Friday, October 22, 2021

Manitoba Chief charged with sexual assault

CTV is reporting that "The chief of a Manitoba First Nation has been charged with sexual assault and child luring, RCMP announced on Friday." News 4 Winnipeg is reporting that "Police say they began an investigation after learning of inappropriate text messages between a 16-year-old female and a 65-year-old male. The investigation led police to identify Keeper as the male."

"Keeper has been charged for his alleged involvement with Luring a person under 18, two counts of Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault with Weapon, Being a person in a position of authority, touch for a sexual purpose, Careless Storage of a Restricted Weapon, Possess Restricted Weapon without a License and Possess Weapon Obtained by Commission of Offence."

Good and evil exists everywhere. That's why we need to support law and order. Anarchy means sexual assault goes unpunished and unrestrained. We need to embrace good and shun evil.

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