Tuesday, December 15, 2015

More Mountie Misconduct

Front page of today's Vancouver Province is another sad saga of Mountie Misconduct. You guessed it, more sexual misconduct allegations that basically repeat Trailrunners first hand observations which reveals the climate of unprofessionalism that permeates the force. If this happened once in a while we could understand that people are human. The thing is, it happens all the time and is condoned by management. As long as Bill Fordy and Craig Callen are involved nothing will change. When are they going to charge Bill Fordy and Jim Brown? They won't. That's why nothing will change. They have no desire to.


  1. "Marshall is not facing any criminal charges"....Of course not, and never will regardless of outcome. He is nothing more or less than a sexual predator in uniform.

    Note the sidebar to the article...and this is just in B.C.....
    -Kelowna Mountie found not guilty of assaulting pub patron during rowdy exchange after last call
    -Bomb-squad Mountie gets probation, driving ban for West Vancouver crash
    -Blood evidence tossed against Mountie accused of drunk driving
    -Suspended officer ‘had it out for our family,’ brother and sister allege
    -Former Vernon Mountie appeals child porn conviction and sentence
    -Former Vernon Mountie found guilty in child porn case

    1. Good point. That's quite the "random" list of links in that story.

  2. welcome to the RCMP, just another criminal organization in Canada, like how many organizations in Canada have a lawsuit against them with over 300 participants all alleging harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, etc.

    Lets hope the new federal Cabinet replaces Poulson with someone who can do the job.

    1. Just as long as they don't pick Craig Callens. That would be out of the frying pan into the fire so to speak. There's an interesting reason the defense wanted Bob Paulson to testify at the Mission Woman's Inquiry. It has to do with the Dianne Rock story.


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