Sunday, December 20, 2015

Metro Vancouver Snow - The Season has just begun - Update

I went snowshoeing on Seymour today up to First Peak. A meter of fresh snow at the base and two meters at the summit. Zero visibility but the local mountains are getting pounded with snow finally. The Okanagan mountains have much more consistent seasons. They don't get as much heavy dumps of fresh powder but they don't get the rain and snow alternating like we do either. So here on the West coast we take what we can get and right now surf is up.

Christmas Eve Update: Two meters of fresh snow in one week with no end in sight. That's the entire base. Three meters in total at the sumit. Avalanche warning is high. Great for skiers and snowboarders. I'm a snowshoer so I think I'll wait till some of the other weekend warriors break trail.


  1. You may get 'Fresh Snow' down there but I doubt very much it is Powder. Powder is....well, you just have to experience it!

    1. Yes Okanagan powder is very different. I snowshoed in it on Silverstar and Big White. Both mountains are awesome.


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