Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dump the Trump

The Vancouver Province is reporting that "Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson is urging a developer to drop Donald Trump’s name from a downtown tower project, saying the U.S. presidential hopeful’s 'hateful positions' have no place in the city." Three cheers. Donald Trump's racism isn't welcome in Vancouver. First he hated on all Latinos, then he hated on all Muslims. Who's next? One concerned citizen form North Vancouver wrote in to the Vancouver Province after Trump wanted to ban all Muslims from entering the United States and said Donald's Trump's attack on the constitution reminded him of that famous poem about the war:

"First they came for the Communists and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak up." How true.


  1. if nothing else Trump is getting a lot of publicity. does he mean all of what he says? who knows and that is the gamble the U.S.A. is taking.

    what he has done is unleash a lot of latent racism in America. how will it turn out? who knows. If he is elected president, I do hope they put up that fence. Don't want anything from that country getting into Canada.

    Of course now that Putin has given his stamp of "approval" to Trump, you do wonder what Americans will do.

  2. Much as folks might hate the truth, here it is.

    The only reason people are supporting Donald Trump is because he shows every sign of upsetting the rotten apple cart that both the Democrap and GOP/Republican party elites are riding on. And people want that cart turned upside down.

    The Republicans won mid term elections in both 2010 and 2012 on their promise to counter the attempts of Barry Soetero to "fundamentally transform America". News flash, Americans by and large don't want America transformed, leftist revolutionary types (the current POTUS among them) sure do though. There are unfortunately a lot of these folks in "journalism" and "academia", and they've been working for that all of their lives, unfortunately with more success than we'd like. They tell a good story though, so it's not really a surprised that a lot of "useful idiots" have fallen for it. Free stuff? Sure, why not? :sarcasm:

    Anyway, the Republicans have held majorities in both the Congress and the Senate for the last year. They have totally rolled over, they have not forced Obama to veto ANYTHING, and they have totally surrendered "the power of the purse" whereby all these socialist policies which Americans do not agree with which would never get off the ground due to no funding. People here DON'T want their tax dollars used to support people who are illegal immigrants or FORCED (because that's what it is) immigration by people from cultures which have a poor success rate at integration into the American way of looking at things. For better or worse, Donald Trump is succeeding because he's the only one saying what many are thinking. Ol' Jeb Bush is dead in the water (thank God) against a guy like that. Like we need another Bush in the White House. The first two hurt us badly enough.

    Do I like Trump? Nope. Do I believe he can be trusted?
    Hell no. I don't even think he will do half of what he says he will, but then neither did Obama. You can't trust ANY politician, people are (re)learning that, whereas the Founding Fathers knew this, that is why they set up the Republic (no, it's not a Democracy) the way they did. Keep every aspect of central government weak, and thereby least able to steal the freedom, liberty, and property of the people, that was their genius vision.

    I don't think Trump will go the distance. But he's enough of an egotist to run as a third party candidate if he's not the GOP nominee. The last time that happened (Ross Perot) it got us one of the crookedest Presidents we ever had, Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton.

    Personally I'd like to see a Cruz/Carson ticket.

    The mayor of Vancouver should consider this: by opening his cake hole about taking Trump's name off a building, he is in fact HELPING Donald Trump, because Trump absolutely thrives on a fight like that, ("Canadians don't want me elected", think anyone down here gives a rat's ass who Canadians want to be the next President, any more than Canadians should care who Americans want the PM to be, not that most Americans know Canadian politics at all anyway) and Americans have already got 7 years of experience of what it's like to have a President that the rest of world thought we should have. Robinson is HELPING Trump. Shut up already. Please.

    Here's how scared the GOP establishment is of Trump (and Cruz) and what he might do to their gravy train if he got elected....some of them have already said that if he is the Republican nominee, they will vote for Hillary. That should tell you how deep rooted the rot ("Crony Capitalism") in the American political establishment really is.

    1. Yeah I don't give a rat's ass if they don't care what Canadians think. If they elect that clown, I'm not going south of the 49. Building that fence would be a good idea. The bottom line is that responsible citizens need to boycott anything with that clown's name on it.

    2. My point is, you don't make a guy like Trump go away by actually doing anything about him, boycott or otherwise. Any publicity at all, about anything, just feeds the fire. You make him go away by ignoring him. You make him go away by letting him talk himself out of his support, which he has already done some of. This guy has always been his own worst enemy, and you have to let him run that out. You see how quick he had to back off of his "ban Muslims from entering the country" stuff? He had to dial it back to "better screening", which it's pretty obvious we need after the complete and utter failure of DHS' screening process re: the "wife" of the American born male San Bernardino shooter. BUT he got to have it both ways, he immediately got the headlines with his initial statement AND then was allowed to claim that he meant something much more reasonable. This is why I say your best hope with this guy is to ignore him and just let him marginalize himself, he will do the work for you IF you let him.

      Trump is already starting to slip in the polls. Hopefully that will continue, and the best way for that to happen is for him to keep talking. His lack of depth is already starting to show with his canned sound bite answers.

      AMericans need to realize that Trump doesn't really believe most of what he's saying. He has NEVER been a real Conservative, he has supported Lie-beral/"Progressive" politicians and their activities in the past and if he was ever to be elected, I don't for a minute believe he would actually do most of what he's talking about, He talks about how he can get along with and do business with anyone, and people are for some reason not realizing that this is actually the GOP/Repub establishment's M.O. and is exactly why we are where we are. Given a bit more time, hopefully folks will figure out that Trump is not what we need.

  3. Trump is the poster boy of the liberal/leftist/modernist media (all mass media in North Am) because he is a "clown" (from a circus side-show).

    He can be guaranteed to react (note the use of the word) in certain ways. Therefore, he can be controlled.

    He is being used to deliver a message that many people think they want to hear but he is guaranteed not to be elected because of who he is and how he reacts.

    It is a deliberately planned spin on reality. Imagine if they gave any of the other candidates (Republican) the same amount of press time?


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