Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hells Angels lose bid to take back their Nanaimo clubhouse

The Vancouver Province is reporting that the Hells Angels have lost another bid to take back their Nanaimo clubhouse, which was temporarily seized by the B.C. government eight years ago. As long as the case doesn't go in front of Ron Skolrood we should be OK.


  1. 8 years is not temporary. Lots of marriages don't make that mark or cars for that matter. Oh, well I'm sure its off to the next step in the appeals process.

  2. this way not be the best place for this but as I was in white rock today I saw 6 men on bikes with the fat Mexican on there backs from Washington.apparently I wasn't the only one to notice as there was two rcmp cruisers following from a distance.

  3. yes ryan I saw them as well going up king George thought I was seeing things but I have heard that there are a couple of bandidos that reside in b.c if I'm wrong dennis might be able to clarify it

  4. Interesting. I am unable to confirm or deny that a couple of Bandidos reside in BC. I simply don't know. I remember hearing word a while back of a group of Bandidios were in BC apparently for a meeting with the HAs. Perhaps like the Outlaws chapter in Saskatoon who were paying the HAs a tax for the right to exist.

  5. An RCMP escort. How wonderful! At least the RCMP in Surrey knows they're here and are doing something.

    That actually must have been funny, at some level. A bunch of not so pleasant looking bikers getting an RCMP escort. They may not want to come back again.

  6. What surprises me is that in 8 years that place hasn't managed to catch fire....

  7. Now trailrunner, arson is a crime. Not to mention, the H.A. does hope to have the building returned to them, so who would want to preform the task.

    However, the building might be a good project for Habitat for Humanity as a build for housing, once the court case is finished. Instead of selling houses/buildings taken for reasons of "proceeds of crime" perhaps the government could turn the buildings/homes over to Habitat for Humity or some other group who does affordable housing.

    1. I think he was referring to a rival or a concerned citizen. Habitat would be a great solution.


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