Sunday, October 24, 2021

Fake News Friday with Candice Malcolm

The Saskatchewan Health Authority lied and said your risk from Covid 19 is not determined by age (false) fitness level (false) or community (false) The risk from Covid 19 increases significantly with age. The risk for people under 50 is minimal. If you are fit and have a strong immune system you are at less risk than if you're not fit and are immunocompromised. If your community doesn't have a Covid outbreak you are at less risk than if there is an outbreak in your community.
They are also falsifying the hospitalization vaccination rates. Meanwhile back on the ranch, Doug Ford made an appeal for immigrants to fill Ontario's labour shortage. He said new Canadians work hard and that's what we want. We want hard working people to come to Ontario. Then the fake news jumped all over him calling him a racist. He said immigration was good and we want more of it. They jumped all over him because he said if you plan on coming here to sit around and collect the dole, that's not going to happen. That's not controversial. The National Anthem says Canada is the land of hope for all who toil. The fake news is worthless.

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