Friday, October 31, 2014

New Westminster shooting

The New Westminster Leader is confirming a Scan BC report that A 39-year-old man was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries following a targeted shooting in the 800-block of 12th Street New Westminster 7:30 PM Thursday evening.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jay Hall's prison beat down

Someone sent me a copy of the video of Jay Hall's prison beat down last year. I'm not going to post it because it is very disturbing to say the least. I will comment on it and post screen caps. First it's from a surveillance video that was played in court. No one video taped it on their cell phone. The video was posted on one of his attackers facebook bragging about it which is somewhat ironic. Two guys snuck up from behind and gave him the boots. There is nothing more cowardly and deranged.

Fist Brandon Badger sits down and waits for Jay Hall to enter. When he sees him he stands up to make sure he's right in front of him in line.

Then this other guys circles around behind him.

And sucker punches him in the back of the head when he isn't looking.

As soon as he does that the first guy jumps in and they both give him the boots.

As soon as he hits the ground the smaller guy starts kicking his head over and over again like a soccer ball. That is very disturbing. That is how the man who tried to break up,that house wrecking party in Squamish died. This wasn't an assault. This was a premeditated attempted murder.

As they continue to take turns punching and kicking him in the head when he's on the ground he lies motionless on the floor and starts to twitch as though he's having a seizure. While he's lying motionless on the ground the second guy foot stomps his head several times.

There is nothing manly about this deranged act. I don't care who Jay Hall was or what he did. This was a bitch move. The two guys that jumped him and gave him the boots go down in history in the POS hall of shame. The rest of us who glorify in this kind of deranged violence need to stop and take a look at ourselves in the mirror. We need to ask ourselves what is wrong with us? We have mental problems and even Dr. Phil can't help us until we recognize that.

In the mean time Jay Hall has every right to sue these two POS as well as the prison system. This kind of prison violence is not acceptable and has to stop. In the words of Raiden from mortal combat Enough! If we don't prevent this we are no better then they are. A civilized society does not let this happen. Brutality is a sign of low self esteem.

Speaking of suing the prison system, a member of the UN is doing exactly that. The Vancouver Province reported that Michael Newman is suing the federal government for allegedly failing to protect him from being severely assaulted in a federal prison. Newman was identified as being “incompatible” with Jamie Bacon. No kidding Jamie Bacon is a POS that did the Surrey Six and ordered the hit on one of his own guys. Nobody in Surrey likes him.

Newman was forced to attend a mediation with Jamie POS Bacon and Newman was handcuffed while Jamie Bacon wasn't. That is really messed up. Jamie Bacon getting special privileges in prison? Don't get me started. If the guards set up the fight where Newman was assaulted then he does have a case. It's rather bizarre that they were watching the outrageous brutality of the Jay Hall assault without intervening. That shows there is a problem.

Everybody thinks I believe all these guys should be locked up forever and they should be tortured in prison but that is not the case. No one should be tortured in prison. If we didn't torture the Germans in prison we don't torture anyone in prison. Period. 30 year or 300 year prison sentences won't solve anything. Prolific offenders need three months in jail with no crack. That is not excessive. No one should be raped or assaulted in prison. Period.

If the Jay Hall beating was in fact paid for, then one has to ask who paid for it? The HAs ae the only ones really capable of pulling something like that off. Did he woe them money? There are no rival drug dealers in Prince George.

Mercy is not a sign of weakness, Brutality is

In the movie a Knight's Tale, the hero showed a fellow jouster mercy and the villain said mercy is a sign of weakness. I beg to differ. Brutality is a sign of weakness not mercy. It's like the saying he who loves his wife loves himself. Which implies he who beats his wife has low self esteem. The same goes for brutality.

Anciently Cormac Mac Art was a high king of Ireland long before Brian Boru. Comrac was the grandson of Con of the Hundred Battles and a forefather to Niall of the Nine Hostages. Cormac wrote a book for his son called Instructions to the King. In it he talked about similar things that Solomon did. Mercy, truth justice, a Jedi forsakes not these things. Solomon said withhold not good from them to whom it is due. Cormac said crush not the miserable. After you have conquered an enemy there is no need to crush them.

Torturing crack addicts for drug debts is deranged. Don't front them the drugs. The Jay Hall prison beating was also deranged. There is no honour or manliness is swarming someone and giving them the boots. None whatsoever. It's a sign of low self esteem.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cloverdale Grow op shooting

Turns out there was a shooting at a grow op in Cloverdale 5:00 AM Tuesday morning and the victims ended up in the parking lot across from the Surrey Memorial hospital. Today's Vancouver Province ran a pretty disturbing picture of one of the victims lying on the ground before he received medical aid. I just want to point out one thing - I don't do that. The Kelowna Now posted a picture of the crime scene.

I don't post pictures of dead people or people after they've been shot. That's not the way I roll. I didn't post that picture of Larry Amero lying on the ground after he was shot in Kelowna either. The papers in Mexico are far worse for posting graphic images of dead and mutilated bodies. I think we as a people should be above that. I think we should have a little more respect for the dead. That sentiment is going to tie in with my next two posts about brutality.

Pitt Meadows Shooting - Follow up

OK so remember the Pitt Meadows / Maple ridge shooting where Louie Sparvier died of gunshot wounds? The other guy was stabbed and it appeared that it was a fight between the two. One guy was stabbed and the other guy was shot dead. Now it appears that the two guys that were injured were friends. The top picture is another one of Louie. One source claims this in another picture of him in a robbery surveillance video wearing the same shorts.

Seemingly Louie's GF is claiming it was two other guys who were involved in the fight. Interesting to note that Louie Sparvie was on Larry Mizen's friends list.

Two gang associates with Vancovuer ties arrested

Victoria News is reporting that "Two men with Lower Mainland gang ties have been arrested by police on gun- and drug-related charges. Isaac Drennnan, 32, was arrested Oct. 9 at his Esquimalt home, where officers seized heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and two handguns. Dustin Wadsworth, a 32-year-old associate of Drennan's, was also arrested with several ounces of cocaine on Oct. 22 at his 3500-block Turner Street home in Vancouver."

Again a Vancouver Island gang with ties to Vancouver but the gang is not named. The CFSU appears to be doing a great job but someone upstairs still seems to be running interference for the Hells Angles in the press. Sgt. Lindsay Houghton has taken over Pat Fogherty's job of spinning the truth away from the Hells Angels. Sadly it doesn't appear that they're just avoiding using the Hells Angles name in case of legal challenges. It looks like a premeditated spin away from them. Thus the previous 180 ways to say Hells Angels discourse.

Previously they would name the Vancouver Island gang. It was the Independent Soldiers. When I pointed out the Independent Soldiers work for the Hells Angels, they stopped naming the gang. Isaac Drennnan was under a lifetime firearm ban after being convicted of attempted murder for shooting two police officers in 2003. So what's the consequence for breaking a lifetime firearm ban? House arrest?

CTV is reporting that Drennan's associate Dustin Wadsworth was arrested in Vancouver for breaching bail conditions. He was found in possession of drugs and $58,000 cash. That's a fair chunk of change. This bust still points towards being Hells Angels associates. Heroin, cocaine and crystal meth. Remember that. How many times a day could they seize 178 grams of heroin from a drug dealer in front of Main and Hastings? Please advise.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kirk LaPointe wants to get rid of open drug dealing at Main and Hastings

News 1130 is reporting that "More enforcement needed to clean up DTES: mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe wants to get rid of open drug dealing at Main and Hastings." Wow. It couldn't be simpler or more profound. He is the one for Vancouver Mayor. I endorse him. He also opposes the garbage incinerator. Need I say more? Get out there and vote.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The CSIS Power Bill

Here it is, Harper is trampling the Charter of Rights once again as he crams his give CSIS more power bill through the house. As his crime bill had nothing to do with restraining crime, this bill has nothing to do with combating terrorism. After all why did the RCMP Terrorist squad show up at a 70 year old woman's home in Burnaby after she took a picture of the Kinder Morgan pipeline? Everyone who disagrees with Harper is in his definition a terrorist.

Giving CSIS more power after they did Air India is a criminal act. Before this bill is passed CSIS need to be charged in that murder once and for all. The RCMP found that CSIS had a handler that helped plan the Air India bombing and provided the explosives. Before we breath a word about giving CSIS more power they need to be charged in that murder.

Before we breath a word about giving CSIS more power, we need to charge them with the theft of $3.1 billion from their budget. That's not how much they spent, that's how much they lost from their budget. CSIS should be stripped of power not given more power. We can investigate terrorism without CSIS. 329 lives were lost in the Air India bombing. 268 Canadian citizens, 27 Britons, and 24 Indians. That makes CSIS the most destructive terrorist organization in Canada. Charge them.

Toronto Separatism - Take Rob Ford with you

In the past there has been a fair bit of talk about Quebec separatism. Just under half the population of Quebec wanted to split from the rest of Canada and have a go on their own. At the time I said, if they really want to go we have to let them but I really think we as a people would be diminished without Quebec. The culture, the cuisine, the passion. We would be diminished without them. Toronto on the other hand, that's an entirely different story.

A friend and I were talking about a possible book deal a while back and he said we'd have to go to Toronto to sign the papers. Toronto? I said. What's in Toronto? Can't we go to Montreal or Quebec City instead? That would be worth while. Toronto is no different than Vancouver. The Maratimes would be nice. That would be a great trip.

Now that CBC is tabulating the Toronto civic election results and predicting that Rob Ford will win a seat on city council I have to say hold the door. I didn't even know he was running for council when he withdrew his candidacy for mayor after getting caught smoking crack so many times. My first thought was God help us. When the people elect stupidity they get what they deserve. But then I thought all of Canada doesn't feel that way. Just Toronto. So let's do it. Let's cut the cord. Let's kick those idiots out of Canada.

Let's petition for a referendum on separatism. Let's have a vote right across Canada and vote on whether or not we're gonna kick Toronto out of the country because they are making the rest of us look like idiots. If Quebec was to separate we would be diminished but if Toronto stays in the country, that's when we are really diminished. So let's do it. Let's start a petition for a referendum on separatism and kick those lunatics out of the country once and for all. Je me souviens!

At least they elected a new mayor. Looks like it's just EtobiCOKE North (Ward 2) that we're going to have to kick out of the country. Never mind Mark Emery and the price of pot. Rob Ford is the king of crack. Who's the bigger fool - The fool or the fool that votes for the fool? Time for Ward 2 to separate from the rest of Canada. They don't have anything we want. Did ya hear Canada got a new prison? They put a fence around EtobiCOKE .

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Privatization of Mexico's oil

Speaking of organized crime in Mexico, the exploitation of the Mexican people is finally complete. Their newly elected "left wing" president just privatized their oil. After all that is what the war in Libya was all about. Gaddafi was good for woman's rights. We helped the religious extremists overthrow and murder Gaddafi so the oil companies could have his oil. Gaddafi was a socialist and their oil was nationalized. That was the real concern. Next to the fact that he wanted to buy a nuclear reactor from Argentina instead of Sarkozy. Although I am pretty right wing when it comes to crime and small business, I have no problem with nationalized oil and natural resources. I see it as a great way to lower taxes and balance the budget.

From 2000 until 2012 the President of Mexico had been a member of The National Action Party (Spanish: Partido Acción Nacional, PAN). Enrique Peña Nieto took office on 1 December 2012. He is a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI)succeeding Felipe Calderón as president and thereby marking the return to power of the party that had ruled Mexican politics for 71 consecutive years. The previous PRI was Socialist leaning and supported Nationalized oil. The new PRI is caving in to US Corporate pressure and is privatizing Mexico's oil. Imagine that.

Consequently the privatization of Mexico's oil has sparked mass protests. Which isn't surprising since they were protesting the privatization of their oil before the new president was elected. What is surprising is the previously left wing party just privatized their oil. Surprise. The new left wing party is joining in the protests objecting to it.

This is another example of how the CIA screws up a country's democracy like they did in Cuba. By supporting the corupt Batista government they pushed the people to the other extreme which was even worse. Ironically the CIA created the Communist revolution in Cuba. I personally don't support that kind of extremism. Yet this is where the CIA's meddling takes us. Which forces me to question if that is not their real objective in the first place.

I realize that most of the Latino world tend to think Argentina is a big stuck up. However, I do think the song Don't Cry for me Argentina does apply to Felina, the blogger who was just murdered by the Mexican cartel. She was truly a people's hero. Peace. Nationalization of oil is good. Communism is not. Mind how you go.