Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Fall of Postmedia News

On the front page of today's Vancovuer Province was the headline Man shot by police was former Falun Gong activist. The breaking news was not the fact that someone accused of armed robbery was shot dead by police in Burnaby after stabbing a police officer and a store employee. That was old news. The front page breaking news was the fact that he was a Falun Gong activist and participated in the Tiananmen Square protest.

So this must mean that Falun Gong activists are crazy and the Communist government of China is justified for holding them political prisoners and executing them for their organs right? Wrong. It is more absurd propaganda which is exactly what the state run newspapers in Communist China do. This was a white guy from Calgary who went to China and supported a Falun Gong protest over ten years ago and hasn't had anything to do with the group since.

They even had the audacity to cite the fact that he was involved in the Tiananmen Square protest in 2001. Does that mean the Tiananmen square massacre was justified when the Communist government used live ammunition on protesters calling for more freedom in China? Absolutely not.

They weren't even talking about the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. They were talking about the false flag event set up by the Communist government in 2001 used to defame Falun Gong practitioners so they could rationalize and justify their unlawful imprisonment.

I could understand reading this kind of putrid propaganda in a State run newspaper in Communist China but here in Canada? Does the Communist government now own Postmedia News? Is that what happens when the Chief Editor of the Vancouver Sun takes over the Vancouver Province? Shame on you. That kind of propaganda diminishes all of us. Buyer Beware.


  1. this is the lower mainland and in some ways there isn't much difference between communist china and here, especially when it comes to the MSM. Perhaps you've seen two former reporters/t.v. types are now running for the B.C. Lieberals. And you wonder why the MSM doesn't report on any thing bad the B.C. Lieberals do. Guess the PostMedia group wants to keep their "employers" happy. the B.C. Lieberals/provincial government is very "attached' to communist china. Like look at how much property was bought up, left vacant and nothing done about it until the peasants looked like they were going to stage a revolt.

    The B.C. lieberals spend a shit load of money in the Vancouver Sun and province on advertising so if the press reports in the manner they do in cases like the one you cited, don't be surprised. Just get used to this being a province of Communist China.

    The Communist government of China doesn't attach much value to human life and neither does Christy Clark. Look at the number of children who have died in care. B.C. has the highest rate of child poverty in Canada and has had for 15 years. Christy deprived children in this province of a decent education by tearing up sections of the teachers' unions contract when she was minister of education. well she lost that case this week at the supreme court of Canada.
    this evenings news reported a child had been waiting for more than a year for a simply ear operation. Ya, Christy and her B.C Lieberals don't care about people and Post Media just doesn't report the truth or gives Christy a pass on all of the mess.

  2. As a side note to this story, in the three articles I have read in The Vancouver Sun about this incident they refer to this guy as trying to 'steal a rifle' from inside the store. To my knowledge Canadian Tire doesn't sell rifles at any of there stores in the lower mainland, only pellet/BB/airsoft guns, which are likely less lethal than a knife.

    I can accept that this statement goes unchallenged in the first article when details are few but the same error goes unchallenged in the subsequent articles. It disturbs me that neither Canadian Tire, witnesses, nor the police have taken the time to make this correction so that the general public isn't left thinking that there was an even greater danger of carnage had this guy been successful in 'stealing a rifle'.

    1. Actually I recently found out that Canadian Tire does in fact sell real rifles, just the Surrey location doesn't. Burnaby and Langley does.

    2. Well who would have thunk. I should really get out of Richmond more. I guess this is in reaction to competing with Cabella's and Bass Pro.

    3. The Langley store actually has a sale on right now. You can get an old Russian SKS for 200 bucks. They're awesome. You can buy surplus ammo for those things by the caseload and since they're long guns, you can drive around with them in the trunk of your car. Handguns you need a permit just to transport them.

  3. A time honoured Canadian Tradition right there.....a boy getting his first .22 rifle, and later maybe his first shotgun, from his local Canadian Tire store.

  4. Canadian Tires have sold hunting rifles for as long as I've been in them some time since 2000. It was just they weren't big displays and they were under lock and key.

    Stealing a rifle from a Canadian Tire? He must have been not thinking. its easier to go buy on one the street.


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