Saturday, June 12, 2010

UFC in Vancouver with Chuck Liddell

Lets get ready to rumble!!!! UFC in Vancouver tonight with Chuck Liddell - gotta love that. Make sure you take lots of pictures with your cell phones of Chuck's biggest fans - Nomad Bob Green and his quarky cousin from that /70's show Len Pelletier. Who knows, maybe Randy Jones will be standing on the red carpet with his pal Russell Peters. This is going to be a great event.


Well Chuck Liddell did well. He caught one on the chin and lost but he fought well and as a commentator said he has carried the sport for many years. Indeed he has. A noble legacy indeed. I got off work early but by the time I made it to the bar the fight was over. I wanted to see the Cro Cop fight too but missed that one as well. It's a tough sport. Reversals can happen at any moment. That triangle submission was the perfect example.

Just remember that it was Royce Gracie who put the sport on the map. I remember guys like Oleg Taktarov. Russian Sambo ankle locks. Gotta love that. Now it's more steroids and ground and pound. Hopefully as the sport evolves we'll see more martial arts. Either way, a big salute to Chuck Liddell for a solid legacy that no one can take away from him.


  1. Liddell & Ortiz obviously have a cocain problem that has led them to the Hells Angel association.Both of these men have jepordized their young fans & carreer over Cocain.Ortiz is posing with Hells Angel Sean Wolfe & he's holding a crack pipe.What Liddell & Ortiz fail to realize is Hells Angels work as informants too & the next step could be a conviction.Anyone with any common sense would avoid this association.Cocain has no sense & these men like nose candy.

  2. Is that a crack pipe in Sean Wolfe’s hand? I hadn’t noticed that. I suppose it could be. The Hells Angels do traffic cocaine. It’s a shame.