Monday, December 7, 2015

Victoria’s police chief exchanged inappropriate messages with the wife of an officer under his command

The Vancouver Province is reporting that Victoria’s police chief is asking for forgiveness from his troops and the public after he exchanged inappropriate messages on social media with the wife of an officer under his command. Normally I would say this isn't newsworthy but it is.

It sheds like on the climate of unprofessional within law enforcement. We have heard some pretty bizarre news reports of sexual harassment within the RCMP that has resulted in a large class action law suit. Yet it doesn't end with the RCMP. It includes Delta police, North Vancouver Police and now Victoria. This was the police chief. Don't get me started on Craig Callen and the FOCCERS. We remember how IHIT(it) made it a practice of getting drunk with witnesses and flirting with them. It wasn't just one officer it was a climate of insanity that is condoned within the force and we know that Bill Fordy and his naked dance with flaming toilet paper is just one of many sad tales we hear forcing us to ask ourselves how do these clowns keep getting promoted?

Sudbury Living Magazine reported that Frank Elsner, the current Victoria police chief came from Sudbury Ontario. They also reported that for many years while working under cover Frank Elsner "associated with criminals and partied with drug users, bikers, and hookers. He set up elaborate drug deals, disappeared for weeks on end, was involved in a hitman operation, and had multiple aliases." Don't get me started on under cover cops who infiltrate bikers because they love that lifestyle. You don't want me to go there. All I'm saying is the climate of professionalism is a disgrace to the uniform. Don't get me started on how that ties in with the Diane Rock story.


  1. Nothing new here, just another example of the basic "rotten to the core" culture of policing in Canada. I had a similar issue in the years I lived up there, a woman and I had just moved in together. She was recently divorced and while still living at her previous address her front door was kicked in and her kid tied up while some Asian gang bangers slapped him around asking where the jewelry and money was. They left, kid got loose, cops were called, big investigation. No real leads, they were all masked of course and the file was held open with the detective types.

    A few months later, we're living together and she comes home from work one day and tells me that on of the VPD uniforms from that night keeps dropping into her place of work under the pretense of asking her if she's remembered anything that might help, etc.. Not a detective. A uniform.
    On his last visit he asked her if she's been lonely since her divorce. LOL. I told her if he comes back again, ask him for his card, they all have them and if she asks he will gladly fork it over and then we will know who we're dealing with. (No name tag of course.)

    A couple weeks go by, she comes home from work one day and wordlessly hands me a VPD "business" card. Let's call him "Constable Scumbag".

    The next day, I see her off to work and then go looking for a pay phone, dialing up VPD non-emergency.

    "How would I go about talking to the Supervisor of Constable Scumbag please?"

    "I can look that up for you......that would be Staff Sgt. So-and-so. I believe he's on duty, would you like to speak with him?" Why yes I would....."Staff Sgt. So-and-so".....I tell him the whole story. He start's blowing smoke up my ass about don't I want them to continue investigating this serious crime, blahblah....I tell him AYFKM, do you think I'm stupid enough to believe you have uniforms doing that, shit, send a real detective if that's what's going on (it's not) etc.. He's doing his whole bluster and bluff BS and finally I tell him, listen by now your spidey senses should be telling you I'm not a civilian, so here's what you're going to do. As his Supervisor, you're going to sit your scumbag "member" down and make crystal fucking clear to him that he is never to show his face around her place of work ever again. "Well, what if I don't?". I told him, "If you don't, I'm going to wait until the next time Constable Scumbag is on duty, then I am going to go to his house, knock on his front door, and when his wife answers I'm going to bring her up to speed on her husband's on-duty activities". (I didn't even know if he was married, but 90% of cops are)

    Long pause......

    Him: "Well, I believe I can have a word with him".......
    Me:(laughing) "Yeah I thought so. Stay safe out there".....

    And Constable Scumbag was never seen or heard from again....

    1. That kind of thing happens so often it has become absurd.

  2. the police board members were on the T.V. news last night. They have "forgiven" him. If you are the chief of police and do something like this, it demonstrates poor judgement. One display of poor judgement and you ought to leave because the next time that poor judgement might cost some one their lives or an important case. The police board ought to be replaced also, for not knowing how important a chief of police's position is and how sound judgement is so very important. You gotta wonder what they are using for brains.

    This man knew what he was doing. It was wrong. If he didn't, then he ought not to be a police officer. if these people can not keep their pants on, they ought not to be in the job.

    Flaming toilet paper? That guy needs to go. what he does in the privacy of his own home, that is one thing. At a party? No he goes and right like yesterday. No wonder the RCMP is in such trouble and can't make any head way in the drive by shootings and such in Surrey. The chief in Surrey, in my opinion, lacks the ability to make sound decisions. Flaming toilet paper out of your arse, I don't know of any teenage boys who did that after age 13. Chief of police?????? You do wonder why Poulson keeps him on. You wonder why they keep Poulson on, when he keeps guys like flaming toilet paper on.


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