Sunday, April 26, 2015

Putin's Night Wolves antagonize Europe

Putin's Night Wolves are in the news again. This time they are going on a ride to Germany and Germany understandably objects. That's because the Night Wolves are political and this is an antagonistic act meant to open old wounds. Hitler was a prick. We all known that but so was Stalin and that was a long time ago. Give it a rest. This defiant ride is in reality a childish war game like those clowns flying bombers over the article circle to see if we will scramble our jets to meet them. F*ck off. Grow up. Don't be such a prick. You don't have to be a bully to be strong. In fact people see bullies as weak because that is exactly what they are.

I have respect for Big Brother because I remember our past history. All of it. The good, the bad and the ugly. Their ride to Poland is totally offensive. We remember how under Stalin's leadership Russia tricked and trapped Poland into bondage for a generation. Poland had been invaded by Hitler. Stalin told the Polish underground resistance to strike promising his troops would outflank Hitler and together they would liberate Poland from Nazi occupation and be free. Not. Stalin didn't show up. Until all the underground resistance had been killed so he could invade Poland himself with no local resistance. It was a piece of sh*t back stabbing move that robbed Poland of their liberty. Yes we remember that.

Big Brother is not always wrong but he certainly isn't always right either. Don't worry Germany. It's pretty easy to shoot a man dead off of a motorcycle. As they always used to say in Belfast, I have always believed int he right to bear arms. Peace.


  1. Check out the little night wolves badge modeled after the HA deaths head, but facing the other way...LOL.....they paint themselves as anti-fascist, but fascists are exactly what they are, the parallel between Putin/Hitler and the night wolves/SA are pretty clear. The emphasis on Russian Nationalism just makes it even more obvious that these folks are nothing more than Russian National Socialists. The claim of being against, or the opposite of fascism just shows how totalitarians are all the same, whatever they call themselves.

    Your point about how easy it is to deal with a man riding an inherently unbalanced machine is well taken..... ;-)

    1. Fascists and hardline Communists despise each other but they are indeed one in the same - Dictatorships. The opposite of a free republic.

  2. "Their ride to Poland is totally offensive."

    Your comment is dead-on-the-money, as per usual...

    We're half Polish, and that side of us is wary of the Russians, historically they have three times actively partitioned our Nation.


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