Tuesday, April 28, 2015

23rd shooting in Surrey

News 1130 is reporting that there was another shooting in Surrey at 94th Avenue and 124th Street. A number of shots were fired around 3 a.m. Neighbours also heard people arguing and cars driving erratically. The Surrey Leader is reporting that it is the 23rd shooting in seven weeks.

Scan BC is reporting that #Richmond #RCMP are investigating after shots were fired on Railway near Blundell Rd. Several casings on the ground. No victims found


  1. another day another shooting but hey this time it was a photo op for the "queen of photo-ops". There she was with the excuse of a mayor of Surrey announcing a quarter of a million dollar "investment" in youth. Loved the use of a quarter of a million dollars. its like $250 thousand and it isn't much. It isn't anything. The B.C. Lieberals just hired a bunch of new "spin doctors"--Note Bob McKin's blog. whose salaries most likely come to 4 or 5 times that amount.

    Everyone can stand around a ring their hands, but there have not been enough police in surrey for 20 yrs. Then when you consider the chief, well that might say it all. These young men are not going to leave the drug trade. This is no different from American cities 30 yrs ago. When there are no decent paying jobs, and consumerism is all around, what does society expect young people to do, get a job for min. wage, part time, in some dump? No, they find drug dealing more lucrative. They have been through a school system which didn't care much about them, i.e. look at the lack of decent school buildings in Surrey and the cuts to education. These young people know politicians don't care about them, they never have. Now society at large can deal with the problem. The drug dealers are this century's new entrepeneurs. Until we can offer young people something different, we will be stuck with this.

    If the photo op queen wanted to get ahead of the problem there would be more money for schools to offer more programs, more educations programs, more decent paying jobs. That isn't going to happen. that costs money and with B.C. having the lowest corporate tax rate in Canada, there won't be any money coming in to provide the services the youth need.

    Politicans aren't going to pay attention, real attention until the murders move into the neighbourhoods of the 1%ers and they start being shot. that seldom happens, so you will be writing more posts about more shootings and killing. it would be really nice if you didn't have to do this.

    Eliminating the H.A. will only permit another gang to take over.

  2. Valid point about the amount of money spent on spin doctors for propaganda. Tax dollars. Yet eliminating the Hells Angels is clearly the first step because all corporate monopolies are bad.

    Who was behind the Surrey Six? It was the Hells Angels. Jamie Bacon was taxing Corry Lal on behalf of the Hells Angels not the Triads or the UN. The other gangs don't do that like the Hells Angels do. The other gangs will sell drugs and fight with rival drug dealers but they don't insist on taxing everyone else that sells drugs like the Hells Angels do. A free market is better than a corporate monopoly. Corporate monopolies don't bring peace they bring ruthlessness.

    The other reason eliminating the Hells Angels is the first step is because it makes it easier for the police to arrest the crack dealers selling in public. If a crack dealer is an independent or with a small gang the police aren't so afraid to arrest them. I support the New York model because I saw it work.

  3. I don't think the guys shooting random cars and houses r bikers. Real bad guys wouldn't be missing 99 percent of the time. Heck I'm no bad guy. I promise u I'd hit more than 1 percent of my targets. Maybe I should ask for a job

    1. No doubt. If the Hells Angels hired someone to kill someone they get the job done. Like how they hired someone to kill Skeeters brother which set this whole thing off.


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