Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bill Fordy gets promoted - Updated

The Surrey Now is reporting that Bill Fordy has been promoted from chief superintendent to assistant commissioner. That is disgusting. Bill Fordy's claim to fame is dancing naked in front of his coworkers with toilet paper stuffed up his ass while the other end was lit on fire. He then proceeded to wiggle his ass in front of all his coworkers trying to put the fire out. It's called the dance of the flaming asshoe. At least they got the name right. No heterosexual male wants to see that and when done in font of female coworkers it constitutes sexual harassment.

More recently his claim to fame was when one of his female subordinates sent him a sex text. Only she sent it to the entire group by mistake instead of just him. This is the clown they are promoting at the RCMP and is why the RCMP are facing a class action lawsuit over sexual harassment. Bill Fordy is one of the FOCCers - Friends of Craig Callens. Tell me what did Bill Fordy, Bob Paulson and Craig Callens really do at that fishing trip at Pitt Lake? Who else was with them? Please advise.

Recently Bob Paulson got some bad press because it turned out he lied when he said he was going to look into sexual harassment in the RCMP. The CBC found out he refused to hear complaints right under his nose. Right in Ottawa one of his female subordinates became pregnant. Everyone thought Bob Paulson was the father until the paternity test showed that it was yet another married member of his staff. This promotion is disgusting and is proof the administration of the RCMP are corrupt. God help us. No one else will.

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Update: The problem is none of this is new news. Everyone who works with Bill Fordy knows about it. That means the person who promoted him knows it too. Craig Callens is the ringleader of this deranged circus. He is the one that promoted Fordy knowing his history. Just like they knew about Jim Brown. Craig Callens is the root of the problem. That's why they made up the term FOCCers. Craig Callens was in Prince George during the time of Judge David Ramsey.

We need to put someone new in charge of the RCMP. Someone who isn't from BC. How about a French Catholic from Quebec or an Acadian from the Maritimes? The French are passionate and have class. You wouldn't see them doing the pig farm. If the RCMP is supposed to represent rural Canada then let rural Canada administer it. The RCMP had a noble history. We have let the three stooges from BC disgrace the uniform long enough. It's time to show a little self respect.


  1. RCMP to Canadians: "F**k you, we can and will do whatever we want, and there's nothing you can do about it."

    The difference between the RCMP and those who serve a police state elsewhere on the planet is just a matter of degree, not of principle.

    Wake up Canadian's, you live in a "soft" police state. You have less rights and freedoms than those Americans you have been convinced by your political masters you don't want to be like, and you're proud of it. That's pretty a-pathetic.

    The only reason it doesn't suck more is they are satisfied with your money and your vote. And your land. And your publicly owned companies that get privatized and sold off. get the idea. But when that changes someday (it always does, just a matter of the timeline) and they decide they want it all, look out....on that day your rights will not matter, because you have neither the tools or the will to back them up. And a lot of people in Canada now are from somewhere they never had rights anyway. Nothing new to them.

    Baa, baa.....if you people had any balls you run every politician out of office that wouldn't do what it took to fire the Bill Fordy's and the Bob Paulson's.

    1. Exactly. That is exactly what this appointment says: "F*ck you Canadians, we can and will do whatever we want, and there's nothing you can do about it." Lest we forget they are paid with tax dollars and should be publicly accountable.

  2. absolutely disgusting. Poulson needs to go. We can only hope the Minister responsible, Ralph Goodale, fires Poulson and the whole lot of them.

    1. Bob Paulson, Craig Callen and Bill Fordy - it's all the same club.

  3. Ralph Goodale, AYFKM. He will do nothing, he's part of the same system that allows these idiots to keep pretending they are the real police in the first place. The culture of policing in Canada is entrenched and the spineless politicians you guys keep electing would rather be polite than crawl down a rat hole and drag the vermin out by their tails.

    I can tell you this, talk all the smack you want to about America, but when police officials get caught up in scandals like this they resign, either on their own or with the threat of an indictment for criminal charges if they don't. And often even if they do.

    Being a cop in Canada basically means you answer to no one, except on the rare occasions when they just have to throw someone overboard to appease the citizenry and to preserve the fiction that they are accountable to someone other than themselves. I've met cops in Canada that think they would like to work the job down south, they don't know how wrong they are.

    1. Good point. The problem is, not only do they survive the same scandal that would get them fired in the States but here they get promoted showing that the real problem lies within the administration. A bitter tree cannot bring forth good fruit. If he roots are evil, the whole tree is.


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