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Rene LaFortune Quotes

I've talked about how consuming oneself with the dirty laundry of others is a less than positive quest. Yet the pursuit of knowledge is a good thing. Realizing that someone who has made threats of physical violence against you has also talked about killing is an important fact to realize.

Everyone talks about Rene and her claim to be Wiccan and how she goes by the username CopperWoman. Now just because someone is Wiccan doesn't necessarily mean they are a Satanist. We had a good friend on the GO blog who was Wiccan. Yet according to News CopperWoman and Makarios run the Wiki. If you want to volunteer, contribute knowledge, expertise, suggestions or request an article please post in the forums or PM the editors.

Their feature article is about THE SATAN GODDESS and claims "Wiccan males are given to the piercing of skin as a sign of submission to their master, the SATAN GODDESS. Wiccans and Pagans commemorate her feast day on January 28th, which is known only to Elitists as the top secret, extra special, oathbound ninth festival on the Witch's Wheel."

In fact they used the online Church sign maker to say Pagan Herbalist Celebrates the Satan Goddess' birthday. Although I find it a bit strange for a Wiccan to be celebrating their evil Satan Goddess' birthday and how she claims Wiccan males are given to the piercing of skin as a sign of submission to their master, the SATAN GODDESS I will boldly declare that freedom of religion exists in Canada and their is nothing illegal about believing something many others think is just plain dumb.(I can't believe RedAutumnRain used the term Muggles. That's from Harry Potter)

I will also boldly declare that persecution of witches was something from the dark ages. Strange people would do horrible things to people for bizarre reasons even burning them at the stake. Thank goodness society has evolved from that. Yet Rene does talk about how Wiccan persecution still exists and eludes to the fact that might have been the cause of the fire she was involved in where she claims she received brain damage.

It is the comments about how she claims she would exploit her brain damage as a defense to rationalize her killing someone that disturbs me. As does her claim to be cold and calculating:

Re: Brain damage removes emotion from moral decisions
by Copperwoman on Mar 26, 2007 - 06:53 PM

I do have brain damage....for real (VMPC plus a variety of other neurological issues caused by smoke inhalation from a toxic chemical accerlerant - yipee!) and I am far more compassionate NOW than I was before the fire. However, given the limited and extreme options, I would kill the person making the request and tell everybody else what was what going on.....then blame the lack of impulse control, executive function etc... on the brain damage....just to skew their results. The alternative, to refuse to participate in either the killing or the doing nothing options. Brain damage did not alter my IQ or my common sense!

I won't get into what was scientifically incorrect about their research model.

(proudly cold and calculating - LOL!)

Here she claims "given the limited and extreme options, I would kill the person making the request and tell everybody else what was what going on.....then blame the lack of impulse control, executive function etc... on the brain damage....just to skew their results."

She talks about killing someone then rationalizing it by the lack of impulse control she has due to her brain damage she incurred in a fire. Wow and she claims she is far more compassionate now than she was before the fire. Interesting.

When this information was posted on the GO blog long ago, the links to the identity of the CopperWoman profile were removed yet we have a list of witnesses who saw it was Rene.

Perhaps our beloved Wiccan Outlaw is from the House of Gryffindor and Rene is from the House of Slytherin. I know Wiccan Outlaw isn’t a Crowley Cronie. Perhaps CopperWoman is. Locally there are many rumors about Satanic groups in Victoria. Perhaps that’s why Rene moved there. They say it's the witches capital. The fact that the Satan Goddess is some of their evil masters is “the top secret, extra special, oathbound ninth festival on the Witch's Wheel."

After all, not all Wiccans celebrate their evil master the Satan Goddess’ birthday like Rene does. Then again, what do I know? I’m just a muggle.


People have been asking me so I’ll make a clear clarification. No I don’t think Rene’s involvement with the occult had anything whatsoever to do with Dustin’s injuries. It might have something to do with why she moved to Victoria but it clearly has nothing to do with Dustin’s injuries. I have no idea what Paxton was into. I highly doubt he was into the occult. I think Paxton was a sick individual who might have had some outside help or motivation to gain control over Dustin.

I really don’t think Rene is violent either. I think she is eccentric and has said some dumb things but I don’t think she is violent. I think she’s had some very real trials in her life and is trying her best to rise above them and be some kind of guide for others. Let’s just hope it’s a guide for good.


  1. i was a wiccan for ten years before becoming a born again christian...i think i'm probably the only born again who supports gay marriage and doesn't think there's anything wrong with being gay but that is a whole different book!! anyway, wiccans do not, i repeat, do NOT believe in satan. we viewed satan as a man made concept invented for the purpose of controlling others. a wiccan's life is ruled by the simple phrase "and it harm none, do as ye will." the threefold rule also was a monolith of guidance because whatever we did to someone, good and bad, would come back to us three times better or worse. some wiccans believe in both a goddess and a god, while people like me worshiped the goddess. honestly and truly, i have **never** heard of this ridiculous super secret classified goddess sabbat that rene referred to. personally, i do not believe it exists. i think you've communicated with me enough to know that i am heavily into research and i exhaustively researched wicca before deciding to become one. there was not a single instance that a sabbat like that appeared. just like the satan belief in wicca is patently false and absurd, so is the assertion that this holiday exists. if it does exist, i can tell you truly, it is in another earth-based religion.

  2. I’m preparing two posts on the subject as we speak. I do agree that Rene’s views of Wiccan are twisted. That’s why I was shocked to find their feature article about their secret master the evil Satan Goddess.

  3. I have been a pagan my whole life and I have never heard of Renee's Satan Goddess.
    As Hope S. said, Satan is widely thought of in our communities as being a man made invention used as a tool to control the masses through fear.

  4. Perhaps Renee's Satan Goddess doctrine is also man made so to speak.

  5. I find it ridiculous for someone/anyone to lay claim that a person of pagan or wiccan belief would believe in Satan as their God.

    Whether they like it or not, individuals chosing Satan as their idol, are in fact, Christians. Satan is a Christian deity afterall, the fallen angel Lucifer who was cast out from Heaven.

    That said... Renee needs to grow the freak up - take care of her family with love, respect and the desire to see them do well.

  6. dramatha, the claim was made because of Renee's own words.

    She wrote on Wiccan Web that she learned to "read" ordinary cards at the Church of the Trapezoid in San Fran.

  7. Oh great. “The Order of the Trapezoid consists of the individuals who assist in the administration of the Church of Satan.” That pentagram is indeed upside down.

  8. I think dramatha and all the other Wiccan we have spoken with mean that Rene’s teachings about Satan are not Wiccan they are something else. Yet here’s a question for our Wiccan friends, if they don’t believe in Satan, what do they believe about Lucifer? The one who Christians believe fell from heaven and used to be an angel of light before they fell and turned into an angel of darkness.


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