Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gang Task force in Kelowna

Castanet is reporting that the Gang Task Force are in Kelowna this summer and have issued a warning to gang members that the Kelowna Summer Jam is still in effect. They'll even be on the water to enforce boating safety rules.

Rule number one: Don't drive around like an asshole picking fights with civilians in the name of the Hells Angels with Spike's endorsement boasting about your support for the Bacon Brothers who everyone hates. You'll get your ass shot up pretty fast if you do that again.

Let's take a count of casualties... Randy Naicker (Independent Soldiers was at the Castle fun Park meeting in kevlar before the Surrey Six murder) - Dead. Jonathon Bacon - Dead. Larry Amero - shot with his buddy Jonathon Bacon. Went into exile now in prison waiting trial for two huge drug rings out of Montreal and Australia. James Riach (Independent Soldiers was with Randy Naicker at the Bacon Brother's meeting before the Surrey Six) Shot with Larry Amero and Jonathon Bacon. Went into exile in the Philippines. Now in hiding from the Mexican cartel. Larry Amero's friends sure don't have a very long life expectancy.

So if you see that ridiculous boat Steroids and Silicone on the water this summer stay far away from it before someone blows it out of the water with an rpg. Steroids don't make you bullet proof idiot. The police will be on Pitt Lake as well making it safe to paddle up Widgeon Creek.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Another shooting in Surrey

Scan BC is reporting that #Surrey #RCMP are investigating a shooting at 18700 60A Ave. A male was shot inside of a house. Suspect fled on a motorcycle. Turns out the shooting took place around 4:00 - 4:30 PM and the victim was shot in the leg. It certainly wasn't a professional hit. The shooter sped off in a panic on a Japanese motorcycle racing accoss the lawn and speeding off without a helmet trying to put something into his pocket.

The neighbors refer to it as the drug house on the corner. The house is known to the police. It's been a known drug house since winter when the police had it under surveillance and executed a search warrant. The neighbors claim there are cars coming and going around the clock and that it's still a drug house. Somewhat surprising in that neighborhood. It's close to the Langley border and is in a very nice area.

Domestic Assault turns to Murder

The Link is reporting that Baldev Singh Kalsi, 66, leader of the Gurdwara Sahib Brookside, was taken into police custody after his wife, Narinder Kaur Kalsi, was found in severe medical distress at their home in South Surrey a wek ago last Sunday. Now she has died in the hospital and he has been charged with second degree murder.

He has since been kicked out of his position as Temple president and was beaten up in prison. It's not surprising since everyone hates a woman beater. My question is this: why is it bad when a brown guy beats a woman but it's OK when white gang bangers or members of the Hells Angles do? The answer is simple. It's not. Yet there's a long list of white gang bangers that have beaten their wives. Do we ostracize them as well? We should.

Donnie McWhirter, Don Lyons, Dave Revel and the ex husband of Kerri Krysko join Baldev Singh Kalsi in the wife beater trash list. "What we do in life echos in eternity." Gladiator

RCMP shoot unarmed man in Manitoba

West Coast Native News is reporting that the RCMP shot an unarmed man at the Norway Cree First Nation Children’s Baseball Game in Manitoba on Sunday afternoon in front of 200 witnesses including children. CBC reported that witnesses told CBC News the man, Evan Cromarty, who suffered non-life-threatening injuries, appeared to be unarmed and was holding his arms up when a Mountie shot at him. “There's a hundred maybe 200 people out here," he said. "And everybody saw that — not just me. A whole bunch of us saw that and the kids were traumatized."

Witness Annie Ettawacappow told the Winnipeg Free Press "I was outside my house. I was watching and he was running toward the field... " She said she saw two RCMP cruisers arrive and two officers come out with their weapons drawn. "A cop pointed a gun at him," she said. "I saw him put up his hands." The police told him to "freeze," she said. Ettawacappow said Cromarty kept his hands up and was walking backwards. "He was walking away with his hands up."

She said only one of the officers fired his weapon and she heard four shots. "He went down and fell to the ground. He started twitching," Ettawacappow said, adding she doesn't think Cromarty was armed, which Evans echoed. "He had no weapons on him," Evans said. "I thought he was dead," she said.

The Winnipeg Free Press reported that there were two games at the Rossville Diamond Sunday. One involved 12-year-olds and the other 17-year-olds. Sounds like he didn't obey their direct command at the snap of their finger again. Sounds like more RCMP officers need some time with Doctor Phil to prevent these outrageous actions.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cocaine conviction in St. John's Newfoundland tied to BC

CBC is reporting that two cocaine dealers in St. John's Newfoundland were convicted after a nine-week trial by jury. Victoria residents Peter Blok-Andersen and Ben Strongitharm were arrested following a four-month joint drug investigation launched in 2009 by the RCMP and RNC dubbed Operation Razorback.

In December 2010, The Telegram reported that two BC men named Evan Brennan-Smith and Jacob Hauge were given lengthy prison sentences for their involvement in a cocaine ring dubbed Operation Razorback where 9 kilos of cocaine were seized.

In October 2010, Andrew Green of B.C. was convicted of possessing cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. November 2010, Zachary Hill, also of B.C., was given a six-year prison sentence. Other Victoria, B.C., residents facing charges in Newfoundland are brothers Julian Strongitharm, 28, and Ben Strongitharm, 23, and Peter Blok-Andersen, 28.

This bust was tied to Victoria and Saanich. Victoria A News video.

Surrey Trailer Park Shooting

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that a 28 year old woman was shot in the leg at a trailer park in the 8200 block of King George Blvd this morning. She got in an argument at a convenience store parking lot near 80th Ave with someone in a dark-coloured SUV about 3:30 a.m. The vehicle followed her to the trailer park and shot her. Another Surrey trailer park. This isn't the first time this trailer park has been in the news. Arresting the crack dealers is a civic concern.

The Abbotsford Police Department is reporting that there was also a shooting in Abbotsford 3:00 AM this morning at 2100 block of Beaver Street. One male was taken to hospital for treatment of his injuries as a result of the shooting.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Outlaw Bikers: Angels Descending

I just saw part of an episode of Outlaw Bikers: Angels Descending. I didn't realize one of the prison guards they murdered in Quebec was a woman and that after Mom Boucher ordered the hit on the prison guards he also ordered one of the guys who did the hit murdered to eliminate witnesses. Andre (Toots) Tousignant was shot and burned. No L & R there. Just like the Vancouver Christmas of 1995. They wanted the guy that did the hit to kill his co accused right after the murder to eliminate witnesses. Being a hit man for the Hells Angles is risky business indeed. I guess that's why so many of them flip after the club betrays them.

Interesting to note at 29 minutes into the movie, is that David Giles standing beside Mom Boucher? It sure looks like Skelator. How the dirty have fallen. Interesting to hear reports that Mom Boucher has been kicked out in bad standing. Also interesting to note was the the creation of the police unit HARM. HA - Hells Angels, RM - Rock Machine which put pressure on the club's business. It was very successful. Just like what Bob Deasey described in Ontario.

Skeletor's First Stolen Motorcycle

Mom Boucher's political history

Philip Babajko and the Naiwa Rebels break into Ontario

The Ontario Hells Angels aren't known for being very bright. What they are known for is drug trafficking. It was the Ontario Hells Angels who were granted permission to murder one of their "brothers" from a puppet club called LHS (Loyalty, Honour, Silence) to take over the Thompson drug trade which triggered the Winnipeg gang war. No L&R there. Just greed and betrayal. LHS had some First Nation brothers in it as well.

The First Nations and the Hells Angels have always had a hit and miss relationship. Some First Nation gangs like the Manitoba Warriors oppose the Hells Angels. Others like Red Alert kiss their ass and work for them. In Ontario the Hells Angels use First Nation members to smuggle contraband cigarettes. It's always about the money. In 2009 the Hells Angels used the Rice compound as a base for trafficking in contraband tobacco and crack cocaine.

Thunder Bay has a history of Hells Angels and their puppets selling drugs. In 2006 27 arrests were made of Hells Angels and associates for drug trafficking. 5 actual members. The rest were associates. John Tsekouras was also charged in a kidnapping and murder plot.

Well in Thunder Bay the Hells Angles are trying to make a come back by conning the local First Nations. Gary Bruce Lamont is their local contact who has been charged with sexual assault. He was in court again July 15th. Lamont was questioned in the investigation of the December 1984 murder of Scott Dove which remains unsolved.

The name of the new puppet club is the Naiwa Rebels. They're from Montreal and are under the leadership of Philip Babajko. Philip is the National President and wears Trois Rivieres support gear. I don't want to be mean but I can tell you this is not Trois Rivieres' finest. I've been to Trois Rivieres. It's a wonderful place. This is Trois Rivieres Trash. Every city has trash. Surrey sure does. They represent the city's dirt. Scuzzy criminals who aren't very bright.

Philip likes to pose with strippers. That poor girl looks like she's going to throw up. This guy is butt ugly and has that mentally diminished look about him. Tannant might have been a dweeb but at least he wasn't stupid. This guy looks like Robert Pickton - not very bright. Being puppets to the Ontario Village Idiots is bad enough but being a finger puppet to a butt ugly mentally diminished low life shows no self respect whatsoever. Good luck with that. Some things money just can't buy.

Randy Jones, Bob Green, Tony Pires... those guys are the businessmen,. This guy is not.

Suspicious death at the Pemberton Music Festival

CBC and the Vancouver Sun are reporting that IHIT has been called in late Friday to investigate a suspicious death at the Pemberton Music Festival. Pretty tragic since a music festival is supposed to be fun not the place you'd expect to find a homicide. The organizers have poured a lot of money into infrastructure in hopes to make the event go off in a positive and safe manner.

The concert appears to be going on despite the police investigation. It's gotta suck to be in the middle of a police scene during the festival not to mention the tragic nature of a homicide on site. No doubt there will be more information forthcoming.

Now that the next of kin have been notified, the Toronto Sun is reporting that the name of the deceased is Nick Phongsavath, a 21 year old engineering student from the University of Regina.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

THC vs CBD - Fact vs Fiction

Last week the Vancouver Province ran a front page article about the new legal pot stores opening up in Washington. The first thought that came to mind was disappointment. I agree no one should go to jail for pot but I am very concerned about the change in social perception of pot use and abuse. BC bud is much more powerful than homegrown was 30 years ago. On top of that people are smoking it much more often - every day and often several times a day. That is excessive.

Part of the obsession is the twisted claims of the medicinal uses of pot. Anything that gets you baked, stoned or wasted, isn't good for you. This huge misconception that "pot cures cancer" is perpetuating the false belief that pot smoke isn't bad for you when in reality it's worse than cigarette smoke. All smoke is bad for you. That's why the leading cause of death in house fires is smoke inhalation.

So my first thought that comes to mind when I see all the pot heads lining up for miles to buy legal pot is disappointment. The pot obsessiveness is in my opinion no different than soma in Brave New World. The drug that tranquilized the masses to appease them into letting the state remove their civil liberty. Smoking pot every day is excessive. Smoking pot while driving or when you're pregnant is irresponsible.

California was the first state to legalize prescriptions for medicinal marijuana. Yet they voted no in the referendum to outright legalize pot. Clearly just because Washington and Colorado said yes doesn't mean we have to. California said no for good reason.

The second thought was a breakthrough in understanding the medicinal value of pot. One of the pictures in the Vancouver Province article was of the labeling on the new legal pot packages. It listed the percent content of THC but also listed the percent content of CBD. That caused me to look up to see just what CBD is.

CBD is something that's in pot that actually does have medicinal properties. It supposedly helps with seizures. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive oil made from marijuana plants. Oil that is high in CBD but low in THC does appear to help treat epilepsy. However, this type of pot, just like hemp, won't get you stoned because it's low in THC.

The package in the top picture states the THC content is 10.8% while it only has a trace amount if CBD. That means it's recreational pot not medicinal. The purpose of smoking that pot is to get you stoned. "Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound in cannabis that has medical effects but does not make people feel 'stoned' and can actually counter the psychoactive effects of THC. After decades in which only high-THC Cannabis was available, CBD-rich strains are now being grown by and for medical users." Projecy CBD

This is where we separate fact from fiction in the get stoned vs get healthy medical debate.