Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Prince Andrew Addresses Underage Sex Claims

In the news Prince Andrew Addresses Underage Sex Claims. What claims you ask? Not another case of royal infidelity? Kind of. He has been accused of having sex with a 17 year old prostitute 14 years ago. The New York Post is reporting that Virginia Roberts, now a 31-year-old married mother of three swore, in graphic detail, in an affidavit filed last week in Florida federal court, that "she was recruited by British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell to serve the sexual whims of American billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein and those of his pals." It comes as no big surprise that she claims Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s "orgy island."

Andrew is Prince Charles' younger brother. Charles is the epitome of maturity and stability while Andrew has always had a reputation for being a fruit cake. His nickname was Randy Andy in the British press. Sadly there appears to be some merit to the allegations. So much so the New York Post states that It’s time for Prince Andrew to man up. Under age prostitutes, paid very well to service the British and American elite. Unfortunately, it goes beyond that.

Vice dot com is reporting that this under age sex ring extended to child rape involving victims as young as 12 years old. They quote a Guardian article where Scotland Yard states there are merit to those allegations as well. Vice reports that "A man who goes only by the pseudonym Nick came out to the media and the authorities to allege that he was the victim of rape and abuse by high-profile political figures in Britain in the 1970s and 1980s."

Nick went on to tell the BBC that children who were swept up in this VIP ring were brutally abused, and would be attacked if they did not obey the men who were holding them hostage. The New York Post refers to Jeffrey Epstein as a convicted pedophile and registered sex offender. In 2008, Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to felony solicitation and procuring a person under the age of 18 for prostitution. He was sentenced to 18 months in jail. The Daily beast refers to Epstein as a Hedge fund mogul after his 2007 plea bargain. Donald Trump is one of Epstein's associates. Imagine that.

I am however, a little bit confused about jurisdiction. In New York State the age of consent is 17. In Florida state it is 18. So if the allegations are true and Randy Andy had consensual sex with a 17 year old prostitute in New York State 14 years ago, there doesn't seem to be any criminal charges just another huge embarrassment for the royal family. I'm not sure why the affidavit was sworn in a Florida court not a New York court since the act was alleged to have occurred in New York State.

Don't get me wrong. An old man having sex with a 17 year old girl is indeed pretty messed up. In Canada it was even worse. The age of consent was 14. We had all these 40 year old freaky pedophiles from Idaho and Texas coming here to take multiple 14 year old brides and there was nothing the law could do about it. If I'm not mistaken the conservative government recently fixed that and raised the age to 16. I think the intent of the law is for a consensual act between two 16 year olds not a 16 year old and a 40 year old freak.

"In New York State, a person who is under age 16 but older than 13 years old can consent to sex with a person who is no more than 4 years older; the crime of the 3rd degree rape only happens when a person over the age of 21 has sex with a person who is under seventeen years old or younger."

However, my blog is not a British tabloid. None of this concerns me. Jeffrey Epstein is definitely a pedophile but Prince Andrew is just an air head. What does concern me is the allegations coming from Nick about being raped and abused as a child by a child pedophile ring. That concerns me. Non consensual acts involving violence and murder. Like the Pickton farm.

#OpDeathEaters FAQ

Exaro News is reporting that MP pedophiles were untouchable.

Sadly MSN News is reporting that a Spanish judge charged 10 Catholic priests over the alleged sexual abuse of a teenage altar boy, court papers showed Wednesday, in a case in which Pope Francis intervened. The victim alleges "continuous sexual abuse by a group of priests of the diocese of Granada, from 2004 when he was 14 to 2007 when he was 17."


  1. Wait, I thought all that stuff with Catholic priests screwing little boys was years ago and had all been cleaned up....:sarcasm:

    The Catholic church has been a refudge (no, I spelled that right) for CENTURIES for those who would use it's "authority" to have a position where they could act out their desires. Why does everyone think it's different now? Is it a different church? NO. People don't want to face this and THAT is what allows it to continue.

    Years ago (2006-ish) there was an article in the Georgia Strait. Some gay Episcopal priest in BC had just retired and the article profiled him and his boy toy who he had imported from somewhere in the southern US, Virginia IIRC, priest was 65, boy toy was mid-late 20's, some 40 years difference in age, boy toy stated that he had always been attracted to older men. :rolleyes:

    Anyway, apart from how jacked up that all was, the priest was asked about numbers of gay priests, something the Catholic church has never been willing to touch with an eight inch pole. Bear in mind that there are close ties between the Roman Catholic and Episcopal churches, Episcopal priests can switch teams and become accepted as Catholic priests very easily. This man, who had 40 years on the job estimated that 25% of Episcopal priests were gay, and that for the Catholic church........50%. HALF. That's a pretty telling figure. Obviously the Catholic priesthood attracts gay men out of all proportion to the number of homosexuals in society, various gay organizations have been quoted as saying that they make up 10% of society. And obviously a good percentage of those are pedophiles, the Catholic church has a record of not only tolerating such behavior, but protecting those they discover are guilty of it. This latest revelation (pun intended) only came forth years later when the victim complained, back when it was happening the reaction apparently was to line up for their turn....

    I appreciate that Pope Francis has spoken out against this and other problems but frankly you just know that a lot of these guys are going to continue to do what they do.

  2. Although there are a staggering number of these kind of cases in the Catholic church I will add that it certainly isn't limited to them. It has infected hockey coaches, football coaches, even scout leaders. Clearly those type of pedophiles are drawn to places young children frequent. It is indeed a colossal tragedy.

  3. Agreed. As Willie Sutton is said to have remarked when he was asked why he robbed banks, "Because that's where the money is". At the same time, sports coaches and scout leaders do not generally speak and act with the implied authority of God behind them, ("you're going to hell if you tell anyone about this") and when those cases come to light they are dealt with. Contrast this with the Catholic church where such people are protected, sheltered, transferred to other jurisdictions to molest again and where every effort is made to mitigate legal and financial liability on behalf of the church which enables such behavior. I think that warrants an extra level of attention that it has not historically been given.

    1. The idea that someone would say bend over or you're going to hell is a bit far fetched. It's pretty obvious the person making that claim would be the one going to hell but you're right in that it is possible someone could make that claim. However, this case does open up Pandora's box. The article claims the priests rebuked the kid they were sexually abusing saying he would make a good priest one day. Does that mean they may have also been sexually assaulted when they were young? This is why I'm so opposed to allowing gay rape in prison. That does not rehabilitate someone it creates a huge mess of more problems that just don't go away.

  4. the entertainment industry plays a huge part in this... check out cannes yacht parties, celeb sponsorships for one-of stores in dubai, any woman ever sponsored by harvey weinstein, not to mention his marchesa bride... shit is wild. and the royals are in on it... see will and kate meeting jay-z and beyonce at an NBA game.

    the world is fuckin' wild, my good friend K. and once you start connecting the dots, it gets even crazier.

    xoxo khloe

    1. I think Will and Kate are a bit more conservative than that but no doubt what you say is true, there's a lot of wild stuff out there that does go on. What consenting adults do isn't my business. Human trafficking is.


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