Sunday, April 19, 2015

Another man shot dead in Surrey - Update

News 1130 is reporting that there was a shooting in Surrey just before 3:00 AM this morning at 126th Street near 88th Avenue. A man who was shot at the scene died at the hospital.

CTV is reporting that IHIT is also investigating a suspicious death at a home in the 13800 block of Hansen Road. Police were called to the residence in the early morning hours on Saturday, where a 57-year-old man was found dead by his roommates, IHIT said.

News 1130 is reporting that twenty-two year old Arun Paul Singh Bains was killed at 126th Street and 88th Avenue just before 3 a.m. Sgt. Dale Carr stated the string of recent shootings is over dial a dope rings. The Surrey Six was over a dial a dope ring. Jamie Bacon asked Corey Lal to pay him $100,000 tax for dealing on their turf. Only it wasn't their turf it was the Hells Angels. Larry Amero was friends with Jamie's brother Jonathon at the time and members of the Independent Soldiers, who work for the Hells Angels, met with the Bacon brothers at the Castle Fun Park in Kevlar to plan the Surrey Six. I have heard of the UN shooting rivals like the Bacon brothers but I have never heard of them shooting someone for running a dial a dope ring on their turf.

Update: Well this is an interesting twist. The Vancouver Province is reporting that Arun Paul Singh Bains, the drug dealer who was shot dead is Surrey NDP MLA Harry Bains nephew. Now Harry Bains is a good guy and anyone can have a family member go astray. Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson's step son was charged with drug trafficking. The interesting twist is the last name. I realize Bains is a common name but Jasmohan Singh Bains was convicted of cocaine trafficking connected to the BC Rail case. He was Liberal MLA Dave Basi's cousin.

Don't worry folks, just low level drug dealers. Nothing to worry about here rolleyes.


  1. we have shootings because there is a "power vacuum". if there was some "central control" there might be fewer shootings. No society has been able to eliminate drug use. We just need to stop trying. We need to look at methods of dealing with what drugs society can deal with and which they can't.

    What we have here is no different than what went on during prohibition days. I'm not suggesting we have a free for all with drugs, but governments need to set priorities about what can be dealt with and what can't/isn't worth the effort and allow businesses to be set up to sell it. .

    The news reported there had been 20 shootings since March. If that is correct there is a problem in Surrey which the mayor, council, and Fordy simply don't care about, because if they did, there would have been some action taken. it makes one wonder why council and police aren't doing anything. Are they that stupid or do they simply think that is business as usual. On the other hand, the citizens of Surrey voted these people into office. So now they can live with it and some will die because of it.

    If the RCMP knows who the shooters are then it is suggested some one authorize the o/t and follow these young men around 24/7, until the young men get the message, or we may have another "surrey 6" type situation. My opinion is nothing is going to be done until some one "important" is caught in the gun fire.

  2. I agree that the spike in shootings is something the mayor, council, and Fordy don't care about and is a result of their refusal to do anything about the public drug trafficking in Surrey. That makes it the exact opposite of prohibition because they aren't prohibiting anything. In 2013 when the Hells Angels were wiping the Duhre Dhak group off the face of the earth that spike in shootings was very one sided.

  3. The answer is very simple, society is too weak to solve this problem. It has no will to do so. Such a society is easy prey for both outlaws/gangsters and self-serving politicians who care most about their positions.


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