Saturday, October 16, 2021

The Covid Care Alliance on Unvaccinated Risk

Recently the Covid Care Alliance posted a video about informed consent and asked what is my risk from Covid 19? It reiterated that the risk of dying from Covid increases with age and that the risk of dying from Covid for those under the age of 30 is insignificant. It then talked about the benefit of the vaccine whereupon it states that the risk of contracting Covid without the vaccine is amazingly low - 0.88%. The vaccine reduces the risk of contracting Covid to 0.04%.

The Hodge Twins pointed out using CNN numbers, the survival rate for the unvaccinated is 99.974 making this whole lockdown mask wearing vaccine passport paranoia ridiculous.
Which brings us back to the beginning where TBM Nation pointed out that a virus with a 98% survival rate is nothing to be afraid of. Especially when we see that it does not affect the youth like it does the elderly making the obsession to vaccinate children a complete fraud.

Myocarditis and Pericarditis Following Vaccination with COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines in Ontario

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