Saturday, January 17, 2015

2 Mounties shot in St. Albert, Alberta

The Metro News is reporting that "two uniformed RCMP officers were shot in St. Albert and injured early Saturday morning during an interaction with a civilian.The officers suffered significant injuries and are being treated in hospital." CBC is reporting that the suspect has been shot dead and the two mounties have been identified. MSN News reported that the officers were shot at the Apex casino while investigating a stolen car complain. CBC is reporting that Shawn Rehn has been identified as the suspect who sot the police officers.

Update: Blog readers are correct. The picture of the suspect in the Edmonton Journal and in the Calgary Sun clearly show him weaning a bandana that says support the Edmonton Hells Angels. Which makes you wonder where he got the stolen vehicle from since the Calgary Hells Angels ended up in possession of some stolen cars from the Kelowna Hells Angles stolen car ring that Johnny Newcome was revining.

Update: Sadly, it appears that one of the officers will not survive.


  1. In a recent sun photo- the respective piece of shit Rehn appears to be wearing a support Edmonton bandanna on his big fat useless head. What a surprise.

  2. Photo in Calgary Herald shows Rehn wearing support bandana.

  3. This guy was sport support gear in a recent photo my Irish friend.

  4. I have two other pictures of the guy, one of which looks like he's wearing a support bandana but yes, the picture in the Calgary Sun and the Edmonton Journal clearly shows him wearing an Edmonton Hells Angels support bandana:

  5. Agent K - can you post your contact email. It wont come up on my Mac for some reason.


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