Monday, April 20, 2015

420 - 101

Well today is 420 - April 20th. The day everyone celebrates their right to get stoned. No doubt the Art Gallery in Vancouver was packed. The Vancouver Province ran a timely article on how adolescents shouldn't smoke pot too early or it will effect their IQ. A true statement most pot activists used to whole heartedly agree with. Those who lobbied for the legalization of pot used to say not for minors because everyone knows minors shouldn't smoke pot. That is until the misinformation gurus claimed that pot is the wonder cure for everything.

The truth is if adolescents smoke pot it can impair their IQ and their brain's development. Not so much for adults with fully developed brains but let's face it, anything that gets you stoned, baked or wasted can't be good for you. Smoking anything is bad for you. That's why the leading cause of death in house fires is smoke inhalation.

I know there is a huge campaign to legalize pot and in my opinion it's driven by a great deal of misinformation about how pot is good for you because pot cures cancer. Previously I likened the obsessive argument to the drug soma in the book Brave New World. Soma was a wonderful drug that tranquilized the masses while the government took away their civil liberty.

Now I will be the first person to admit that mandatory minimum sentences for possession of or for smoking pot is absolutely ridiculous. There is a colossal difference between pot and crack. Way too many people smoke way too much pot now but that is their choice and their business. Crack and crystal meth is very different. That is a social problem because the harm and addiction it does devastates entire communities.

However, on this special occasion, I will reiterate one fact about the pot labeling in the States where it is legal. The packages have a percent content of THC and CBD. CBD is actually good for you. It helps reduce seizures in people with epilepsy. CBD doesn't get you stoned THC does. So although smoking anything is bad for you and oil is better than smoke, pot that is high in CBD and low in THC does have medicinal benefits. Only because it doesn't get you stoned it's not very popular. You'll notice on the labels the pot people buy has a high percentage of THC and only a trace amount of CBD. That's because the majority of the stoners at the Art Gallery today don't want to get healthy they just want to get stoned. Peace.

PS: Please don't spam my blog with comments about how wonderful pot is for you. You'll have to do that somewhere else. I think they'd love to hear that at the Art Gallery today.


  1. well said agent k ,now if only people would listen

    1. Yeah I realize I'm talking to a brick wall on that one.


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