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Monday, May 27, 2019

Wally Oppal is a scoundrel

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "Mistrials resulting from deadlocked juries are extremely rare and are a sign that the judicial system is working, former B.C. attorney general Wally Oppal said Sunday. Oppal said the public should not be concerned that jurors could not reach a verdict in the case of Jamie Bacon, who is charged with one count of counselling someone to commit murder in late 2008." AYFKM? WTF is wrong with the Vancouver Sun?! No really.

The fact that Wally Oppal isn't in jail for collusion after sabotaging the missing woman's inquiry is proof the system is broken. Jamie Bacon got off scot free for ordering the worst gangland slaying in BC's history because of trial delays resulting from police misconduct. The fact that someone on the jury wouldn't convict him in DK's murder makes it look like someone on the jury was paid off. That's what it looks like. For that piece of garbage to say the public should not be concerned and the system is working just fine for him is absolutely outrageous. The fact that the Vancouver Sun would even quote that raging lunatic is very offensive.

Wally Oppal was a horrible attorney general. With gang violence escalating the public were protesting bad judges. Wally Oppal said everything is fine. That's when Vern started putting huge signs on flatdeck trucks that said Recall Wally Oppal. The group Vern was with in Aldergove weren't talking about gang violence, they were talking about property theft. They had drug addicts stealing from all their neighbors and every time the police arrested them the courts let them free. It was a revolving door judicial system that served no one. That was when the VPD came up with a proposal asking for 30 strikes and your out. Showing that the more crimes these chronic offenders committed, the less jail time they were sentenced with. Wally said it was just fine.

After Wally Oppal lost the election, the Vancouver Sun pushed to have him on the Missing woman's inquiry. I was like WTF are they doing? Women from the DTES spoke up at a public meeting saying Wally Oppal was the wrong choice to head that inquiry. They were right.

Durring the missing Woman's Inquiry Wally Oppal took a second job acting in a slasher movie. That National Post said it was bad judgement. Indeed it was.

In 1992, when he was a B.C. Supreme Court justice, Wally Oppal appeared at a boozy, men-only dinner hosted by members of the Vancouver Police Department and told jokes about what a rape victim had said in court. There is no way the Vancouver Sun should have endorsed him for the Missing Woman Inquiry. He didn't even do his job on the Inquiry.

As soon as the inquiry heard evidence that implicated the Hells Angels, Wally Oppal shut the inquiry down and turned it into a *less adversarial* panel discussion where he could more easily censor evidence. That was collusion.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wally Oppal and the Picktons of the world

Wally Oppal made an absurdly hypocritical plea for another pay cheque in the paper today. As the Missing Women’s Red Herring Inquiry reconvenes, Wally Oppal made an appeal to continue with the inquiry so all the other Picktons in the world don't win. Somehow proceeding with the highly censored "Panel Discussion" will in some way prevent another serial killer in some other part of the world from getting away with committing murder. Does he really not understand how insanely hypocritical that statement is?

Most of the victims on the Pickton farm were drug addicted sex trade workers. As soon as one of the lawyers starts to talk how the Hells Angels were linked to the Pickton farm and how the Hells Angels control the drug trade in the DTES, Wally Oppal shut him down and wouldn’t let him talk about that. Despite the fact that was highly relevant.

At that point Wally Oppal folded the inquiry into a panel discussion so the real issues could not be discussed. After that, the only lawyer representing aboriginal people who hadn't already boycotted the farce publicly withdrew claiming the inquiry had lost all credibility. Oppal is the one that folded the inquiry into a panel discussion so the real issues couldn't be discussed. For him to pretend he cares about justice is offensive.

If a drug dealer who sells drugs for the Hells angels in the DTES pushes a woman out of a window for a drug debt, that is highly relevant to the future well being of woman on the DTES. Ashley Machiskinic wasn’t the only one.

Wally Oppal obviously has no regard whatsoever for preventing this kind of atrocity from happening again. It appears he only wants to appease the public and collect a pay cheque at the expense of the most exploited in East Vancouver.

If he was sincerely concerned about preventing this kind of atrocity form repeating itself, he would explore the most important question which should be the heart of the mandate for the missing women inquiry. That question is found in the directions the judge gave to the jury in Robert Pickton’s conviction.

Before the jury left for deliberations, the judge told them that they could convict Robert Pickton of murder even if he had accomplices and wasn’t the only one involved. In fact, the judge even went so far as to say the jury could convict Robert Pickton even if he wasn’t the primary person involved in the murders. He told the jury they could convict Willy even if he was just a willing precipitant. I.E. disposed of the bodies someone else murdered. The defense lawyer was understandably flabbergasted. The whole trial was based on the premise that Robert Pickton was a serial killer and was the only one involved. Then all of a sudden right before the jury breaks for deliberations the judge completely changed the mandate.

I’m not saying Robert Pickton should have won his appeal nor an I saying I disagree with the instructions the judge gave to the jury. I am saying the instructions the judge gave to the jury were very important and should form the mandate for the missing woman inquiry. It is highly likely Robert Pickton wasn’t the only person involved in all those murders. Who else was involved? That is the primary objective of any responsible citizen who has a genuine concern that this atrocity not be repeated.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Pickton Inquiry ends but the controversy continues

The Missing Women Inquiry has come to an end. Words cannot describe the heartbreak, anger and resentment that circus side show has revealed. We knew Wally Oppal was the wrong choice to head the inquiry. He lost his reelection because of the horrible job he did as AG.

We knew the inquiry would be a circus side show distracting the public from the real issue. Robert Pickton was convicted on the premise that he was not the only person involved. He was convicted on the premise that he was an active participant. The mandate of the inquiry should have been what happened. All the evidence should have been made public not swept under the carpet.

Wally Oppal’s arrogance is offensive. His moonlighting as an actor on a slasher movie was outrageous. Wally Oppal denied huge amounts of highly relevant evidence from being admitted to the inquiry. He denied important witnesses from testifying. He stopped the lawyer for the missing women’s families from discussing the Hells angels known presence on the Pickton Farm.

What could Dave Pickton tell us? Well he told the police where the bodies were buried so the police wouldn’t dig up his whole farm and find out what else they had buried in there. The fact that the Hells Angels had a grow op on site as well as an illegal booze can was highly relevant. The fact that various police agencies had the Hells angels on the Pickton farm under surveillance is very relevant. Refusing to make that evidence public was treason. Wally Oppal is a scoundrel who has committed treason and in so doing has become an accessory to murder.

The only good thing that came from this inquiry is the public discussion of the evidence that Wally Oppal refused to admit. The Hells Angels’ involvement with the Pickton Farm was significant and now the world finally knows it.

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Justice denied

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Postmedia Genocide Continues

J-Source is reporting that "The Vancouver Sun and The Province newsroom is much smaller after today. On March 24, a number of staff were handed their layoff notices. Postmedia's intention to layoff 54 staff in Vancouver, where the two newspaper's newsrooms were merged last year, was announced on March 10. On March 23, Harold Munro, the editor-in-chief of the Sun and The Province, sent a note to the newsroom explaining that layoffs would begin the next day."

The article then lists varies twitter posts from numerous reporters who received layoff notices some after working 20 years expressing their concern with the decision.

Even Kim Bolan points out that the layoffs occurred despite profits made from readers and advertisers. That's because when corporate monopolies are concerned profits are never enough. There always needs to be an increase in profits at all costs. Even at the cost of losing any and all unique identity and the risk of turning all the unique news outlets into one homogeneous clone show of each other. Clearly the clone wars have begun.

Mike Hager came up with an interesting observation. He said the massive layoff was a huge opportunity for other news outlets to scoop up great young journalists. Very true, only what other news outlets? With all the Postmedia mergers almost all the news outlets in Western canada are owned by the same entity. Other than myself and the Gangsters out News syndicate the only independent news agencies left here are the Tyhee, the Epoch News and the CBC.

As I said after the Surrey Leader Genocide, all these layoffs create an opportunity for the private market to start a new news agency. Supply and demand. All the qualified journalists could form their own company and create a new online digital newspaper like the White rock Sun and stand independent of the media merger clone show.

This article fro J-Source is two months old. I missed it because it wasn't in the main stream media. I ran across it when researching a recent obscene article the Vancouver Province ran promoting Wally Oppal again. Wally Oppal was a criminal. That's why criminal respected him.

I have nothing against Kevin Griffin. I'm just pointing out that the recent article he wrote promoting such a flaming scoundrel is a sign of the times with regards to all the Postmedia layoffs within the Vancouver Sun and Province. Everyone is afraid of losing their job and will print whatever obscene trash Harold Munro tells them to write.

I was astounded when the Vancouver sun started promoting Wally Oppal to be the head of the Missing Woman inquiry. That was obscene. Wally Oppal was a crappy judge and did an even worse job as Attorney General of BC covering up th flaming flaws in the BC Injustice system. So much so, Vern Penner and the Aldergrove Judicial review board posted a huge sign on a flat deck truck saying recall Wally Oppal.

Wally Oppal's destruction of the missing woman's inquiry was offensive to the victims, the families of the victims and the public who paid his wages expecting justice to be delivered when he did the opposite. As soon as the Hells Angels were mentioned, he shut down the inquiry and turned it into a less adversarial panel discussion where he could more effectively censor what evidence was submitted to the inquiry. After that he was seen giving a member of the Hells Angels a big hug in public.

So now Harold Munro's clone soldiers are once again promoting the same criminal for an new political position. That is obscene. Perhaps Harold Munro should get his pink slip and they should give the job to Wayne Morality who is much more qualified in the eyes of the public. Now that is supply and demand. If the big newspapers fail to deliver objective journalism, it's time for the consumers to g somewhere else. All the money from corporate advertising will not benefit them if none of their readers believe their offensive trash. Harold Munro, take the buy out and disappear.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pickton Inquiry Report is a Fraud

Wally the limp fish Oppal blamed the police for failing to arrest Robert Pickton sooner. Yet we all know that circus side show was a fraud and that the public inquiry wasn’t public. Aside from being in a position of conflict of interest right from the get go, and aside from his offensive side job in a slasher movie, Wally Oppal censored the inquiry and shut it down as soon as other possible suspects were mentioned which was highly relevant to the mandate of a Missing woman inquiry.

Wally blamed the police for such a disaster from happening while he himself was the root of the cause of it happening again which we have seen in Whalley recently. There was a great deal of information about the Hells Angels involvement on the Pickton farm that came to light during the inquiry and Wally ruled that information inadmissible. He then shut the inquiry down and transformed it into a less “adversarial” panel discussion to prevent key witnesses from testifying.

The judge’s instructions to the jury in the Pickton trial was that they could find him guilty even if he wasn’t the only suspect. He even went so far as to say they could find him guilty even if he wasn’t the primary suspect, just and active participant. On that basis he was convicted. Any missing woman’s inquiry needs to ask what other suspects were involved if it sincerely hopes to prevent that tragedy from reoccurring. Wally Oppal isn’t just a fraud, he is now an accomplice to murder.

Wally Opal is the last person on earth to make any recommendations about a Regional police force. Neither the RCMP nor the city police forces want that. That is something we can objectively look at but we should not let that distract us from Wally Oppal's criminal failures in the commission.

Police Negligence

I will however, say a word about police negligence in this case which went far beyond apathy and indifference. When a witness accused Willy Pickton of murdering a prostitute, a member of the Coquitlam RCMP went to Willy on the farm, told him about the accusation and told him the name of the witness. That was a crime. That officer should be charged and that whole tarnished detachment should be under review.

There are two mayor concerns on the table. The first is the overwhelming climate of unprofessionalism that permeated the RCMP as well as the VPD at the time. It was far more widespread in the RCMP. It was a climate of sexual harassment. Don Ray is the epitome of that dark reality. Catherine Galliford was the public face of the police investigation into the Pickton case. Her testimony about the ongoing sexual harassment she experienced by that investigation team is astounding. It was a climate of unprofessionalism that was rampant. Likewise, members of the VPD were accused of blackmailing prostitutes into having sex with them. Telling them if they didn’t have sex with the police officer, the officer would arrest them for prostitution. That’s the first concern. The climate of unprofessional that was pervasive.

The second concern is the huge cover up. The police covered up the Hells angels involvement on the Pickton Farm because the Hells Angels were under investigation at the time and they didn’t want to come across as having bungled that investigation which they clearly did. Just like Operation Phoenix. So the Hells Angels involvement with Dave Pickton and the farm was extensive and that fact was obsessively covered up by the police during the inquiry. Relevant police reports were not admitted as evidence in the not very public inquiry.

The Globe and Mail reported that the inquiry will hear that off-duty officers “frequented” Piggy’s Palace, that evidence was not submitted. We all know about the Jim Brown scandal. The police assisted that cover up by raiding the whistleblowers home.

Obviously the other purpose of the fake inquiry was to give the police a slap on the wrist and absolve them of any legal liability for telling Pickton the name of a witness who made allegations about him and for covering up the fact that they bungled the investigation into the Hells Angels involvement with Dave Pickton and the farm. I know paying the families of the victims compensation would cost a lot of money, yet that is no excuse for withholding evidence in the inquiry. Since there was no public inquiry perhaps civil litigation is the only remaining avenue to get a full disclosure of that important evidence Wally Oppal denied.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Victoria PD Sexual Misconduct cover up

I Heart Radio is reporting that "The Police Complaints Commissioner has ordered a public hearing into allegations of sexual misconduct by an off duty member of the Victoria Police Department. After an independent investigation was carried out by the Vancouver Police Department -- and the Commissioner then referred the matter to a retired judge for review."

"However the Complainant requested a public hearing as material witnesses weren't given the chance to testify at the proceeding. The Commissioner has now decided it's in the public interest to hold a Public Hearing. Retired Supreme Court Justice Wally Oppal has been appointed to preside over the hearing. No date has been set."

Wally Oppal? AYFKM? That clown should be in jail.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pickton Red Herring Inquiry

Speaking of the Pickton Red Herring Inquiry led by Wally the limp fish Oppal, let's take a look at the Red Herring mandate. Some say the mandate of the inquiry is to find out why the police took so long in finding the Pickton murderer and if the police did in fact fail to make it a priority because the victims were drug addicted prostitutes. The apparent mandate of the inquiry is to find out why justice was delayed.

I call it the red herring mandate because justice was never served. There are a lot of unanswered questions that will never be answered by the inquiry because of it's limited mandate. Funding isn't the issue. All the anti poverty groups can still participate with their own worker advocates. The Province said they're not going to pick up the legal fees for each and every group. Which is kind of understandable yet somewhat hypocritical given the millions spent on the Bassi Virk defense fraud.

The Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs and the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council say they have several concerns with the inquiry, including the narrow terms of reference and the appointment of former B.C. attorney general Wally Oppal as the commissioner.

No kidding. Wally Oppal is a former judge and the former AG. Aside from him being a limp fish on justice which likely played a significant role in why he was not reelected, it is a conflict of interest. When Jim Chu addressed the public at the Carnegie centre locals said they do not support Wally Oppal heading the commission.

Yet the real issue is the mandate of the inquiry. It's an inquiry into the police investigation. It has nothing to do with a public release of all the evidence that led them to believe there might have been other offenders and it has nothing to do with making public any and all evidence that caused the Crown to ask Robert Pickton on the stand if the Hells Angels were involved.

My argument all along was that all reports claimed Robert Pickton was slow and deferred to his brother Dave who ran the pig farm. I did not believe that Robert Pickton could have been the mastermind behind all those murders and do so without the knowledge of his brother Dave. There's no way he could have hid it from him.

Well low and behold the court hears that Dave Pickton did in fact have foreknowledge of the murders on the farm. In January of 2007 the court heard that The brother of accused serial-killer Robert "Willie" Pickton told police he knew about "bodies" and showed investigators where to look.

So not only was Dave Pickton convicted of sexual assault on that same farm and was accused in a second sexual assault on the farm, he admitted he had foreknowledge of bodies buried on the farm only he claimed Dinah Taylor was responsible. Yeah right. If he knew about the bodies, he was involved. Not only does that make him a suspect it makes him culpable because hiding a murder makes you an accomplice to murder.

The whole issue of the involvement of the Hells Angels has not been addressed in court. The crown asked Robert if the Hells angels were involved and he said no. Would he have said yes if they were? What made the crown ask that question? The defense submitted that there was considerable association between Dave Pickton and the Hells Angels. The witness that was supposed to testify to the fact that Hells Angels attended parties at Piggy's Palace was chased out of town and never testified. Later a musician told the Vancouver Province that Hells Angels were there all the time. That evidence was never submitted to the court.

Then there's the grow op. The Court also heard that police believed a marijuana grow-op in an unlicensed "booze can" across the street from the Pickton farm was connected to the Hells Angels. I'm assuming the booze can was Piggy Palace. This is the first I heard of a grow op on site. We know the Hells angels have a long history of using violence to take over grow ops in BC.

I realize the likelihood of convicting anyone else in this case is highly unlikely especially if they were members of a criminal organization. Nevertheless, the public inquiry should be public. That means the evidence in the voir dire - anything and everything that gave suspicion of organized accomplices should also be made public. That won't cost a cent. Especially with the news of Juel Stanton's involvement with someone from the Surrey House of Horrors where dna from one of the Pickton victims buried on the farm was found.

It is a bizarre twist to hear that Geoff Meisner's father was involved in the Pickton investigation. His son later became involved with the Hells Angels and the Kingpin crew in Kelowna. Geoff went missing in 2009 and was legally pronounced dead by the courts in 2010. I don't think it's related I just think it's bizarre. That was another tragic case. Too many people have died from organized crime. It's time to make the evidence public.

“All the attention so far has been on Mr. Pickton … but now there should be discussions about others who may have been involved and played a role,” Mr. Crey said. “I don’t mean to sound bitter, but I think [the Christy Clark government] should be sensitive and respond to the families who want to see more done. … They need to take another look at it and try to decide if other charges should be pursued.”

Just ask anyone in Maple Ridge. I am told that not only did the Hells agnels attend parties at Piggy's Palace and have a grow op on site, witnesses claim the Hells Agnels ran the bar. That needs to be addressed.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Pickton's book censored

OK so everyone is freaking out about the fact that Robert Pickton wrote a book about how he was set up and everyone panicked and got it taken off amazon. That wasn' very bright. We know two things. We know Robert Pickton isn't innocent and we know that Robert Pickton didn't act alone. Censoring that fact yet again is not in the public interest.

In the trial, the judge gave instructions to the jury. He said the jury could convicted Robert Pickton of murder even if he wasn't the only suspect. Not only that, the judge said they could convict "Willie" even if he wasn't the main suspect, just an active participant. I.E. disposed of the bodies other people murdered. When the Hells Angels were mentioned in the Mission Woman's inquiry Wally Oppal shut it down and turned it into a Panel discussion where he could more easily censor evidence. Like how Willie was picking up prostitutes to go to a "Biker" party on his farm.

Wally Oppal also denied evidence claiming that a well known Hells Angels hang out called the Surrey House of Horrors had a bus that went to the Pickton Farm for parties with free drugs. All that evidence was censored by Wally Oppal.

The fake inquiry was suposed to hear evidence that off duty police officers attended parties at Piggy's Palace. Wally Opal prevented that evidence from being submitted. He should be in jail for the obstruction of justice. He claimed that the purpose of the fake inquiry was not to discuss the possibility of other suspects. Given the instructions of the judge to the jury which Robert Pickton's conviction was based on demands other suspects be examined. The fact that Dianne Rock was gang raped on the farm means we are morally bound to investigate other suspects.

HGH is a popular steroid used at the gym and in the UFC. When it first came out it was made from human cadavers. Another new book about the Pickton farm is called Jesus of Vancouver: The Left Coast Memoirs by Michael Goodliffe. It’s not a religious book. It talks about the young boys involved in the Vancouver sex trade. It also talks about a steroid called Human Growth Hormone, or, HGH. Prior to its production by recombinant DNA technology, it was extracted from the pituitary glands of cadavers (dead human bodies). Goodliffe claims he was told at the time Pickton sold body parts to make the steroid.

Was Robert Pickton capable of extracting the pituitary glands of cadavers? Yes he was. Was he capable of making HGH? No he wasn't. Once again that implicates other suspects as well.

Robert's brother Dave knew where the bodies were buried. There is no way he could have known that without being an accessory. We can thank CSIS for giving Dave Pickton immunity despite the fact that he was also charged with sexual assault on the same farm and convicted of a previous sexual assault. Dave Pickton's association with Jim Brown still needs to be addressed.

Of course the other definitive boo on the Pickton case is On the Farm by Stevie Cameron.The book was revised after the publication ban was lifted and contains references to evidence submitted in the trial. That's where I heard about Diane Rock's friend Janice Edwards testimony. I actually obtained a transcript of her testimony and posted it online.

The book On the Farm is very clear about the Hells Angels prolific involvement with Piggy's Palace and the Pickton farm. Page 137 of the book On the Farm states: "But the truth is that almost all the people in the community knew the Palace as a wild party place with drugs and prostitutes. And everyone knew that the bikers who attended usually finished the parties at their own place across from the Pickton farm, a clubhouse that had become infamous as a booze can serving alcohol and drugs to members and friends. By the end of 1996 the neighbourhood became known in criminal circles as a biker area, one controlled by the Hells Angels."

"Off duty police officers attended the parties and so did city officials." (p 136) "He was worried they were going to get busted at the Palace... But the place was full of cops too, lots of them, all in plainclothes." (p 138) Dave Picktonm as we all know, was a Hells Angels associate.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spotlight on the Pickton Inquiry

As the missing women inquiry draws to a fiery conclusion, every day we read new testimony about how the Hells Angels were tied to the Pickton farm. In fact that is the reason the public inquiry was shut down and transformed into a panel discussion instead of an inquiry.

David Cameron was the champion of justice and Wally Oppal was the snake in the grass scoundrel that censored the inquiry. We had expected that from him. He was likely the worst possible choice to head the inquiry. He fell before Gordon Campbell did because people were upset with what a lousy job he did as AG. Now he’s a giggling Austin Powers as he promotes his new acting career whilst committing welfare fraud at the missing women’s expense.

Most recently we read of three developments. A former sex trade worker recently testified at the inquiry that Pickton had invited her to a biker party on the farm. She said he referred to it as a biker party. We knew Hells Angels attended parties at Piggy’s palace. Pickton referring to it as a biker party would imply they were in charge. We found out that the Hells Angels had a grow op and ran an illegal booze can on site.

Last month the Vancouver Observer reported on a retired nurse named Bonnie Fournier who worked in the Downtown Eastside since 1968 but hasn't been allowed to testify at the Missing Women Inquiry. She had workered with numerous sex trade workers in the DTES for years. Late one night in 2000 she said she saw a black shape being dragged out the passenger side of a large vehicle on Cordova Street which turned out to be a person. If the truck Fournier saw was his, it meant Pickton had an accomplice. She asked the woman if it was him. “I can't say, because I'd be dead,” she told Fournier. “They'll kill me.” They implies more than one person. Wally opal has not allowed her to testify at the inquiry. He should be charged with obstruction of justice.

What’s even more disturbing is the testimony of another witness Bonnie Fournier was working with. “Sharon” said she was in Surrey, shoplifting at a mall -- she supported her drug addiction by stealing, not prostitution, Fournier said -- when two women who knew her from the Downtown Eastside approached and invited her to a party, “with free booze and drugs.” The women went to a “well-known Hells Angels spot” located on the King George Highway, just before it enters Surrey: a rental house they called the “House of Pain.” (We know it as the Surrey House of Horrors. that would have been on 108 Ave just off king George around the corner from Gus' shop)

“They went there, and then were moved by station wagon or van – 'We're going to a party with good music,'” Fournier was told. “They were taken to the (Pickton) farm from this house in Surrey. “After they got to the farm, Sharon said everyone was into the drugs – lots of drugs. When they pulled in there, she got a gut feeling that this was scary. . . she got a gut feeling and bolted from the car and ran to Lougheed Highway. She was picked up by a bus on Lougheed and given a ride in to Vancouver by a sympathetic driver.”

We know Yvonne Marie Boen's DNA was found at the Surrey house of horrors as well as on Pickton's Pig Farm. To hear new testimony of a van taking people from the House of Horrors in Surrey to a Hells Angels party at the Pickton farm is disturbing indeed.

The third new piece of information recently reported in the media is the fact that the police had the Hells angels on the Pickton farm under surveillance and they didn’t want to mention that over optics. They didn't want to be accused of bungling their job.

Bungling their job? That’s an interesting choice of words. Aside from meaning legal liability, it also implies leaking out information about a police operation that went bad. It sure sounds a lot like Operation Phoenix to me. I wonder if that is the operation they are talking about. Gary Bass, the former RCMP deputy commissioner in B.C., agreed during testimony Wednesday that several police operations were targeting the motorcycle gang in the Lower Mainland during that time.

Cameron Ward, the lawyer for two dozen family members of the murdered and missing women, suggested the women were taken to parties at Piggy’s Palace, given drugs and later killed on the Pickton farm. “The RCMP’s organized crime agency was simultaneously conducting intelligence operations on the Hells Angels members and the associates who were frequenting the area. Does that sound accurate?” Ward asked.

“I’ve never seen any reports or had any briefings that indicated something like that was happening,” Bass replied. But the records created by the many RCMP agencies investigating the gang haven’t been made available, Ward said. In fact, not only has important evidence been deemed inadmissible, numerous exhibits on the Inquiry’s web site are censored and deemed restricted. That is not a public inquiry.

This is where Wally Oppal committed treason and became an accomplice to murder. He stopped Cameron Ward from asking questions about the Hells Angels presence at the Pickton farm. He denied disclosure of police documents concerning their surveillance of the Hells Angels on the Pickton farm. Oppal said there was no connection between David Pickton, the Hells Angels and Piggy’s Palace and the mandate of the inquiry. That is absurd.

There is no connection between Dave Pickton, the Hells Angels and Piggy Palace with his red hearing mandate but there most certainly is within the real mandate of the inquiry. May I remind the court that the real name of this public inquiry is the Missing Women Inquiry. It is an inquiry about why so many women went missing and how we can prevent that from happening again.

Robert Pickton was convicted of murder on the premise that he may not have been the only person involved in the murders. In fact the judge’s instructions to the jury went so far as to say they could convict Robert Pickton even if he wasn’t the prime suspect, as long as he was an active participant. When new evidence comes forward about possible accessories in the murders and Wally Oppal buries that evidence then he becomes an accessory to murder.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Wally Oppal scams the RCMP transition committee

Post Media Trash is reporting that Wally Oppal, the criminal "in charge of a joint provincial-city committee tasked with overseeing Surrey’s transition from the RCMP to its own police force says Mayor Doug McCallum is incorrect in his claim that the work will be finished by Dec. 11 and ready for Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth’s perusal."

We knew placing him as the chair of that committee was a fraud. Wally Oppal should be in jail. Post Media Trash supported him to chair the Pickton Inquiry. We knew that was the wrong choice because he totally screwed up as AG for BC. As soon as the Hells Angels were mentioned, he shut down the inquiry and turned it into a less adversarial panel discuss so he could more easily block evidence and prevent the Hells Angels from being discussed. God help us. No one else will.

Welcome to Beautiful British Columbia. The most corrupt province in the country.

Surrey's South Asian temple leaders push solicitor general to let city replace RCMP

Public consultation happened at the election. We voted for Skytain and a Municipal police force.

RCMP budget fraud becomes a criminal act

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Justice Denied

The other day I was driving back to Surrey from Abbotsford and I saw a huge sign at the side of the freeway that brought a smile to my face. Instantly I knew who put it there and it wasn’t me. There’s an activist from Aldergrove who is big on signs and T-shirts. He made the big recall Wally Oppal sign on a flatdeck and showed up at several local rallies with signs that said Judges are the Problem. He even made several T-shirts about judicial failures in BC including his 100% Contempt for BC Judges.

This particular activist got involved with a local group striving for judicial reform. That group is passionate about correcting the problem and is striving to be politically correct in it’s approach. Once in a while he gets frustrated and goes off on his own and makes a new sign. I applaud his work. They started off with property theft. A huge theft spree in their community was committed by one or two people and they all knew who it was. The judges kept giving him a slap on the wrist and letting him reoffend. Jamie Pool I believe was his name.

It’s not hard to see and understand their frustration. The VPD put out a video about chronic offenders. How the more crimes they commit the less jail time they serve. Kind of the direct opposite of what one would normally expect. The situation is so bad that the VPS came up with a 30 strikes and you’re out as opposed to the three strikes program in the States. As it stands the situation is pathetic. They came out with the recall Wally Oppal sign because he said everything was fine with the BC Judicial System. Not.

I heard him speak at the public safety rally in Port Moody where the public expressed their concerns about a rash of gang shootings in their neighborhood. His position was that judges are the problem. The panel kind of gave him the rolly eyes to which he responded these people commit crime and the judge keep letting them go, how is that not the judges problem?

Some people rationalize the situation and claim it’s not the judge’s fault it’s the laws that need to change and those laws are federal. Yet Ontario has the same laws that we do and they don’t have the same problem with judicial dysfunction. Clearly he does have a valid point. Many of the judges in BC are horrible and we have no mechanism in place to get rid of bad judges. Peter Leask is a prime example. I heard “they” didn’t let him do criminal cases any more. Then “they” are admitting there was a problem with his ridiculous decisions.

Right now the biggest judicial failure in BC is the Jamie Kehoe case. The police have the suspect and they have witnesses. We even have a body that he did murder by slitting his throat with a knife. Yet the police let him go because the crown thought there was a chance they might not get a conviction. Not proceeding with that trial is the most evil and criminally negligent act in the history of this province. There simply is no excuse for that. Just like if they don’t proceed with charges against the man who got out of his car and stabbed Kyle Yellowbird. God help them if they don’t proceed with charges in that case. That innocent blood will be on their hands.

It means Canada is a place where justice is denied and our friend is quite right. Every unjust sentence, or in this case every unjust failure to proceed with charges, bullies the victim. Losing a child is a horrible thing to experience. Denying justice prevents the healing process. The Laura Szendrei murder was a horrible tragedy. It would have been equally outrageous if the crown didn’t proceed with charges in her murder. Even then we had a suspect who showed no remorse for the murder and had a high likelihood of reoffending.

The ridiculous consequences in Canada for violent crime like murder and rape is a separate issue. We can’t even get the crown to proceed with charges so the accused murderers can get a slap on the wrist. Instead the crown gives the families of the victim and public safety a slap in the face. That diminishes all of us. Letting Katherine Quin free after her documented involvement in orchestrating the murder of Matthew Martins was another human tragedy. That's why Wally Oppal was fired as AG and why he should not have presided at the missing woman inquiry. He couldn't see the forest through the trees. Either that or he deliberately hid it. Which again re instills our friend's claim that the Revolving doors makes judges accomplices. Just as it does when crown fails to proceed with charges because they think they might not succeed.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Pickton Inquiry continues to Crumble

The Missing Women Commission of Inquiry was dealt another blow to its credibility Monday with the withdrawal of the last lawyer who speaks for First Nations.

Virtually all key women’s and community groups had already pulled out of the inquiry after they were denied legal funding to analyze 100,000 pages of documents. Robyn Gervais, appointed last Aug. 12 as “independent counsel for aboriginal interests,” left the inquiry after commissioner Wally Oppal refused to hear her statement.

The Missing Women Commission of Inquiry has lost any remaining credibility with the aboriginal community after the withdrawal of a lawyer representing aboriginal interests, the leader of B.C.'s chiefs said Tuesday. "It has no credibility," Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, president of Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs, told reporters.

"Given that these hearings are largely about missing and murdered aboriginal women, I feel I shouldn't have to fight to have the voices of the aboriginal heard," said Gervais, who is Metis.

"The delay in calling aboriginal witnesses, the failure to provide adequate hearing time, the ongoing lack of support from the aboriginal community and the disproportionate focus on police evidence have led me to conclude that aboriginal interests have not and will not be adequately represented in these proceedings," Gervais told Oppal.

"While I recognize that it is necessary to hear from police, I became increasingly concerned that you would not hear from aboriginal witnesses," Gervais told Oppal. She said the inquiry has sat for 53 days, has heard 39 days of police evidence and minimal evidence from the aboriginal community.

Oppal pointed out that there has been much criticism of police and the commission wants to correct the mistakes made in the past. He also agreed with Gervais, who complained that of 24 lawyers at the inquiry, most were representing police at taxpayers expense.

Sad but it is clear that Wally Oppal is just in it to scam a pay cheque without allowing the real issues to be discussed. Like the underlining cause of the murder of Ashley Machiskinic.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Anthony Terezakis and Piggy's Palace

I picked up a book about the Pickton Farm a blog reader recommended called On the Farm by Stevie Cameron. I must say it is very informative. So I open up at the chapter on Piggy's Palace and read how closely involved the Hells Angels were with the Pickton farm and Piggy's Palace.

Dave Pickton claimed "he used Tony from White Knight Security for all his parties. He's an Angel. A Hells Angel." (Page 135) Dave was referring to Anthony Terezakis! The Hells Angels associate who was selling drugs in East Vancouver for the club and filmed himself beating the life out of crack addicts who owed him money.

However, White Knight Security was a reputable security firm run by a different Tony. Tony C not Tony T. Tony C was not affiliated with the HAs Tony T was. It is highly unlikely White Knight Security had anything to do with Piggy's Palace. However, the author states Dave referred to Tony Terezakis and that was a direct quote from him.

The book is very clear about the Hells Angels prolific involvement with Piggy's Palace and the Pickton farm. That's what bugs me. To my knowledge none of that was ever admitted in Willie's trial. The Vancouver Province ran an article about how a band member who played at Piggy's Palace said Hells Angels attended parties there all the time. He never testified in court. The Vancouver Province reported at the time how a woman was going to testify to that fact in court but bikers showed up at her home during the trial and she left town without testifying so none of that evidence was ever submitted to court.

When that evidence was submitted to the Missing Woman Inquiry Wally Oppal shut down the inquiry and turned it into a Panel Discussion. He banned any evidence about the Hells Angels from being admitted. I didn't realize Dave bought land on Tannery Road in Surrey for his P&B business. That's near the Jesters clubhouse.

Page 137 of the book On the Farm states: "But the truth is that almost all the people in the community knew the Palace as a wild party place with drugs and prostitutes. And everyone knew that the bikers who attended usually finished the parties at their own place across from the Pickton farm, a clubhouse that had become infamous as a booze can serving alcohol and drugs to members and friends. By the end of 1996 the neighbourhood became known in criminal circles as a biker area, one controlled by the Hells Angels."

"Off duty police officers attended the parties and so did city officials." (p 136) "He was worried they were going to get busted at the Palace... But the place was full of cops too, lots of them, all in plainclothes." (p 138) Diane Rock had vanished in October. Her boyfriend was a 34 year old longshoreman named Vince McMurchy who treated her like dirt. The book claims he said she was a piece of crap and was better off dead. (p 365) I want to follow up on the Diane Rock story. From what I hear it will blow the lid off the cover up completely.

The Diane Rock story is tied to Bill Fordy, Don Adam and Bob Paulson who are friends and associates of Craig Callens who was from Prince George during the time of David Ramsay. Bob Paulson knows something important about the Diane Rock story that was never admitted to court. That is likely why Cameron Ward wanted him to testify at the Mission Woman Inquiry and why Wally Oppal forbid it. The day will come when the Diane Rock story will be told. reported that Bill Hiscox claimed the "special events" convened at Piggy Palace--a converted building at the hog farm--where drunken raves that featured "entertainment" by an ever-changing cast of Downtown Eastside prostitutes. Sounds like there was more than one person watching the entertainment. Police telling Pickton the name of informants was astounding.

The Diane Rock Story

The book On the Farm stats that "Janice Edwards talked to the police about her friend and co-worker Diane Rock, whom she had picked up, hysterical and bleeding, at a gas station in Port Coquitlam in August 2001. Dianne had described being raped repeatedly in a cellar at the Pickton farm, Edwards told them; she shared everything she could remember about their conversation. Constable Sandra Lavallee drove her to the gas station where she remembered having picked up Diane." (Page 535) This incident happened before Diane Rock went missing in October 2001.

Diane Rock was hysterical and bleeding. She claimed that she was "raped repeatedly" in a cellar at the Pickton farm before she went missing. Raped repeatedly by one person? Willie Pickton? No that is not what she said. What she really did say is paramount to the investigation.

The book On the Farm later states that "Wilie Pickton was back in court on June 30, 2003, when the preliminary hearing resumed. This time the judge listened to days of testimony from 'last seen' witnesses, people who had been identified as the last people to see a victim before she disappeared... Vince McMurchy, Diane Rock's former boyfriend, was one of these; so was her friend Janice Edwards, who picked her up after Diane had been tied up and raped by several men in a building on the Pickton farm." (Page 629)

One step closer to the truth. This time we hear that Diane Rock claimed she was repeatedly raped by several men on the Pickton farm. This clearly implicates more than one suspect but there's more. She named two groups of men that raped her. A claim that Bob Paulson didn't believe. One that he, Bill Fordy and Don Adam all covered up completely.

No doubt the inclusion of Janice Edwards evidence that Diane Rock was gang raped by several men on the Pickton Farm was what led the judge to tell the jury they could convict Robert Pickton of murder even if he wasn't the only suspect or even the main suspect. They could convict him if he was just an active participant which they did. However, the integrity of a Missing Woman's inquiry would look at this evidence implicating other suspects not cover it up like Wally Oppal did.

What about this cellar at the Pickton farm where Diane Rock was gang raped? What else did the police find in it? Was Big Tony making more movies there too? What was this DVD pertinent to the Picktonm investigation the police thought Jim Brown had? Please advise.

I guess Mom Boucher wasn't the only one who broke the no rape rule.

Finian Commission uncovers the Pickton cover up

Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Mind of a Serial Killer

There has been a lot of talk in the media about this farm outside Salmon Arm where human remains have been found. Police are continuing to search for more bodies given the fact that five women have gone missing in that area recently.

Curtis Wayne Sagmoen, who lives on the farm owned by his parents was arrested last week after an escort was allegedly threatened Aug. 28 with a shotgun near the Sagmoen farm at 2290 Salmon River Rd. The Vancouver Sun is reporting that he is originally from Maple ridge. Big surprise. The land of Piggy's Palace and the Pickton farm. In 2013, there were two assaults against women on a trail near this townhouse.

The bottom line is that Robert Pickton did not act alone. Dianne Rock claimed she was gang raped on the Pickton farm. That would implicate more than one suspect. When that evidence was submitted in court, the judge gave instructions to the jury stating that they could convict Robert Pickton of the murders even if he didn't act alone. The judge even went so far as to instruct the jury that they could convict Willie even if he wasn't the prime suspect just an active participant. That was astounding.

What's even more astounding is how Wally Oppal shut down the Missing Women's Inquiry after the Hells Angels were mentioned and turned it into a Panel Discussion where he could more easily censor key evidence.

Willie's brother Dave Pickton knew where bodies were buried. He agreed to tell the police where some of the bodies were buried so the police wouldn't dig up the whole farm. There is no way Dave Pickton could have known where bodies were buried without being criminally culpable in those murders. We can thank CSIS for giving Dave Pickton immunity.

In 1999, a woman claimed she was violently assaulted by Dave Pickton in his home. The woman claimed he bound her limbs to the bed using bungee cords and tried to shove pills in her mouth. Sgt. Dan Almas said he was aware of that allegation, and agreed that pills and bungee cords were found in a search of Dave Pickton's bedroom but stated "Someone who is alleged to have committed a serious sexual assault does not a murderer make."

Personal Privilege: A Timetable of Events

Since the subject of serial killers has come up again and since the Pickton Farm was the scene of the most prolific serial killers in Canadian history, I will present a timeline of events so we can all see exactly what I am saying and what I am not saying.

There was absolutely no evidence produced in court during the Pickton trial implicating the Hells Angels. That's because everyone was too scared to testify. There was a great deal of evidence implicating the Hells Angels presented at the Missing Women's Inquiry but Wally Oppal threw it all out and would not let it be admitted.

During Robert Pickton's trial the Vancouver Province ran an article about a woman who was going to testify that she had frequently seen members of the Hells Angels wearing colours at Piggy's Palace. The woman told the Vancouver Province that right before she was suposed to testify in court, "Bikers" showed up at her home so she left town and did not testify.

The Vancouver Province then ran an article quoting someone that played in a band at Piggy's Palace and said members of the Hells Angels were there wearing colours all the time.

Stevie Cameron's book On the Farm states: "But the truth is that almost all the people in the community knew the Palace as a wild party place with drugs and prostitutes. And everyone knew that the bikers who attended usually finished the parties at their own place across from the Pickton farm, a clubhouse that had become infamous as a booze can serving alcohol and drugs to members and friends. By the end of 1996 the neighbourhood became known in criminal circles as a biker area, one controlled by the Hells Angels." (page 137)

The book also states that "Off duty police officers attended the parties and so did city officials." (p 136) "He was worried they were going to get busted at the Palace... But the place was full of cops too, lots of them, all in plainclothes." (p 138) The Missing Women's Inquiry was supposed to hear evidence that off duty police officers attended parties at Piggy's Palace but Wally Opal did not let that evidence ever be admitted.

So let's review the scene. A coworker of mine lived in the area at the time and said they used to have parties on the Pickton Farm all the time. They used to call it the Dominion because that is the name of the street it was on. Everyone who was anyone was there. He also said it was the place to be if you were under age and wanted to drink.

Later two after hours opened up across the street. Dave ran Piggy's Palace. It was dirty. The coworker of mine said the place creeped him out. He said it was full of greasy bikers that would stare at your date if you brought one. A blog reader of mine who used to be loosely affiliated with the club said that Piggy's Palace was dirtier as f*ck. You knew something was going on there that wasn't quite right. He was a big man and still felt uncomfortable there.

Another coworker of mine laughed and said yes he had been to Piggy's Palace. He said it was the cheapest beer in town. It was an after hours bar run by Dave Pickton who was a Hells Angels associate. Another after hours bar just down the street was run by Jessie, Spikes son. It was a lot different than Piggy's Palace. It was a regular after hours. People would go there after Roosters closed down. It was a lot higher end than Piggy's Palace.

Do I think Jessie was gang raping and killing crack hoes on the Pickton Farm? No I do not. His after hours was close by but was totally separate. Do I think patrons at Piggy's Palace were gang raping and killing crack hoes? I most certainly do. Dianne Rock claimed she was gang raped on the Pickton Farm. That would implicate more than one suspect.

It took me a lot of effort to get a copy of Janice Edwards' testimony at the Pickton Trial. Even thought the publication ban had been lifted they still didn't want to give it to me. After legal action was discussed with the Chief Justice the clerk's office allowed me to have a copy which I posted.

The key element of the Dianne Rock story missing from Janice's testimony in court was that Dianne Rock claimed she was gang raped on the Pickton Farm by bikers and by cops. Bob Paulson didn't believe her. He was too busy with "other" things. That is why she left police custody and ended up dead.

I do not believe all Hells Angels were gang raping and murdering crack hoes on the Pickton Farm any more than I believe all police officers were. However, I do believe some Hells Angels and associates were and I do believe some cops were. Not all cops were involved but but some definitely were. It is unfortunate the Missing Women's Inquiry Wally Oppal shut down did not hear which off duty police officers were attending parties at Piggy's Palace. It is even more disappointing that the new Missing Women's Inquiry won't even look at that evidence either.

Cameron Ward is a credible lawyer. He was the champion of Justice during the Missing Woman's Inquiry. He cited witnesses claims that they had seen a picture floating around of retired Coquitlam RCMP officer Jim Brown in a threesome with David Pickton.

Jim Brown filed a court application against Cameron Ward and the whistleblower for defamation. The Coquitlam RCMP then kicked in the whistleblower's door using an illegal search warrant and seized all the whistleblower's hard drives which were conveniently erased before they returned them to him. The Coquitlam RCMP destroyed crucial evidence in a criminal investigation and a civil court case. History has recorded that.

Cameron Ward wouldn't have cited the existence of that picture if he did not think his witnesses were credible. I have never met or spoken with Cameron Ward but I have spoken with two separate credible witnesses who both said they had seen the photo of Jim Brown and Dave Picton in a threeome. That picture did exist before the Coquitlam RCMP deleted it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Red Herring Pickton inquiry

Well the Wally Oppal Red Herring Pickton inquiry continues. Wally insists that he's not in a conflict of interest heading the inquiry even though he has been tied to the BC judicial system for so many years and said it was just fine. Activists in the East Van town hall meeting disagree and say they don't support him heading the inquiry.

I realize everyone is upset with the police these days and wants to blame them for delaying their feet in the Pickton investigation which resulted in the murder of more women. Yes they likely dropped the ball on that issue. However, the real issue isn't finding another scape goat to blame the atrocities on. The real issue is finding Pickton's accomplices.

It was the Crown that suggested Pickton did not act alone. His lawyer complained in the appeal and said the whole time the Crown's case was that Robert Pickton acted alone and was the mastermind that eluded police for so long in keeping all the murders secret. Then all of a sudden, right before deliberations the judge told the jury they could convict Robert even if he didn't act alone but was an active participant in the murders.

Indeed that opened a whole can of worms that is not being addressed at all by the Wally Oppal Red Herring Inquiry. Which really comes as no surprise. No doubt Wally would have done a great job for the Liberals overseeing the BC Rail scandal.

Interesting to note that according to Deputy Chief Doug LePard every officer involved in a management role during the investigation of Vancouver’s missing women in the late 1990s while serial killer Robert Pickton picked up women in the Downtown Eastside has retired. He claims "Mistakes were made and there are police officers who will be haunted by them for the rest of their lives.” Oh brother, not another scape goat. When will it end?

The retired officers have stated that they will cooperate with the inquiry. Do ya think if they weren't going to cooperate they would actually say so? What if they were under some sort of gag order? Would they be able to break the gag order for the inquiry or do they mean they will cooperate with the inquiry as best they can without breaking the gag order? Please advise.

Was there movie making equipment found on the farm? Yes or No. What happened to that evidence?

Pickton case in the news.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pickton Inquiry Folds into Panel Discussion

Well Wally Oppal is up to his dirty tricks again fulfilling the mandate of his Red Herring Inquiry. As soon as the Hells Angels are mentioned and as soon as Terry Blythe is mentioned, Wally chokes, the Inquiry folds and is transformed into a Panel discussion. He switched to a “less adversarial” panel approach so the Hells Angels aren't mentioned any more. Go figure. When will Wally Oppal stop committing welfare fraud by scamming the taxpayers out of truth and justice?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Recalling Wally Oppal

It is worth remembering why Wally Oppal was recalled through the democratic process by not being re elected. Two readers wrote in to the Province stating that in their opinion it was because of his refusal to deal with the sad state of the judicial system and his denial that is was fine:

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Spotlight on the BCIMC Fraud

Since this case exemplifies real estate corruption tied to the BC government I think it is important we review this important case at this crucial time. Jack English owned the Pacific Rim Resort campgrounds in Tofino for 30 years since 1984. The Pacific Rim Resort had 2800 feet of white sand beach, 214 acres and 1200 family campsites. It was the family business for 30 years.

Tofino is the launching point to the famous Clayoquot Sound, a protected biosphere that I have previously blogged about on more than one occasion. Tourism is it's largest source of revenue. Obviously the Pacific Rim Resort was a prime piece of real estate. Investors tried to get them to sell for 16 million when it was appraised at 60 million. They said no. It was their livelihood.

That's when things started to go wrong. Arsonists simultaneously burned down their home and two other buildings on the property all at once back in May of 2010. BC Hydro cut off access to the property August 10, 2010. The Municipality cut off their water and sewer. This made it impossible for them to operate the resort and maintain their source of revenue. As a result they obviously fell behind in the mortgage but with no access, and no business, they were unable to refinance and lost refinancing that was already approved, thus allowing BCIMC to steal their resort.. This allowed the BCIMC to obtain title to the property at a firesale price.

I previously blogged about this case back in 2013. Note the graffiti tag that was left behind after the arson attack. This isn't the graffiti tag from any known First Nations gang like Red Alert or the Manitoba Warriors. This isn't even First Nations. The characters are from an alphabet the French and English made up to record the local oral languages. No First Nations gang banger is going to know this alphabet. Only someone who went to university would. The graffiti tag was left behind to make it look like a First Nations gang when it obviously was not. Something much more sinister is involved here. It wasn't a First Nations gang that cut off their sewer, power and access bridge. It was BC Hydro and the City of Tofino.

Jack and his Family were betrayed by their lawyers.

The first lawyer to mess up was Jeff Scouten who misled Jack which Jack only learned of when Jack said he was going to file some documents for the court in the local registry in Nanaimo. Scouten told him not to because the case had been transferred to Kelowna. Jack was shocked and asked why as he would not consent to it. Scouten said the other party requested it and he agreed to it without telling Jack. That is when Jack fired Jeff Scouten.

Then, when Jack arrived at the court in Kelowna he discovered that Scouten had also consented to an immediate order of foreclosure. That means if Jack hadn't been on the ball, Scouten would have agreed to everything the lender wanted and more. They would have simply walked away with Jack’s property without any redemption period or opportunity to refinance whatsoever.

Jack then hired Boughton and Company in Vancouver, where former Attorney General Wally Oppal works. Not surprisingly, Boughton didn't do anything for him and charged him over $100,000. It was only after the foreclosure was over that Jack learned that the Province wanted his property to hand it off to his neighbours as part of a deal that would enrich Wally Oppal's pension. But it gets worse. In steps Greg Harney.

Jack English retained Greg Harney in Victoria to stop the wrongful foreclosure of his family business and home. They negotiated and agreed upon a fee of “$10,000 and two RV Sites close to the beach”. Greg went to court on two occasions and got a six month extension to the foreclosure. But then Greg tried to extort $1.2 million in legal fees from Jack for a few days work when Jack refused to go along with Greg’s demand that he sell their Resort to BCIMC for 15% of its’ appraised value. Jack contacted the President of the BC Law Society and complained that Harney was attempting to extort him and would not honour his fee agreement.

Jack refused to pay the extortionate amount. Harney quit the case and immediately commenced collection proceedings in court for this unbelievable bill where Harney's friend on the bench, a Master who is paid by the Provincial Government and who has his pension with BCIMC, decided the case in favour of Harney. Greg Harney previously said he would arrange refinancing for Jack with Greg Martel in Victoria who is believed to be involved in money laundering for one of the gangs connected to the Lindsay Buziak murder.

Jack is battling Harney in the Court of Appeal now. The case is nasty with documented evidence showing that Harney secretly filed fraudulent backdated documents just before the court hearing which is a criminal offence. But for some reason the appeal judges are ignoring this evidence and bending over backwards to protect Greg Harney who submitted the fraudulent bill.

Here's' the deal: There were two parcels of land. One was owned outright and the other still had a mortgage on it. After BCIMC stole the main parcel of land that had a mortgage through a serious of criminal acts that prevented Jack from earning a revenue to pay the mortgage, Greg Haney is now trying to steal the other parcel of land that Jack owned without a mortgage. I kid you not. There's a whole blog about that aspect of the fraud as well at That's why it is important to act now to prevent the family from being defrauded twice.

John Carten, a longtime family friend, acting on behalf of the English family contacted Lawson Lundell LLP in response to his letter to Rick Mahler, Chairman of the Board for the BCIMC and rightfully advised them that the possession of property that the possessor knows was obtained directly or indirectly by criminal acts is itself a crime under Section 354(1)(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada and asked three key questions we are anxiously waiting a response to in this PDF copy of his letter. Mr Caten also made Christy Clark aware of the fraud which is shown in this PDF copy of that letter as well. Let's see how far this rabbit hole really goes. Stay tuned.

(Rick Mahler, Chairman of the Board for the BCIMC. Candidate for the Gang Member Registry.)

After this happened Jack and his kids were left destitute. Christmas they had nothing. They had no hot water, no sewer, no money and no food. They were sitting at the table on Christmas and Jack's 10 year old daughter asked him are we going to die? Jack uncomfortably said no, but it's going to be a little rough. Then it was an act of "Christian" service from a local member of the Hell Angels who gave them food at Christmas which helped them survive. Not all Hells Angles are good, but not all Hells Angels are bad either. Just sayin. I still think they should return the Nanaimo clubhouse and seize the Kelowna clubhouse instead by way of consent order. Peace.

Links: Citizens Against the BCIMC ~ The Greg Harney Blog

Monday, February 3, 2020

Saanich Mayor Richard Atwell's spyware allegations vindicated by privacy commissioner

In 2015 CBC reported that "Saanich Mayor Richard Atwell’s concerns about spyware on his office computer at city hall were legitimate, says a report from B.C.'s information and privacy commissioner. Atwell claimed earlier this year that the software was being used to spy on him by recording his keystrokes and taking screen shots."

"While Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham's report doesn't deal directly with Atwell's allegations, she found that the security software installed by city staff collected far more information than allowed under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act."

The question is, who installed the spyware on his computer. The CBC article implied that it was spyware the employer installed to monitor it's employees but went further than allowed by law. However, the former mayor implied something much sinister was involved.

Later that year the Vancouver Sun reported that "The Police Complaint Commissioner will not investigate claims made by Saanich Mayor Richard Atwell about the conduct of his own police department, finding the complaints inadmissible since they don't constitute misconduct under the Police Act." Mayor Atwell who was a computer techie acused the Saanich PD of being the ones that installed the spyware on his computer.

The privacy commissioner ruled his complaint inadmissible because spying on computers without a warrant didn't constitute misconduct under the police act. AYFKM? Warrantless surveillance is illegal. "After requesting further information from Atwell and examining material from other sources, Lowe quashed any investigation." Lowe was appointed police complaint commissioner one week after exonerating the RCMP involved in the Airport taser fiasco.

"Retired B.C. justice Wally Oppal was called in to broker dispute resolution between Atwell and Saanich police, but on May 15, after four months of back-and-forth meetings, his efforts failed, according to a statement released by police complaint commissioner Stan Lowe this afternoon."

AYFKM? Wally Oppal should be in prison for shutting down the Missing Woman's inquiry as soon as the Hells Angels were mentioned. "Atwell said the police department was in conflict since Saanich Police Chief Bob Downie's wife, Jennifer, is an executive assistant in the mayor's office and the spyware was also installed on her computer."

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Surrey's municipal police force gets Provincial green light

The Canadian Press is reporting that " The Vancouver-area city of Surrey, home to Canada's largest RCMP detachment, has been given provincial approval to begin a transition to a municipal police department. British Columbia Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth has given the approval for the work to get underway." Finally. Thank God.

"Farnworth says a team has been formed between the city and the province to ensure key issues of the transition are addressed, and it will be up to that team to determine if the switch can be done by 2021." The sooner the better. If John McKay is hired to overseas training, Surrey would have a world class police force second to none.

"Former B.C. Court of Appeal justice Wally Oppal has been named chair." Wally Oppal?! AYFKM? That sh*tbag should be in jail for sabotaging the Missing Women's Inquiry. Putting him in charge of anything is suspect.

"Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum successfully campaigned on a promise to replace the RCMP with an independent force and last month announced a separate municipal committee to manage the proposal." Yes he did. That's why we supported him.

Linda Annis was never a member of the Safe Surrey Coalition. She was the only member of Surrey First to be elected. She was new. ALL the incumbents were soundly defeated. The other three wingnuts that left the Safe Surrey Coalition have broken their campaign promise. Doug McCallum has not. He has been true to his word. The residents of Surrey did have a say on the matter when they elected him and kicked Surrey First out of office.

Green Justice: Third Party Sponsor