Monday, October 11, 2021

Deleted posts up on Gangsters Out Mirror

Update: I forgot they also deleted one prior to that called Medical doctor explains what Covid vaccines do which was a link to a video of Dr Ryan Cole from the America's Frontline Doctors speaking about what the Covid vaccines do to the brain and organs. They say follow the science but they delete the real science and prevent you from seeing it.

Google caught me by surprise this morning. Turns out they simultaneously deleted three posts from my blog not two. In addition to my Thanksgiving post on Gratitude and Inclusion and my post on Covid Crime: Probability and Statistics they also deleted my post on Covid: Cold and Flu. I have now reposted them on my Gangsters out Mirror for the world to see. Now we can see exactly what they deleted and why. They are promoting disinformation. They censor the truth and post lies in their place giving themselves a credibility meltdown.

This is unacceptable. I am now working on a new format for my blog hosted on my website and not on Google's Blogspot. This kind of censorship is absurd. Normally when they do this, we don't see what they took off. Now everyone can see for themselves. It's like YouTube banning Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson for telling the truth. It shows their censorship has a motive. That's why I have created the new mirror.

Everyone was freaking out when Google cut a deal with the Communist Party of China to create a censored search engine for them in China. Now they are doing the exact same thing in the rest of the world. In China, anyone searching for the Tiananmen Square massacre will not find it on their Internet. That truth has been removed from their access.

Dee Snider did a powerful rendition of Twisted Sisters We're not going to take it. He was relating it to the number of children that die of cancer every year. That is who Bill Gates and the censorship commission is stealing from. All these billions of dollars on vaccines that don't work, could go to cancer treatment and research. Bill Gates is a liar and a thief. God Damn him.

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