Saturday, January 8, 2022

New False Flag in Colombia and the False Positives

Colombia Reports is reporting that "Three police officers were seriously injured in a bomb attack in the city of Cali that was claimed by guerrilla group ELN. The attack on the vehicle took place in the southeast of Colombia’s third largest city on Friday evening. The ELN published a press statement online in which the guerrillas Urban War Front claimed responsibility for the explosives attack on Saturday." I have a few points to make.

Every crime has a motive. Why would a terrorist organization strike right before an election when they are leading in the polls? They wouldn't. This was yet another false flag attack. The only motive for the attack is the opposition who are trailing in the polls to get support.

The ELN pretty much took over after FARC was disbanded through negotiations and disarmament. FARC were leftists funded by Wall Street. After FARC was disarmed, Wall street needed to create a new boogieman. Wall Street funding a Communist paramilitary organization relates to our current conflict with the fake news over Omicron.

I don't care who the people of Colombia elect to represent them. That is their choice. I caution them to avoid the same mistake France made after Nicolas Sarkozy was exposed. Sarkozy was a dirty dog who was involved with a terrorist attack in Pakistan and screwed over Gaddafi in Libya. After he was defeated they elected a Socialist. They went from one extreme to the other. They went out of the frying pan into the fire so to speak. Yet record amounts of cocaine are being produced in Colombia. Kinda make you wonder what's really going on there.

It is a bit concerning how Latin America can be so easily conned by Communists. There is no freedom of religion in Communism. There is no freedom for anyone in Communism. Communism uses lies and deceit to enslave people and take their freedom away. AOC is, as Curtis Sliwa declares, All Out Crazy and clearly a lying hypocrite as well. Yet there is good and evil in every society and no lie can live forever. Communism is an empire of lies. We need to remember that false flag attacks do happen and that the end does not justify the means.

Gustavo Petro was a member of a paramilitary organization when he was young. At that time it was like Ireland. If you supported your country, you joined a paramilitary just like volunteering for WWI or WWll. Gustavo was not a member of FARC, he was a member of M-19 not to be confused with MS-13 which was completely different. I don't have a problem with him.

"The ideology of the M-19 was nationalism, but its main aim was to open up democracy in Colombia. The group later evolved into the Alianza Democrática M-19, a political party in which Petro participated as a member of the national congress in the 1990s."

The term nationalism is usually used to describe fascism but as Candace Owens points out, there is nothing wrong with nationalism - being proud of your country and heritage. They said Nelson Mandela was both a Nationalist and a Communist. Well which was it? He protected civil liberty by law in the South African constitution. That is the opposite of Justin Trudeau and the Chinese Communist Party. They abolish civil liberty and turn everyone into slaves of the State.

This recent false flag attack in Colombia reminds us of the false positive scandal the former president of Colombia was involved with where they murdered civilians and dressed them up as FARC to falsify their success against terrorists. That deplorable act constitutes organized crime.

Friday, January 7, 2022

Tara Henley's resignation on Fake News Friday

In today's edition of Fake News Friday with Candice Malcolm she highlights Tara Henley's open letter explaining why she recently resigned from the CBC. The New York Post is covering the story and is reporting that "A veteran news producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has said she quit in disgust at the national network jettisoning 'journalistic integrity' for a woke 'radical political agenda.' In an op-ed for the National Post, Tara Henley said she left following a flood of complaints about the dramatic change at the CBC over the last 18 months."

The Toronto Sun posted a video interview with Tara Henley as she continues to make news in the real world. Tara claimed that the role of the CBC "Is to become less adversarial to government and corporations and more hostile to ordinary people with ideas that Twitter doesn't like."
Basically she admitted what we've been saying all along. However, the problem is much bigger than the CBC. The problem is entrenched within Post Media News.

I do agree at one time the CBC was a credible and reputable source of investigative journalism. It was IMO one of the last stands of the free press while the media monopolies committed a systematic genocide of the press. The CBC broke the story that CSIS had a handler that helped plan the Air India bombing and were the ones that actually provided the explosives for that attack. Since then the CBC has lost it's objectivity just like all the other legacy media outlets.

The problem is, all her concerns with the CBC currently exist in all the mainstream media outlets. Specifically, Post Media News. Global Television had a long proud history of credible news reporting. As soon as they were bought out by Post Media News, their credibility tanked and has become a complete joke. When Post Media News bought the Toronto Sun they ran an article claiming that Chairman Mao did great things. That is bat sh*t crazy.

All we're left with now is Rebel News, True North, Epoch Times and the New Tang Dynasty.

The Toronto's Sun's claim that they are for conservatives is both humorous and bizzare. They are now owned by Postmedia News. There's no turning back after that. The National Post used to be for conservatives when it was owned by Conrad Black. Now that it is owned by Postmedia News all of the list of complaints Tara made about the CBC also apply to the National Post as well as the Toronto Sun. It's like Fox News. Fox News is better than CNN but it's mission is to infiltrate the conservatives and lead them astray with globalism. CBC and Postmedia are the same.
It brings us back to the Bush Clinton fraud. Sarah McClendon asked Bill Clinton if the Bush dynasty made him aware of the CIAs drug trafficking in Mena, Arkansas when he was governor. He lied and said no when he and Hillary were a vibrant part of it. The Bush Clinton drug trafficking connection extends to their views on globalism.

Mitt Romney is a globalist just like his pal Joe Biden. Joe Biden said he wouldn't have run for president against Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is part of the same gadianton robber cabal the Bush family was. That is who Fox News endorses. Their objective is to infiltrate conservatives and lead them astray just like the Toronto Sun.

The Vancouver Sun used to be conservative until Post Media News bought them. Now all of Tara's concerns about the CBC also apply to the Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province which are now both owned by Postmedia News just like Global Television now is. Global Television has become ridiculous. It is as absurd as the View. It's a complete waste of time.

The mainstream media is still peddling the linear model of politics. They brand conservatives as right wing extremists and portray fake conservatives who are really globalists as moderates when in reality they are extremists. I don't care about Donald Trump. I don't like him or trust him but I hate Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

Tulsi Gabbard said Hillary Clinton represented the rot within the Democrat party and she was right. I like Rand Paul. He's sensible. He supports low taxes, small government and more freedom like every other true conservative. The fake conservatives who are really globalists are tax and spend pork barrel politicians like Stephen Harper. Even JFK supported low taxes.

Thursday, January 6, 2022

The Magnitude of Organized Crime

I’ve heard the term pondering the solemnities of eternity. Well today I was reflecting on the magnitude of organized crime. Thy mind o man… Good and evil has always existed. Some evil is more organized than others. For example, when someone robs Macs that is considered small time or petty theft. When someone robs a bank that's big time. Yet they say the best way to rob a bank is to own it. That's organized crime. When I was in New York back in the /80s we stayed in Harlem. A friend took me over to Spanish Harlem in the middle of the night.

They had all these stolen cars stripped down up on blocks. They’d dump them there and take the wheels off. One even had the whole engine removed. I was like yo what is this? My buddy laughed and said, “What, you don’t have stolen cars up there in Canada?”

I laughed and said yo bro, I’m from the stolen car capital of North America but it’s just skids joy riding. This is organized. Indeed it was. That was organized crime. A couple years after that I was walking through Divis flats in West Belfast with an American friend. He was new to the area and said, Hey, are those kids stealing that car?! I casually look over and say yeah, probably.

He was outraged and said shouldn’t we stop them?! I pointed and said ya see that tower over there? That’s the British Army watching them. If they’re not going to do anything about it, I’m not. Then the kids came peeling around the corner and stopped right in front of us. The kid driving made eye contact with me and looked scared like he was going to get into trouble. Without hesitating I take a step forward and nod with my head as if to say give us a lift will ya?

The kid’s eyes popped open and with an ear to ear grin turned to his friend then looked at me, nodded and motioned for me to hop in. I smiled, raised my hand and said naw, thanks. I was just kidding. Then they drove off and we all laughed. That was not organized crime. Those poor kids. Never mind the British Army. If the IRA catch them they’re going to beat the sh*t out of them.

In South Seattle we led a crack down on crack campaign when the US crack epidemic was at its peak. In Canada, we never got involved with drugs or prostituion. We didn’t have to, it took care of itself. Crack changed everything. It was so invasive. After we set up shop a local police officer named Chuck Pillon contacted us. He was putting pressure on the crack dealers so they transferred him out of the area and put him behind a desk. That was taking it to a new level.

Shortly after that we saw another African American police officer take over and put pressure on the crack dealers. He was hilarious. Called himself the sherrif. Very proactive. It didn’t take long before they transferred him out of the area as well. That was organized crime.

One of the original mission statements of this blog was connecting the dots between politics and organized crime. We’ve talked about how the CFSEU is compromised and no longer make drug busts targeting Hells Angels associates. Since the BC NDP haven’t fixed that, they've proven that they are no better than the BC Liberals. That is organized crime.

When Gordon Campbell was Premier, he privatived the Independent Power Producers that sell power to the public company at inflated prices. That was organized crime. Here we have this massive ballooning BC Hydro debt we keep deferring every year and the BC NDP still haven’t fixed it. Showing the world once again, they are no better than the BC Liberals.

Now we have seen the rise of the pharmaceutical companies and the obscene control they have over our politicians and our media. Several coalitions of medical doctors have posted websites to counter the false information the media keeps bombarding us with. That is organized crime.

Now we have Bonnie Henry who without question takes the cake. Literally. She is literally stealing the bread and butter off our tables. Profiting from the pandemic by selling her own brand of support gear wasn’t bad enough. Now she and her sister have written a book profiting off the pandemic by promoting the WHO's false narrative. Bonnie Henry is the Anti Christ. She is a lying freak who covets power and uses lies and deception to promote the UN’s New World Order.

Omicron is a ridiculous con. Everyone can see that. Even the double vaxxed have had enough. There was no reason to close gyms down. None whatsoever. She is intentionally trying to bankrupt our province in fulfillment of Khrushchev's prediction. Bonnie Henry is the biggest organized crime figure in this province. She makes the Hells Angels look like boy scouts.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Canadian Lawyers speak out

The Free North Declaration. Doctors, lawyers, nurses, paramedics, law enforcement, fireman - all standing up for freedom. Educated professionals can do the math. The emperor has no clothes.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Candace Owens on Pedos and the CIA

This is a bit of a distraction but I'll throw it out there because it has merit. I realize Candace Owens has a show on the Daily Wire but I just clued in she posts clips from her show on YouTube. This one is about pedophilia and the CIA. I don't follow Pizza Gate or Qanon. I have no doubt Bill Clinton had a thing for underage prostitutes, but I do not believe he was raping babies.

In this clip from the Candace Owens show she cites a Buzz Feed article about pedophilia in the CIA. It's just the tip of the ice berg but it is real. The point is, the CIA is not our friend.

Gary Webb was right. The CIA was responsible for the US crack epidemic back in the /80's. Operation Fast and Furious showed us that Iran Contra never stopped. The CIA's control of the media means they support the misrepresentation of Covid and the destruction of the Constitution they swore an oath to defend. McCarthy was right about one thing - the CIA has indeed been taken over by Communists. Jeffrey Epstein worked for the CIA.

We've seen the fake woke freaks try to normalize pedophilia by calling them MAPs. Blair White was correct. Every time this insanity pops up it's head we need to strike it down like whack a mole. None of us want to walk down that road. Children need protection not exploitation.

Recently Candace Owens did an interview with Donald Trump on her show. One of the questions she asked him was why didn't he pardon Edward Snowden and Julian Assange? He was like Oh I dunno. Could have, should have would have but didn't. Exactly. He could have but he didn't. He caved into the swamp. Donald Trump could have made a difference but he chose not to. Actions speak louder than words. Edward Snowden is a straight up patriot. He reported illegal activity. Julian Assange reported military activity but it was illegal military activity. He should have pardoned both if he was sincere about draining the swamp. Tulsi Gabbard would have.

Clinton Jaws on Omicron and Fake experts

Someone sent me this YouTube channel of a retired RCMP officer who now does podcasts. In this post, I don't want to talk about our differences because there are a few. Especially when it comes to the drunken sexfest at Depot. However, there are many common beliefs that we do share and today I want to highlight them. He is well spoken and he nails Omicron.

In the first video he reads a news report about Omicron when it first came out. As he says, boring. He shows how the news article deliberately sensationalizes and misrepresents it.

Every statement the news article makes is misleading. The headline read "New virus variant poses very high risk." Very high risk of what? He correctly points out that the article does not justify the headline. "The mutated Covid 19 could lead to surges with severe consequences." Surges in what? Asymptomatic cases? Severe consequences like unjustified lockdowns?

Then when you read the article it admits that it has mild symptoms. His response is you get the vaccine and they keep punishing you. However, there is clearly a method to their madness.

They are misrepresenting it to sell the booster shot so the Pharmaceutical companies can make more money at the taxpayers expense. We can all see that. Last October the government admitted that reintroducing lockdowns had nothing to do with controlling the spread of the virus. It was simply incentive to force people to get the vaccines. Now new lockdowns have nothing to do with stopping the spread of the virus. It is simply to promote the booster shot scam so the pharmaceutical companies can make more money.

As soon as the misrepresentation of Omicon hit the airwaves, the top shareholders of pfizer and moderna made $10 billion in stock options alone. The media's criminal culpability in that fraud constitutes organized crime. BTW Bonnie Henry is a freak but I go snowshoeing. I climb mountains with snowshoes on. Lots of people do it. You should get out of the bar and try it.

In the second video he states that Global News lies. No kidding. Ever since they were bought out by Post Media News, the credibility of their content tanked. Here's the deal. Police officers are trained investigators. They fact check fake news reports and can see the lies.

He was referring to the fake expert Global quoted in the Alberta drunk attack. The article's motive was to prove systemic racism in Canada and the RCMP. Never mind the sex slaves in Communist China. The CCP owns our media and claims Canada has systemic racism so that is what their western media outlets promote. Let's ask the Uyghurs about systemic racism in Communist China and how Communism commits genocide against Aboriginals there.

I've talked about the case Clinton was referring to before and what I said at the time will suffice. He was sitting in an uninsured vehicle. The police had just cause to approach him. He was drunk and challenged them to a fight so they took him down. Case dismissed. The point is that Global News lies and we all know it. The CCP, through Hollywood and our own media is trying to teach Americans to hate America and Canadians to hate Canada. Well I reject it and I reject them.

The fake journalists here covering up for the murders of Mao, the current organ harvesting of political prisoners in China as well as the slave labour and the under age sex slaves Xi Jinping has become famous for should all bow their heads in shame. That is what they are promoting and I reject it. Take your woke lies and cram them up your a*s.

At 35:35 of the first video Clinton talks about how absurd it is to require kids to get vaccinated when they are not affected by Covid like seniors are. This is someone capable of doing the math. I salute the Mounties for Freedom. The Charter of Rights is the highest law of this land.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

The Testimony of Yeonmi Park

This is what Justin Trudeau wants to turn Canada into - one big prison camp. God damn him.

Xi Jinping is a liar, murderer and slave master. The CCP is built upon slave labour. Cai Xia blamed Xi for killing a party and a country. Now he wants to be leader for life. The shocking part of Yeonmi Park's testimony is the slavery and human trafficking she discovered in Communist China under Xi Jinping. That is what his empire of lies is built with.
This is why I don't support sanctions against North Korea. They need humanitarian aid. Communist China won't give it to them because they are greedy pigs living off of slave labour. The Communist politicians in China do not share their wealth. A satellite picture of North Korea at night speaks volumes. North Korea is one of the darkest places on earth and Communist China is not helping them. They just help themselves. Any missiles they have comes from China.
Yeonmi Park claims that there is no Internet in North Korea and we all think how horrible that is yet what we have is almost as bad and what China has is worse. In Communist China they have the Internet. So they think. Yet when they search Tiananmen Square Massacre, nothing shows up. That true history has been erased. That is where our Internet is now heading.

The fake fact checkers on Facebook and Twitter are ridiculous as is the partisan censorship on YouTube. In the United States, someone was kicked off of Zoom simply for citing the Tiananmen Square Massacre. That's worse than no Internet because we are tricked into thinking we have it when we clearly don't. We just have access to more propaganda and fake news.

When Yeonmi Park was young she saw a woman publicly executed in North Korea for watching a Hollywood movie. Now the Communist Party of China owns Hollywood and has changed Captain America into Captain Communist. In some ways what we have is worse because we think we have access to the truth when we don't. The CCP's censorship is taking over.

2022: Civil Liberty and the dream that was once Rome

This year the theme is civil liberty. I'm using the movie gladiator as an allegory. In the movie, Marcus Aurelius sits Maximus down and discusses his dying wish. He knows his power hungry son is not a moral man and wants Maximus to take charge and hand the republic over to the people like George Washington did. In our analogy, Pierre Elliott Trudeau is Marcus Aurelius, Justin Trudeau is his son Commodus and Maxime Bernier is Maximus.

We realize the movie Gladiator is fiction but we will use it to reveal a similar struggle in our day. In the movie, Commodus was insecure and wanted power just like Justin Trudeau. He had no interest in turning the empire into a free republic. He coveted the power of a dictator. Just like Justin Trudeau. Maxime Bernier is the soldier of Rome who valiantly fights to save Canada from the tyrant and preserve civil liberty. What Justin's father protected by law in the Charter of Rights.

Climate change is no reason to throw away our civil liberty and becomes slaves of Communism. Neither is Covid. Covid is not small pox or polio. Not even close. I don't care if the next variant is the bubonic plague. We have learned that lockdowns don't work and constitute treason. The Great Barrington Declaration represents the real science. The media does not.

Cases mean nothing and the media is going off about cases when people have no symptoms. That is criminal culpability. Omicron is 80% weaker than Covid. It is weaker than the seasonal flu. Yet the media is hyping the fear so the pharmaceutical companies can make billions while our economy crashes in fulfillment of Khrushchev's prediction.

When Covid first came out, TBM chose to ignore it. They didn't want to give it the attention it didn't deserve. I spoke out against it because it was so relevant. Yet now we are all sick of hearing about Covid. It was voted the top fake news story of 2021 on the Candice Malcolm show over at True North. Omicron is a con. Bonnie Henry is a lying freak. There is nothing else for me to say. l'll just keep repeating that over and over again. It mostly affects the elderly.

We don't need more restrictions every time a new cold or flu virus hits. I suggest we donate the billions of dollars they want us to spend on boosters that don't work on cancer research and treatment instead. That would be a far better use of our sacred tax dollars. The pharmaceutical companies' greed will never be satisfied. The media will never report the truth because they are paid by the pharmaceutical companies. It's time to turn the page.

Now I will say a word about civil liberty. In the movie Star Wars we saw the Empire strike back. In the movie Gladiator we saw the dream that was Rome. It was a whisper and before Marcus Aurelius' died, he was afraid it wouldn't last the winter.

In Ireland, a republican was someone who believed in a free republic where civil liberty was protected by law. One one side you had PIRA - the Provisional IRA. On the other side you had the Sticks known as the INLA. They were Communists. Both were considered republicans because they both believed in a free republic. James Connolly protected civil liberty by law in the Irish Proclamation just like Nelson Mandela did in the South African Constitution.

North Korea calls itself the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Yet it not s republic and there is no democracy to be found there. Now I'm not hating on North Korea. I oppose sanctions against North Korea just like I oppose sanctions against Cuba and Iran. I'm simply stating that the name North Korea has chosen is a complete lie.

Likewise, after the war, the Soviets called East Germany the German Democratic Republic. It was not a republic or a democracy. It was a Communist State like the Empire in Star Wars.

The USSR stood for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Socialist Republics are not Republics. They are Empires that ban civil liberty. They claim you have to give up individual rights to give rise to collective rights which is a ridiculous lie. As soon as you give up individual rights, there are no collective rights. No one has any rights.

China calls itself the People's Republic yet it's not a republic at all. Norway nationalized it's oil. That's not Communism, that's good business. It increases tax revenue. In Canada we have public Heath Care. That's not a Communist plot to take over the free world, it's a British tradition.

As I have previously stated, Cuba is not the best model of Socialism that we have, the Kibbutz movement in Israel is. True Socialism can only exist within a free republic where civil liberty is protected by law. Without that legal protection of civil liberty, a Socialist Republic is a slave state. Just like ours will be if we give up our civil liberty for any reason. Ban Bonnie.

Friday, December 31, 2021

George Christie releases second memoire

Venom Vixen is reporting that "Author George Christie writes his second memoir from Malaga, Spain. 'There was just so much left to say' as he put it. This book has just as much explosive content as the first, and even more excitement as he recalls stories from his days as president of the (Ventura) Hells Angels." You can order your digital copy online.

Printed copies will be available in the New Year. George Christie's Instagram account states that one of the stories he explains in his new boook was the fatal fight between Big Vinny and Irish. He was asked to help mediate the conflict at the time.
I'm not choosing sides just because Irish was Irish. I'm choosing sides because Big Vinny was a POS. No disrespect for the dead. Much. In 1977 Vincent Girolamo threw his 22 year old girlfriend off the top of the 6 story clubhouse in the Village and killed her. He was killed before he could stand trial from a ruptured spleen he received after being beat up by the Oakland President Michael “Irish” O’Farrell. As I previously said, Irish did him a favor by putting him out of his misery.

Back in Ireland the RA would take care of business. They made sure no one dishonoured the cause by cowardice, inhumanity, or rapine. This is what should have happened to Dusty Swanson when they came back from swarming that father in Greece. Instead. the Edmonton Maggots gave him a patch. Those are the same POS shooting up my crib.

It's nice to see Geoge Christie is still keeping it real.

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Riding a motorcycle in the snow

I hesitate posting this because the last time I posted a picture of me riding my motorcycle in the snow someone sent it to the cops trying to get me in trouble. This isn't my first rodeo. I used to ride full seasons when I was 20. I have rope on my tires that act like homemade chains. I don't go fast but I'm like a little bulldozer in the snow. I don't do wheelies, ride recklessly or do stunts but I do ride in the snow. That's my thing. When I was young I was a bit more fearless. I'd grasp on tight with my hands and use my legs for kicking myself up if I start to go down. Now that I'm old I put rope on the ties. Then I feather the throttle and clutch skillfully. It's a lot more controlled now.

When I get to work a coworker comes up to me with her phone and says hey, is this you? I laugh and say yeah, who else would it be? Turns out the driver of a snow plow filmed me on his phone and sent it to her. She was like, hey I know that guy. Then another coworker said I filmed you on the way in today too and sent it to me. I brought a camera with me but it wasn't safe to use.

This morning the snow on the side streets was very deep. It was very difficult to ride on. It was much easier after the snow plows had gone past. When I went down the hill on 96th Avenue there was a line up of cars stuck going up the hill coming from the other direction. When I started to go up the hill on the other side, the road had been plowed and I made it up no problem. Peace.