Monday, February 22, 2016

Bernie Ecclestone has lost his mind

Holy Rockefeller Batman. The Guardian is reporting that British Corporate Communist Bernie Ecclestone claims Vladimir Putin should run Europe. "I’ve said before that I don’t much like democracy. Nothing gets done." Are we beginging to see through the corporate con yet?


  1. it is doubtful. Look at the Americans. The republicans may wind up with Trump as their candidate. Can't say that man has much in common or cares about the average working person. Yet, people buy into it.

    The BBC documentary on Trump has a great clip of Trump and Letterman where Letterman brings out some of Trumps products, made in China and India. So much for "making America great again" and bringing jobs back,

    There will always be people who like leaders like Putin. We have only to look at the V4 these days, Poland, Hungary, etc. who are electing leaders who are more fascist in style than democratic.

    They used to say at least Mussolini made the trains run on time.

    1. I think it is important to comprehend the meanings of these terms we throw around as they have been so mired in propaganda that one has a knee-jerk reaction to them without even thinking about the true meaning of said term.

      Communism is best defined as through dialectical materialism (

      Fascism is, simply, a totalitarian ideology.

      It can be argued any king or emperor or queen in history (or tribal leader) was a fascist.

      We are blinded by the WWII propagandisation of generally Italy's version of fascism as since they were on the opposite side they got tarred with the brush of the enemy. Many allied states could have been defined as such as possibly Ethiopia under Haille Selassie and Chiang Kai-Shek of China, the Trucial States, etc.

      As we see, that kind of comparison is very problematic, indeed, and does not stand anything beyond the most cursory of scrutiny. Yet, it continues to be accepted carte blanche. Such is the power of propaganda and the modern media.

      As for a comparison of two systems that can be comparable as being the twin heads of the same coin - one merely needs to examine capitalism and communism.

      Shocking? Only because we have been conditioned about the so-called "left-right" spectrum. However, only in very recent history has such a comparison been made.

      There is far more credible material regarding these being the same - but one has to look beyond the knee-jerk reaction of disbelief.

    2. Indeed, both roads lead to the same place.

  2. LOL, we've been in a dark era since Reagan.....


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