Friday, January 30, 2015

Silk Road Trial under way

Ars Technica is reporting that the silk road trial has begun. Silk road was that under ground web site that sold drugs in bitcoms. The webmaster was being blackmailed and allegedly hired the Whiterock Hells Angels to commit multiple murders. The Hells Angels claimed that although they did collect money for the murders no murders were actually committed. Other than Craig Widdifield's murder in Morgan Crossing of course. Turns out the guy that was blackmailing the webmaster now claims he was acting as a police agent.

The new article states RealLucyDrop said Friendly Chemist had a debt with the Hells Angels and that is why he was blackmailing the webmaster of silk road - DPR. Later, a user named "redandwhite" got in touch with DPR, explaining that his group was the one owed money. "We hold him [FriendlyChemist] and him only responsible for the missing product/money." Redandwhite discussed doing business on the silk road website and said "We have a majority hold over most of the movement of products in Western Canada (one of the main drug ports to North America).

So if Friendly Chemist was a police agent it's quite possible Redandwhite was too. That will no doubt come out later in the trial. If the police in Canada were working with the Hells Angels to blackmail the Silk road webmaster that puts them in a conflict of interest in the Randy and Trevor Jones indictment where US authorities are tying to bust the Whiterock Hells Angels for a huge cross border drug trafficking ring allegedly operated out of TBarz now known as Shakerz. It will be very interesting to see how this story plays out. Either way it once again puts into question the integrity of the "intelligence" community.

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  1. I am a Bitcoin supporter (enthusiast?) and have been following this trial closely. While there are two camps amongst bitcoiners regarding silk road/ross ulbritch, one side supporting total freedom meaning he should be allowed to sell drugs/weapons/murder, somewhat along the lines of a kind of libertarian freeforall we have seen all too much of lately, and the other side, which I am on, which believes that this sort of shady and illegal activity is irresponsible, criminal, reprehensible and does nothing but draw negative attention to a burgeoning technology that can and will change the world.
    Ross is a coward and a PoS. the feds caught him red handed, hands on the keyboard, logged into the admin page of silk road, while they were talking to him on the phone even!
    he has done everything he can to shift blame and lie his way out of this, and his lies have changed several times over. Most recently he tried to suggest that Mark Karapeles, a disgraced CEO of a failed bitcoin exchange, was the real DPR. Too easy! everyone in BTC community already hates karapeles because he lost (stole?) millions worth of users bitcoins. It just goes to show the teenage shenanigans gone too far (murderz for hire, lol) and the degree to which these type of people have no consideration for the community they are part of.
    please don't let this trash tarnish the virtues of bitcoin. it is better than all this and moves are being made to legitimize its use. really, the only people BTC is a threat to is the big banks, and you know how concerned they are for your well being...


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