Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Police raid Hells Angels clubhouse in Saskatoon

The Star Phoenix is reporting that police executed search warrants on various properties in Saskatoon including the Hells Angels clubhouse. There was also a couple of shootings at a crack house in Prince George recently. Billy Moore's son was caught with firearms and crack again.

Update: Police are reporting that during the searches they seized 5.4 kilos of crystal meth, 2.6 kilos of cocaine and over 3,000 fentanyl pills which is fake oxycontin as well as over 200 firearms and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition. The Star Phoenix is reporting that the fentanyl pills found are linked to several recent deaths in Saskatoon .

The name of the puppet club this time is Fallen Saints. As we recall it was the Zig Zag crew that were busted in Winnipeg for selling crack for the Hells Angels. CJME is reporting that "Two full members of the Saskatoon Hells Angels and the president of the Fallen Saints (FS) motorcycle club are among the 14 men arrested by police Wednesday morning in one of the province's largest drug raids. Hells Angels members Terry Eide and Rob Allen and FS president Mark Nowakowski were taken into custody after RCMP, in conjunction with local police forces, raided 19 locations in Saskatchewan and Alberta."

This is a picture of Rob Allen:

Rob has been charged with two counts of trafficking cocaine.

This is a picture of Larry Booth, the former sergeant at arms of the Saskatoon Hells Angels.

He looks a lot like Austin Powers. He also looks very g-a-y. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Discrimination based on sexual orientation is indeed prohibited by law. However, I don't think that's why he's suing Xtreme Mining for wrongful dismissal. I think he's suing for unlawful dismissal because of his membership in a criminal organization. I don't think this additional drug bust is going to help his case much. Bad luck. It's no wonder the HA rivals are so strong out there. He sure doesn't look very intimidating.

This is a picture of Terry Eide:

The Star Phoenix is reporting that Terry Eide of Calgary, charged with trafficking cocaine, trafficking fentanyl and possession of property over $5,000 obtained by crime. Police say Eide is a full-patch member of the Hells Angels.

This is a picture of the Fallen Saints CJME found on Facebook:

It appears that most of the firearms came from a store called Badger Arms Supply.


  1. I can't wait to hear the outcome.......

  2. Yet another puppet club. They go through these names so fast it's a wonder the tailors can keep up with the demand for new patches and such. 200 firearms, wow. I'll bet that's a lot of burglaries solved.....

    As some seem to have found out the hard way, Fentanyl is serious stuff and not to be screwed with. It's a very strong opiate painkiller (apparently an idiot killer as well) that believe it or not also comes in lollipop form for use by battlefield casualties who are seriously hit but conscious. Easy to find the right dosage, the Medic gives the patient the lollipop and when he passes out, removes the lollipop from his mouth, replaces wrapper and keeps for further use with the same patient.

  3. Reading about this investigation and subsequent arrests and charges makes me wonder a few things.

    It is clear by looking at the pictures from the news reports the "Fallen Angels" (FA) were initially not declaring themselves to be an "MC" with a "3 piece patch" (as if some band of misfits can really claim "jurisdiction" over who can wear what "OR ELSE" …).

    I would wager it is most like the HA who arrested for dealing that was the FA sponsor as a puppet club.

    This then leads to a dilemma, as recently seen with the other Saskatoon HA member who was kicked out of the club for brining too much "negative" attention to the charter; even though he was acting in "defence" of his (former!) "brothers".

    Will this member also be ousted because he too is brining negative attention to the charter?

    Will the FA be allowed to continue because it is pretty clear with all the arrests something serious (investigation wise) went on there.

    It could be "plain olde police investigation" work that brought about all these arrests, but considering the time allotment stated for the investigation as well as the sweeping nature of said arrests it would most likely indicate some type of "police agent" was involved.

    Mind you, it could simply be lack of security and discretion on behalf of those arrested.

    Probably a combination of all three with, perchance, other elements thrown in.

    Regardless of what it was, and I think this case bears close scrutiny to determine what it was, "heads will roll" in order to help insulate the HA. Saskatoon and Regina charters have been relatively out of the media spotlight and have somehow avoided arrests in the past.

    After this, I would be highly surprised to see the FA still a club.

    Another important consideration is how the police chief merely stated they knew various "upstanding" business leaders were supporting the drug trade in the city (most likely through the purchasing of cocaine as that is the designer drug of choice for the wealthy elite).

    Yet, they did not arrest any of these social elites. Only warned them. It appears to me they are just trying to scare them away and not wanting to maybe upset various social perceptions.

    I would hope the police constabulary would do their DUTY to the public and also arrest ALL the users who are funding the drug trade and not merely "warn" them away to safety.

  4. In Saskatoon? :gigglesnark: Never happen. SPS, like many police dept.'s exists more to keep the obvious criminal element in line rather than investigate "upstanding" citizens, and police officers who break the law are usually given a pass, witness the case against an SPS sergeant years back who had 150+/- unregistered guns he stole from the police service. Never did a day in jail, and he's not the only cop there who ever had an unregistered pistol. "I took this from a guy who had it out in the bush at his camp, wanna try it?". True story.


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