Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bill Fordy is a Flaming Idiot

God help us. CTV is reporting that the Surrey Police chief is a flaming idiot. That is, if you can do the math. Bill Fordy spoke to the press recently complaining about how many of the people being shot at in Surrey recently aren't being cooperative with police. Go figure. So instead of posting pictures of the shooters, he is posting pictures of the people who have been shot at. You are such a f*cking idiot it is astounding.

The Surrey Leader is reporting that one person said "Don't worry about it, no need for you cops to be here." No kidding. Since Bill Fordy is completely useless, there is no need for him to be here. He admits the rash of recent shootings involves two groups fighting over drug turf. If you had a brain you'd tell them, alright, since you guys are creating public violence we are going to hit you in the pocket book and start arresting all the drug dealers selling in public in Newton and outside the Front Room. Oh but no, Bill Fordy won't do that because he is a f*cking idiot.

Then he has the audacity to say the two groups are south Asians and Somalins. Somalins?! F*ck off!!! Adam Lakatos and Derrick Bequette are not Somalian. Of course South Asians are involved. After Larry Aamero and Jonathon Bacon were shot in Kelowna, the Hells Angels went on a rampage in 2011 wiping the Dhurry Dhak group off the face of the earth. Randy Naicker was a South Asian. He was a Hells Angels Associate just like Rob Sidhu was. The Hells Angels are quite capable of hiring a brown guy to shoot another brown guy. All these shootings started when Skeeter's bother was found dead.

So let's look at Bill Fordy's incompetence for a minute. He refuses to arrest drug dealers selling hard drugs in public and spends a great deal of his spare time at police functions where a great deal of alcohol is served. Tell them about the police drink up when you shoved toilet paper up your ass when you were naked, set it on fire and wiggled your ass in front of everyone trying to put the fire out. At least they gave it the right name - the dance of the flaming a*shole. No heterosexual male wants to see that and when you do that in front of female coworkers, that is sexual harassment. I can't wait to finally read that court transcript.

Tell them about the sex text your female coworker recently sent to the entire group by mistake instead of to just you. Gotta hate it when that happens. Why do the RCMP keep promoting complete idiots? It would seem it's because they don't want them to actually do their job and arrest the drug dealers like Richard Barszczewski. Let's talk about the climate of unprofessionalism in the RCMP shall we? Bill Fordy is at the root of it. TRANSFER!

Anyone who is from Surrey knows we don't have a Somalian community here. We have a huge IndoCanadian (South Asian) community but the Somalian community here is virtually nonexistent. Yes more brothers are moving into Surrey but it is still a very small percentage and certainly not enough to take on the Hells Angels. Calgary has a larger Somalian community than Surrey does likely because Lakeside Packers used to bring them in as slave labour and house them in a tent city over in Brooks. Surrey does have a large enough IndoCanadain community to take on the Hells Angels. That's why the Hells Angels keep recruiting them and actually gave one a patch in Naniamo. The Hells Angels used Greg Wooley to take over the drug trade in Montreal's black community. Like Chris Tucker said, follow the rich white man.


  1. I actually saw the segment on the news and it was a tad of a disappointment. Perhaps like some "white guys" the chief doesn't know the difference between some one from Somalia and someone who's family came from India. If Fordy can't tell the difference perhaps its time he took a cultural information session or several.

    If Fordy knows who is involved in these "gun shot exchanges" then one does have to wonder why there are no officers assigned to follow the "players" around 24/7. That would be the procedure for violent criminals would it not?

    Ah, well, until the "regular" citizens of Surrey are getting shoot don't expect Fordy, the RCMP H.Q., and or council to do much about anything.

    If there is enough drug traffic in specific areas of Surrey and nothing is being done about it, it would suggest it has the approval of the council and RCMP.

    Ah, well welcome to Surrey, just another First Class place in a First Class province, with bunker fuel floating around English Bay.

    1. Indeed. I just don't want them to make the same mistake Abbotsford did and give the Bacon brothers round the clock police protection. That was messed up.

  2. I've got no problem giving them round the clock protection. I see it as keeping others from starting a shooting war in public. If its "protection" than so be it, but if "criminals" are being followed 24/7, it really cramps their style and their ability to "work".

  3. I met Bill he interegated my ass back in 2002 I was honestly working that morning he wanted me to sign a confession statement i had a nervous break down and i know his connections. They are not good people

  4. Bill Fordy did interrogate my ass for a crime i never committed i was working in security all hours of the night in vancouver then had to work at a trucking company.. I was 20yrs old trying to get away from stupid people who drank and did drugs i wanted out of the scene working at clubs and bars you realize who some of the cops are connected to. Man is this guy ever supports gangsters thats why gangsters get off the hook.. Bill must be proud to make a 20 yr old have a mental break down


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