Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nuclear power plant spills highly radioactive water

The Canadian Press is reporting that "an apparent overflow at a nuclear power plant north of New York City spilled highly radioactive water into an underground monitoring well, but nuclear regulators said the public isn't at risk." Of course they aren't. Radioactive waste is good for you. They're going to start putting it in our toothpaste and make us pay for it. Hydroelectric dams are much better than nuclear reactors. Fukushima is still leaking. Natural gas is better than coal.

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  1. radioactive water isn't a health issue??? oh, well they do have that Govenor and his pals who thought lead in the water was O.K. also, especially if it saved money and only impacted poor and black families.

    It might be better if all new houses were required to have solar panels. It would reduce some use of electrical power and everything helps, in the end.


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