Monday, October 11, 2021

Blog Censorship moves us to WordPress

Well, all good things must come to an end. I'm going to have to change over to WordPress because of Google's absurd censorship. Google is no better than YouTube or Facebook with their fake news and fake fact checkers censoring the real science and the real health care workers.

The blog which is run by Google just removed my Thanksgiving post on Gratitude and Inclusion as well as another post on Covid Crime: Probability and Statistics. This is the Orwellian era where big tech censorship reveals its absurd agenda.

I still run and so I can post links to new blog posts from there if this blog gets completely shut down. It's somewhat bizarre after 10 years of legal challenges from gangsters this blog is now facing censorship from fake news falsehoods.

My blog post on Gratitude and Inclusion was about exactly that - gratitude and inclusion. I said I was grateful my employer didn't require me to be vaccinated yet as I'm unble to lose my job over the vaccine and added a link to Rand Paul's recent video about natural immunity.

My blog post on Covid Crime: Probability and Statistics simply talked about an old crime show called Numbers where crime was solved by a mathematician using probability and statistics. It pointed out that all these young kids having heart attacks or heart problems after the vaccine are not deemed related, yet the sheer number of cases when put together clearly shows something is up. Currently they are using the divide and conquer ideology where they separate the cases and deny they are related. When you put the cases together that becomes difficult to do.

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