It was unclear whether any of them were residents of the building." The night before there was another shooting in Toronto after a dispute in a resturant.

Update: City News is reporting that A brazen daytime shooting on King Street West that left a motorcyclist dead may have ties to biker gangs. A police source told 680 NEWS the victim is the son of a prominent biker gang member and that this may have been a targeted hit. The shooting happened in a condo garage at King Street and Strachan Avenue around 12:30 p.m. on Sunday. John Ignagni, 33, of Toronto, was killed, police said Monday.

WTF? They have online election campaigns now? Only in Toronto.

Update: A local source claims there is an unconfirmed rumor the victims father was a member of the Vagabonds who became Hells Angels in 2001. Their clubhouse was raided by police in 2012.

New gun range in Langley

Well this is refreshing. I went out for coffee with an old friend who works for an armoured car company last week. He told me about a new gun range that has recently opened up in Langley called The Range so I checked it out. It's on the other side of town from the Langley Rod and Gun club by the Golden Ears bridge. It's an indoor gun range like DVC but unlike DVC you can fire big bore and hunting rifles there. They are billing it as Vegas comes to Canada and claims it is the biggest gun range north of the 49th parallel. Three cheers.

It's very cop friendly so I'm not sure how comfortable all the gang bangers will be there. They have cop parking and a RCMP sticker on the front door. There's a members only tactical range and a public range as well. They haven't had their grand opening so the public range isn't open yet just the tactical range which has been up and running for a month.

Like at DVC you don't need a gun license to try it out and they have a ton of firearms on site you can rent. They even have a .50 cal single shot sniper rifle you can fire indoors. That is impressive. I saw one of those for sale at the gun store in Surrey and said where the hell could I shoot that? It will take someone's head off from a mile away. Well, here is somewhere you can fire it. I'm not a .50 cal guy myself but the fact that you can fire big bore rifles indoors is awesome.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Dennis Watson at the Summit of Golden Ears

Dennis Watson from Gangsters out makes it to the summit of Golden Ears. Trolls keep posting my picture online thinking I'm going to run and hide. Not likely. I don't give a rats ass if you post my picture. I was pissed off you were posting my daughters picture. I am responsible for what I say not my daughter. Anyone who posts my daughter's picture and makes threats towards her is a low life piece of garbage. History has recorded that. What we do in life echos in eternity.

I made it to the summit of Golden Ears today. It is a long hike. Longer than the Lions. You definitely need to be well prepared and do a few smaller hikes to build up to it but the summit is breathtaking. You can see the entire Pitt Lake as well as mountains as far as the eye can see. It's best done as an overnighter. You can still water up right before the summit and before Alder flats.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Coquitlam drive by shooting and fire

Scan BC is reporting that #Coquitlam #RCMP were on scene with a drive by shooting at Pipeline Rd & Gabriola Dr. Reports of 1 person shot. UPDATE - #Coquitlam Fire headed to Charter Hill Drive & Lansdowne Dr after reports the shooting suspects set their stolen truck on fire.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Murder charges laid in Fraser Pretrial fatality

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that murder charges has been laid in the death at Fraser Pretrial August 3rd. The Surrey Now is reporting that "The man killed after a fight between two cell mates at Surrey Pretrial earlier this month has been identified as 25-year-old John Michael Murphy. The other cellmate, 22-year-old Jordan Cole Burt, has been charged with second degree murder, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) announced Wednesday."

This isn't the first time this has happened. I'd hate to think a wrongful death suit has to be filed just to get better security in the prisons. The Jay Hall beatdown was sleazy. In February of this year CTV reported that "Officials are investigating after the second in-custody death of a prison inmate in Metro Vancouver this week. BC Corrections confirmed that a prisoner at the Fraser Regional Correctional Facility in Maple Ridge died on Saturday. The prisoner’s identity and cause of death have not yet been released."

"The incident marked the second death of an inmate in Metro Vancouver in the last three days. On Thursday evening, convicted Stanley Cup rioter William Fisher died in custody. Fisher had been in prison less than a week when he went into medical distress in the North Fraser Pre-Trial Centre, where he was waiting to be transferred to a federal prison. He was taken to Royal Columbian Hospital, where federal officials technically took him into custody. He died in hospital."

April 2016 Kim Bolan reported that "Another prisoner in a B.C. jail has been killed in a gang-linked attack. Neil Leslie died in hospital after he was beaten in a living unit at North Fraser Pretrial Centre on April 17. Another prisoner, Zachariah Pakarinen, 27, has been charged with aggravated assault in the attack." In that case, murder charges turned into aggravated assault. Somewhat bizarre. It really doesn't look like safety in the primary concern at Fraser Pretrial.

If jails are operating at 140% capacity suffice it to say they are under funded.