Thursday, January 1, 2015

One dead, several shot at Calgary New Years Eve party

CBC is reporting that "One person has died and up to six other people have been injured after a shooting at a New Year's Eve party in the Calgary... The number of people shot is unclear, but it's believed to be between five and seven... Those injured in the shootings are believed to be in their 20s." MSN is reporting that two of the people shot have life threatening injuries. That is messed up.


  1. I've been a fan of your blog for years. Could you please investigate these Somali gangs.... As it seems these people have complete disregard for public safety as indicated by the recent occurrances in Ottawa (Boxing Day) and now in Calgary!

    1. I haven't heard anything about them but will look into it. I know that Lakeside packers in Brooks had a freaking tent city of slave labour from Somalia for a while. All I know is if they are selling crack in Calgary, they're getting it from the Hells Angels just like Greg Wooley was supplying all the Crips in Montreal for the Hells Angels.


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