Monday, February 15, 2016

Blaze back in court February 18 - Update

The CSO database is reporting that convicted woman beater Donnie McWhirter and his rock throwing co accused are back in court on their trafficking crystal meth charges 9:30 AM February 18th in Kelowna. Watch for it. Blaze is still with the Independent Soldiers who are a puppet club for the Hells Angels just like his pal Joey Verma was.

Joey was convicted of murdering Brittney Irving. She was shot in the back several times with a shotgun slug. During the trial the court was told Joey tried to make an older man he used to hunt with take the fall for him. Joey said I can't go to jail right now. I'm making too much money in the drug trade. You have to take the fall for me. When Joey said he was going to tell him how it was done to make it believable the man said he didn't want to know.

The judge cleared the jury from the court and said while he was in jail waiting for trial Joey was still trafficking drugs from prison. She was surprised at the quantity of drugs that changed hands and claimed Joey was a high level drug dealer. Since he was with the Independent Soldiers from the get go, we all know who he was selling drugs for. Joey was a Hells Angels associate.

During the trial the court was told Joey said he had to kill her and that he didn't have a choice. He killed her to have his own manufactured drug debt forgiven. Britney was not a rat. That was a lie. When her clone show was busted she was desperate to make some money so they could live. She was not a junkie as Joey and Blaze claims. She sold pot to pay for her oxy habit.

Joey was promised the position of Vice President in the Kingin Crew for her murder. While in prison he was recruiting for the KPC and got a tattoo that said VP. When that information went public, the KPC were disbanded. Joey's promise was never fulfilled. I saw a copy of a letter Joey wrote to Blaze in prison about the Omerta claiming he was serving time for someone else and all the promises made to him had been unfulfilled. Which brings us back to Blaze.

Blaze has a big mouth and the mentality of a child. He bragged about the fact that he lied about his whereabouts the night Britney was killed. He wasn't out of town like his sister claimed. He was in town. Gas receipts proved it. Someone pretending to be Blaze claimed he was with Joey when "they" killed Britney to make sure he got the job done. Joey didn't really want to do it. The court was told he was in a relationship with her and was paying for her and her brother's hotel when their clone show got busted. Although unsubstantiated, that claim passes the test of believability.

Update: There is now a publication ban on the trial. For trafficking crystal meth? More proof the BC courts are completely corrupt.

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  1. Lets hope the judge send them to jail for awhile. Crystal meth isn't what I'd consider an appropriate drug. if nothing else perhaps the judge could send some of these boys to jail for taking bad pictures. really, they look like kids on Halloween trying to look like today's version of Al Capone of old. He of course was much smarter than these children.


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