Saturday, December 19, 2015

Two Edmonton convenience store clerks shot dead in robberies - 2 nd Update

The National Post is reporting that two convenience store clerks at a Macs in Edmonton were shot dead during a robbery 3:30 AM Friday. Three male suspects are in custody, ages 26, 24 and 13. All have records and all are prohibited from possessing firearms.

Update: The Edmonton Journal is reporting that the two clerks who were shot dead were shot and two different Macs stores. Bizarre. Colton Steinhauer, 27, and Laylin Delorme, 24 as well as a 13 year old boy have each been charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

Update: The National Post is reporting that "The Honda Element that was used in the killings of two Edmonton Mac’s employees was stolen from a Sherwood Park home five days earlier, in a violent home invasion during which a woman says she was bound, choked, repeatedly hit and threatened with a sledgehammer."


  1. Wow. You aren't surprised by this kind of thing in Dem controlled inner city cesspools in America, but Canada? Edmonton? Wow.

    One can't help but wonder if things would have turned out differently if the clerks had been able to be armed to protect themselves. At least they would have had a chance. People are starting to wake up to the fact that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The police would have had no ability to help these two poor souls, when seconds count, they're only minutes away, and of course you need a chance to call them, which these two probably never had. Unless you are either switched on enough or just lucky to see it coming.....analysis of the dynamic of an armed attack generally shows you have 2-3 seconds to respond. These is only one method of preparing for that, to carry a handgun, concealed or otherwise, and be able to deploy it and respond in that time. The average person is, believe it or not, completely capable of this with a little practice.

    If there were any justice here, these 3 oxygen thieves would be sentenced to hang, eliminating any chance that they would ever hurt anyone again. The fact that they will not, and the fact that they two victims were not allowed to protect themselves shows that your government does NOT care about you, it cares more about being in control of you. Gun control is not about guns, it's about control. the proof being that civilian disarmament never has any effect on criminals. If it worked, sure, whatever, but it doesn't. Ever.

    RIP to the fallen and condolences to the families they were just trying to support.

  2. clerks with guns, right a great receipe for more deaths. The Americans have approx. 33 thousand gun deaths per year. So if we brought that model to Canada, we'd have a lot more gun deaths.

    Studies have determined that during times of war only 15% of the soldiers do all the killing, so much for your theory people could actually defend themselves. Most people don't have the stomach for killing, even if it means their own lives. Being good with a gun means training and most people don't have the coordination or the time to practise.

    The death penalty will not solve any thing either. Just look south of the border, the only "civilized" country which goes around killing its own citizens via execution. Hasn't caused the murder rate to decline. Canada, with no death penalty has had a declining murder rate for decades.

    What Canada needs is more enforcement to keep American guns out of our country. Guns get into Canada and Mexico from the U.S.A.

    Convience stores might want to invest a bit more in protecting their staff, i.e. limited access late at night, security cameras which can be seen by potential criminals.

    A 13 yr old child, you do wonder where Child Services was in all of this, if the child was known to police. The 20 yrs somethings, being know to police would indicate their problems didn't start that day. Would be interesting to find out what their history actually was.

    1. Actually, in America convenience store clerks and other high risk jobs(gas station attendants, pizza delivery drivers, etc.) defend themselves against armed robbers on a regular basis, there's video all over the 'Net. If someone is going to get shot, lets make sure it's the right someone.....

      This "more guns = more deaths" propaganda of the left has had it's day. It's just not true, as a Canadian (believe it or not)Prof. Gary Mauser of Simon Fraser University has documented extensively. Likewise it is not news to anyone south of the border that Dem/Lib controlled cities with the strictest gun control laws are the worst for violent crime, while areas that allow concealed carry are markedly lower. The drop in crime between 25 years ago and now, with the increase in "shall issue" laws allowing concealed carry is likewise documented by the FBI/DOJ Uniform Crime Stats, which are released every two years. That's right boys and girls, the same government that wants your guns also documents that their stated reasons for wanting this are BS. Criminals don't obey gun laws, or other laws for that matter. Only law abiding citizens do, and they aren't generally the problem.

      e.a.f. is either deliberately misrepresenting the facts or is just ignorant of them. SLA Marshall's landmark studies of combat effectiveness in WWII and Korea(10%-15%)and the subsequent improvement of this thru Vietnam and the modern era (80%-90%) by more reality based training are likewise documented by Lt. Col, Dave Grossman in his landmark work "On Killing". What this comes down to is that shooting a bullseye target does not prepare anyone to defend their own life, using humanoid targets and educating the student about "shoot-don't shoot" scenarios (a part of most state's required curriculum for CCW training) is a different story. The idea that "most people" can't muster the will for self defense is laughable, but it plays perfectly to the narrative where the government will take care of you. Except they don't.

      The death penalty is a foolproof method of addressing recidivism. Convicted murderers who are executed for their crimes are guaranteed never to hurt anyone again. In cases where the accused is guilty beyond all doubt, it's a totally appropriate and just way to deal with the problem, never mind the idiocy of spending an average persons yearly income to incarcerate such a person.

      Actually 70%+ of the firearms recovered in Mexico some from somewhere other than the USA, excepting situations where the government itself is actively supplying weapons to drug cartels as we saw in "Fast and Furious".

      I personally support an enforceable border between Mexico, the USA and Canada. Illegals would be kept out of the USA and fewer guns would get into Canada, so e.a.f. and I would both be happy, right? Somehow I think not.... ;-)

  3. Clerks with guns would indeed be problematic buy ya gotta admit it would reduce the number of times they get robbed pretty dramatically.

  4. "it would reduce the number of times they get robbed pretty dramatically", but so would bullet proof windows between the customers and the clerks; having more than one clerk on duty would reduce robberies, having stores open over night with drive throughs only would reduce the number of robbers.

    Owners of convience stores simply do not want to spend the money protecting their staff.


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