Thursday, April 23, 2015

Zig Zag Crew member shot dead in Winnipeg

The Winnipeg Sun reported Garry Godson was shot to death shortly after midnight Monday in Winnipeg. "Godson had a significant criminal record including three convictions for drug crimes, including a 2014 conviction in which he pleaded guilty to possession of crack for the purposes of trafficking and was sentenced to 30 months in custody. Police arrested Godson and another man in January 2013 after receiving a tip Zig-Zag Crew members were trafficking drugs from a car driving in the vicinity of St. Vital mall. Police arrested the men and seized 60 pieces of crack and three cellphones."

Deli was one of the first people to click like on the profile picture on his memorial. I wonder if he clicked like on Bekim Zeneli's memorial picture. Bekim was from the Hells Angles puppet club LHS which took over for the Zig Zag Crew after they were busted for selling crack. The Ontario Hells Angels shot him dead so they could take over the drug trade in Thompson. After they shot his friend they told Billy to suck it up or be next. He told them to cram it up their ass and crossed over to the Rock Machine. He was the only one in that bunch that had and loyalty or honour.

Interesting that Deli would visit the Charlottetown Harley club after he got out of jail for drug trafficking. Jeff Flynn was a drug trafficker tied to the Charlottetown Harley club. Jason Yeo was posing with Cory Falls so he was. Stop pimping the dream.


  1. whats with all the new biker clubs in winnipeg agent k. Seems like deli and some other 81 guys are all buddy's with them.

    1. Yeah all the new finger puppet clubs keep sprouting up like a sexually transmitted disease. After the Zig Zag crew got busted for selling crack and after they shot their own guy from LHS they keep coming up with new names of people they can screw over. Sadly there's a line up of idiots ready to bend over for them just to get their three seconds of fame.

  2. Garry Godson my brother you are and will always be loved in my heart, not a day goes by I do not think or hurt about you, life has not been the same and are family suffers knowing how you died it killed us all inside,It just doesn't seem real that you're not around,I still look for you when I'm in town , we really miss you watch over us, The song that reminds me of you began to play...As If you knew I was thinking of you today ...
    I smiled.. feeling you were there with me .I sat remembering you as a little blonde boy...Tears filled my eyes as I listened to the song.But this time I know your gone

    your big sis, Lexi


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