Thursday, February 18, 2016

Surrey taxi peppered with bullets

The Surrey Leader is reporting that "On Feb. 18 at approximately 5 a.m., Surrey RCMP responded to reports of gunshots being fired in the area of 143 Street and 109 Avenue. Numerous 911 calls had been received as well as a call from a male advising he had been shot. The victim, who had been riding in the taxi, attended hospital on his own and Surrey RCMP met him there and confirmed he had suffered a minor wound to the leg."

"Further investigation revealed that several gunshots had been fired at the cab, shattering the window and grazing the victim. The man was treated for his injuries and released from hospital. The taxi driver was not injured. The investigation is still in its early stages, but RCMP say this incident is likely targeted. Surrey RCMP's Major Crime Unit has conduct of the investigation."


  1. Saw this on this evening's 6 pm. news. Is "a targeted" a new phrase for "we're not going to look into this and deal with it" by the Surrey RCMP and Mayor.

    the last time I checked whether they are criminals or not, they ought not to be shot at. if for no other reason innocent bystanders could be killed.

    we can only hope Poulson is replaced and his replacement replaces a whole lot of other people. Saw the CBC had an interesting article about the bomb squad training centre. 2 instructors have been placed on leave given their rather uncivilized, unprofessional conduct, i.e. running around naked, in the office, etc. Very interesting read on CBC's newswebsite.

    1. As long as Poulson isn't replaced by his pals Craig Callen or Bill Fordy.

  2. Given the Minister's comments today, it is doubtful Fordy will survive a "re organization" of the RCMP, which in my opinion is something which will come sooner than later.

    Interesting Richmond had an open house today so people could be informed about council exploring having their own police force and ditching the RCMP. Would be a good move. the RCMP was formed to provide policing in rural areas, small towns, etc. Their minds set is still there. All large cities ought to be required to have their own police forces, reporting to their own cities, not to Ottawa.

  3. I think it was Ralph Goodale,federal cabinet minister, (if I got the name wrong, its one of the older long time federal Liberals who is now a cabinet minister) wasn't happy at all about the latest "problem" at training school for bomb boys. he expressed his concerns about the allegations and the "failure" of the first investigation. words to the effect it was our national police force and this was a national embarrassment.......


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