Sunday, October 3, 2021

Moderna, Pfizer, Lockheed Martin and SNC Lavalin

Since SNC Lavalin is in the news again, I would once again like to point out the obvious. SNC Lavalin has a long history of corruption yet it continues to receive government contracts. It's no mystery why they keep operating and getting government contracts after so many corruption convictions. They donate to politicians with tax deductible campaign contributions.

They keep getting caught giving bribes to win contracts but they always cut a deal and get off. The problem is, their MO really isn't illegal. They bribe politicians with campaign contributions to get government contracts. They under bid and over charge contracts just like Lockheed Martin.

People mistakenly argue that it's a struggle between Communism and Capitalism. That is not true. Capitalism is Communism. The end game of Capitalism is to destroy the free market with Corporate monopolies. The end game of Communism is to have the State own the Corporate monopolies. It's really a struggle between Communism and Freedom which permits a free market. We need to protect small busness and the freedom to compete. Generic drugs.

Boeing is good. Lockheed Martin is bad. The Super Hornet is a far superior product and far more economical that the F-35s. The dirty politicians keep buying the F-35's because Lockheed Martin gives them more campaign contributions than Boeing. Boeing uses the money to make a better and more afordable product. The Super Hornet works in the Canadian arctic. The F-35s don't.

Now let's compare Moderna and Pfizer to Lockheed Martin and SNC Lavalin. It's the same scam on an even bigger scale. Organized crime getting rich from tax dollars by making campaign contributions to dirty politicians. Corporate Communism is Communism because it destroys the free market and all our civil liberty along with it. Buyer Beware.

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